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  • All Aboard the IDrive Express!

    Presenting the new IDrive Portable… Next Stop: Success!


    Why would you choose to sit in traffic if you could hop in the express lane?

    You wouldn’t. You would speed past all the unmoving vehicles around you because no one enjoys wasting time or waiting in unnecessary lines. We all want fast, but reliable.

    That’s why we created the IDrive Portable, a 1 TB USB hard drive designed for fast, easy and secure backup or restore. It comes with built-in IDrive Portable software that makes backing up and restoring data, to or from any computer directly to the portable device, simple and painless.

    We’re bringing the security and convenience of the cloud down to the ground and right into your hand.

    • The lightweight, sleek blue drive fits perfectly in your palm, pocket, or purse for convenient transport.

    • Data is backed up to the portable drive without using up any internet bandwidth to ensure quick data transfer.

    • Data can easily be restored or uploaded back onto your computer or to any local computer by simply connecting the drive via its USB cable.

    • All data is safely stored in the portable device and encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption (with the option to choose a private key for additional security).

    If you’re a business owner, you know the value of speed and accuracy. You can’t sit around while the competitors zoom past.

    At IDrive, we understand the importance of timeliness, accuracy, and security. That is why we created the IDrive Express for businesses. You may recognize this service (formerly known as “Rapid Serve”). In honor of the new and improved IDrive Portable, we’ve rebranded this service.

    IDrive Express is a secure portable backup system designed to make large data transfers faster for your business. Data loss is devastating and it is vital that your company has a backup plan. Unfortunately, backing up the mass amounts of data from your business’ network to the cloud can take days… maybe even weeks, depending on the size of your business. The amount of data being transferred clogs up the bandwidth, creating a scenario similar to the dreaded traffic-packed, congested highway.

    IDrive Express avoids all the traffic with these easy steps:

    • We simply send you one of our IDrive Portable drives so you can transfer all of your data (up to 1 TB), without using any bandwidth.

    • After your data is safely stored and encrypted on the hard drive (with the option for a private key), you ship it back to us and we upload it to our servers.

      *It’s kind of fun to think of it as teleporting. You ship it off and, magically, it gets to the cloud! Is that just me? Moving on…

    • From that point on, you can access your files from your IDrive account and run incremental backups to update your data.

    IDrive Express avoids the tedium of that initial lengthy backup. It’s also a FREE service for all IDrive business users.

    IDrive Express also offers the option for data retrieval. At your request, your data is shipped via the IDrive Portable hard drive and is ready to be restored or uploaded to any computer by simply connecting the USB cable.

    It’s easy. It’s safe. It’s fast.

    Don’t settle for less. Hop on the IDrive Express.

  • Sub-accounts are here!

    No business can benefit from a one-size-fit-all backup solution. Businesses have a variety of backup needs, which keep changing with time. Realizing this, IDrive brings in the new Sub-accounts concept, wherein you can allocate space from your storage to departments and associates for establishing a secure backup plan; all this with a single administrative control!

    All billing transactions are confined to your IDrive account, alone.


    Introducing sub-accounts

    Sub-accounts are regular IDrive accounts, created with your IDrive storage space. The sub-accounts exist within your account space, but do not have access to one another’s data, and you can backup any number of devices, securely with 256-bit AES encryption.

    Single administrative control

    You can do a number of administrative activities via a single dashboard.

    Create any number of sub-accounts using your IDrive account. Allocate space to every sub-account as required. Subsequently, you can keep varying their quota size as and when needed.

    Monitor the summarized status of sub-account’s scheduled backups using the ‘Desktop Backup Report’.

    Activities of the sub-accounts shall remain under your vigilance via ‘Events’. You can view a detailed report of their web-based activities like their login/logout timings, information on all file operations, profile updates, etc.


    If the sub-accounts exceed the allotted quota space, the backups of the sub-account will still continue as normal. If the comprehensive space of the sub-accounts and your main account exceeds your IDrive quota limit, then the nominal overuse charges shall apply to your account.

    Sign up for an IDrive Pro Business account to avail this service and much more.

    Remember, a ‘smart backup’ in time saves nine!

  • IDrive and IDriveSync – Privacy and You

    In the wake of revelations of the top-secret program PRISM, as reported late Thursday by some of the largest news organizations, it appears several major online companies may be releasing data to government agencies – without their users’ consent. We at IDrive and IDriveSync, however, are as secure and private as ever. With our 256-bit encryption along with the additional Private Key encryption, nobody, not even the government, can see your data.


    “When users select our private key option, they prevent anyone – even us – from accessing their data.” explains our CEO, Raghu Kulkarni, “This private key is not stored anywhere on our end, so no one – not us, not even the government, can access the files. Even if the government could access our customers’ data, it would be completely unreadable.” This places IDriveSync apart from competing products, “Other online storage providers . . . do not offer this level of privacy and security, offering only a default method which could be accessed by the provider.” So even if it isn’t standard for their employees to see the data, those providers have access to the customers’ key.

    Business Development Associate Shane Bingham says it best, “We take customer privacy very seriously, and want to encourage everyone to make informed choices about how their data is secured. At a time when other storage providers’ commitment to their users are being questioned, this offer is our way of saying ‘we understand,’ our customers come before anything else.”

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  • Top 5 – Reasons your SMB needs IDrive Online Backup


    Every year, your business adds more and more data; this includes things like financial documents and customer data. At IDrive, we know that invaluable data like this needs to be protected from loss. In addition to the original or hard copy of your data, you should also keep a backup. The perfect solution is this: keep copies of your critical data in cloud storage, online. Here are the Top 5 reasons that IDrive Online Backup is the best choice for your small business.

    5.) Compliance

    Some businesses need to meet industry compliance, or to keep historical records for a period of time. IDrive is definitely the way to go. Unlike other companies, IDrive is an archival service; we never delete your data once it’s uploaded – it has to be deleted manually. We don’t delete files after they haven’t been updated for some arbitrary period of time.

    4.) Data Availability

    If the worst happens and you lose the original data, you need to get back up and running right away. With IDrive, you can install the software on another device, restore your most critical information, and be back up and running as fast as you can download. For business customers, we even offer a fast restore service; we’ll ship you a physical drive of your data, at no cost to you.

    3.) Remote Manage

    What happens if you’re out of the office and need to make sure that certain files are backing up, and to start backing them up if they aren’t? IDrive offers a powerful remote management feature that allows business customers to do just that. Peace of mind that your critical files are safe in the cloud, that’s what you get.

    2.) Security

    Files transferred to IDrive’s world-class data centers are encrypted before ever leaving your device. We use industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption to do so. Additionally, every customer has the ability to create a private encryption key – some customers are required to do so to meet compliancy/legal requirements. If you set this optional security feature, then nobody – not even us – will be able to decrypt your data without that key.

    1.) Cost Effective

    Our software and hardware infrastructure has been custom designed from the ground up to be the best cloud backup solution on the market. We wrote the software ourselves, and all of our hardware is self-owned rather than reselling another company’s infrastructure. As a result, we pass these savings on to our customers, offering the best value for minimal investment.

    We cannot stress this point enough – back your data up! You can sign up today for a free 5GB account. Completely free, no trial period, no obligation; the only thing you’ve got to lose is your data. 5GB not enough space? Check out our pricing page for more options and start backing up today!

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  • The All new IDrive Portable!


    Introducing the new IDrive Portable drive – a USB 3.0 external hard drive with 1 TB capacity. Every drive comes pre-loaded with the powerful new IDrive Portable software, which can be used for encrypted local backups, optionally with a private encryption key.


    Rapid Serve with IDrive Portable

    With the combination of the IDrive Portable hardware and software, IDrive Business users can now backup 1 TB of data to the cloud via physical storage shipment. This FREE service enables you to backup or restore up to 1 TB of data, often in a week or less, without clogging your bandwidth.  If you were to perform this backup entirely over the web, it could take weeks and drastically slow your internet in the process. Utilizing the Rapid Serve option makes it easy to get your data backed up quickly and efficiently. The best part is, data stored on the IDrive Portable is always encrypted, optionally with your private key, so you can rest assured the data will be safe while in transit!

    Once the data is done uploading to your IDrive Online Backup account, you can continue incremental backups through the online backup software.

    Rapid Serve is a FREE service for IDrive Business users, it is currently available to U.S. Residents only. If you would like to purchase an IDrive Portable drive, it costs only $99.95.

  • IDrive Feature Spotlight – Remote Manage

    With the newly updated web interface and software, IDrive Online Backup is one of the simplest cloud backup tools out there. Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it isn’t also powerful! This week, we’d like to highlight one of our more powerful features, Remote Manage.


    What is Remote Manage? It’s a tool that allows you to add or remove items from your backup set, alter your schedule; you can even delete data that you’ve backed up to IDrive. What’s the best part of all this? This tool is available from the web, meaning that you’re able to manage your entire account completely online, without having to go to each individual device! Please note, however, that the device you’d like to manage must be turned on and must have an active Internet connection.


    If you have computers in multiple locations, then this is a super important feature! All you have to do is log in to your IDrive account from the website, then you can click on Remote Manage in the list on the left-hand side. From there, you just need to select which device you’d like to change the settings for. Managing your IDrive account has never been easier!


    Not an IDrive subscriber yet? Sign up today for a free 5GB account, and if that’s not enough space for you, check out our pricing page for more options and start backing up today.

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  • IDrive Top 5 – Reasons You’ve Lost Data

    It’s happened to all of us at some point, that’s why IDrive Online Backup exists. You’re in the groove, putting the final touches on what has got to be the best PowerPoint presentation humanity has ever seen; smooth animations, a catchy jingle, graphs that make sense – even to Dan from Accounting! This is something you’ve been working on for a few weeks, now. You then go to bed, feeling like king or queen of the world.  The next day, something like this happens:

    Natural Disaster

    5.) Natural Disaster – Earthquake! Overnight, there was a minor quake, some things fell over – you’ll have to get a new frame for your Beatles poster. You get to your PC to get the latest news. It just. Won’t Start. You have an external drive, though! You look around, but it’s fallen off the desk and lies broken near a mass of computer cables. You’re still expected to go to work, but your Magna Carta of PowerPoint? Gone forever.

    Malicious Act

    4.) Malicious Act – You get back to your PC, and you see a notification popup telling you that your Anti-Virus of choice had deleted a bunch of files which had become infected with a virus. Dismissing the popup, you go to open the PowerPoint, to bask once more in its glory before heading into work, but it’s disappeared. You remember the popup and go check your AV program. Sure enough, there it is, in quarantine, too sick to restore to your computer.

    Software Corruption

    3.) Software corruption – You wake up and head to work, transferring your PowerPoint to a flash drive before you go. It’s finally time for the big moment, you load up the flash drive, go to open the presentation, and the file is corrupt.

    User Error

    2.) User Error – After putting the finishing touches on your presentation, you accidentally forget to save the changes made. When you go to close the file the next morning, you absentmindedly click “Don’t Save”. You do a double-take and click like mad to reopen the file, sure enough, 2 hours of work are gone, the presentation is in an hour!

    Hardware Failure

    1.) Hardware Failure – Done saving my work, I went to sleep. On waking up, I noticed my PC was off, which is a little strange. Pressing the power button, though, didn’t turn it back on. Everything was connected, and my phone charger is on the same power strip, so I know there’s power. That’s when I noticed the acrid smell of a burnt-out power supply. My PC wasn’t turning on again without a new one.

    True story, folks! This really happened to me, in college, my second to last semester, the day I had a project to turn in. Luckily, my hard drive was safe, and I had a lot of my work – but not all of it – backed up online. Fortunately, my professor understood my pain, and I didn’t get marked down too much for having to turn in the project late. If I didn’t have that cloud backup, though, having to re-do all my work would’ve resulted in a rushed, poor quality job with the grade to match, instead of a high B.

    We cannot stress this point enough! Back. Up. Your. Data. You can sign up today for a free 5GB account. Completely free, no trial period, no obligation; the only thing you’ve got to lose is your data.

    5GB not enough space? Check out our pricing page for more options and start backing up today!

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  • IDrive Online Backup – Answering Your Questions

    At IDrive, we work hard to make things as simple as possible. Sometimes, though, we take for granted what we think is simple. We invited our customers to ask us questions they’d like to hear answers to. We got tons of submissions – these are the ones that came up most frequently:


    Q: How do I look up my invoices?

    A: We have actually added this to our FAQs page! Here are the steps:

    First, click on your username in the upper-right corner of the page. Click on the “Billing Information” link in the Account section of the drop down menu. Now, you should be able to see your billing history, as well as being able to view any historical invoice.


    Q: Windows 7 libraries – how does IDrive work with them?

    A: Libraries are a Windows 7 feature that makes it easy to access, categorize, and manage data. That data, however, doesn’t ever actually leave its original location, unless it gets moved, so the file path telling the computer where that data is, doesn’t change.


    IDrive tries to mirror the file path structure of the computer it’s installed on, but we don’t back up the library configuration. As a result, your data will be available, but you’ll have to recreate the library in case of a catastrophic data loss.


    Q: Are there plans to integrate IDrive and IDriveSync?

    A: Currently, there are no plans to integrate the IDrive and IDriveSync services because they’re designed to meet different needs:

    · IDrive is a secure offsite backup meant for disaster recovery. Files are backed up on schedule, and should be accessed in case of data loss, or to restore from an earlier file version in case of some kind of disaster, digital or otherwise.

    · IDriveSync was built specifically to address the need to easily access files quickly from multiple devices. With IDriveSync, your files are automatically downloaded to all linked machines, so you can access them in an instant. Files can also be shared easily through services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or private emails. You can use it to access files that’ll be needed in multiple places, without having to remember to email it to yourself or carry around a flash drive.


    Q: My backup occasionally takes a long time to complete! Why does this happen?


    A: This depends on a number of factors, but the biggest ones are:


    • Do you have new data that hasn’t been backed up before? If you have a lot of new data to back up, the full file gets uploaded to our servers. Later backups take much less time than an initial backup because later backups are incremental; after the initial backup, we will only back up the small portions of files that were changed. If no change happened since last time a file was backed up, then we can skip it and move on!

    • How fast is your upload speed? A lot of people have super fast download speed, because downloading is how most people use data. Viewing a website, reading email, viewing some kind of streaming media, playing a game online, all of these are activities where download speed is important. Upload speeds are where most people don’t have as much bandwidth available. Check with your service provider to see how fast an upload speed you’re getting (and remember, the speed they quote you will probably be a “maximum” speed, and not an average.)


    Q: Please explain this contradictory message at the IDrive website:

    “Enter the encryption key to access data. Provide the same encryption key set by you during your first login.”

    And then “Do not share the encryption key to ensure your data security.”

    A: The first message will only appear when logging in to the website, because the data is non-recoverable without your key. You’ll need to enter your private key in order to decrypt, view, and/or restore that data. Entering the key into the site is not “sharing” the key, basically all you’re doing is putting in the correct key to unlock the safe – only YOU should have the key. Sharing the key refers to actually giving out the private key to other people, which would sort of defeat the point of having a private key at all!


    That’s all for this round of Q&A, hope we’ve been able to help! Have a question we didn’t get to, or some general comments? Drop us a line at!


    You can sign up today for a free 5GB account, or check out our pricing page if you need more space. Start backing up today!


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  • IDrive now supports OAuth

    We’re very happy to announce that now we support OAuth, a popular open protocol for API authentication. OAuth provides a much simpler experience for users when connecting to third-party apps.


    The biggest benefit of using OAuth is that it provides added security to users, and developers don’t have to maintain/store user credentials. While using third-party apps, OAuth allows access without exposing user credentials. It gives the user control over who is accessing their data, and when. Just a few simple clicks and your account is securely connected to another service.

    OAuth is nowhere near simple, but once you understand the dance of tokens and secrets it’s fairly easy to work with. You can find more information about OAuth at IDrive OAuth documentation. If you experience any problem or have questions,  send them to

    P.S Build your own cloud-based applications with a set of simple Command line utility APIs, REST APIs and Library.

  • Eye-Drive – Online Backup for Google Glass

    Google Glass is a revolutionary product from Google. It is probably one of the first products in the ‘Wearable computers’ category that has captured the imagination of the world.

    IDrive has the tradition of being the first in many fields. For example, we were the first to offer online backup and restore for iPhone contacts with an App called ‘IDrive Lite‘. Following the tradition of innovation in online backup for new devices, we are proud to announce our new product Eye-Drive.


    It sports some basic online backup functionality, such as backing up of your videos and pictures that are being recorded real time. It will be smart enough to not to use the bandwidth while the appliance is using internet.  It will compress and send only the modified bits if it happens to be a repeat video or picture of the same subject optimizing the transfer time and speed. It will also backup your searches and queries.


    But here are some really interesting features that you need to take a look at.

    ‘Timeline’ backup and restore. Once your data is backed up, you will be able recall your last meeting or your day or event in full resolution and play it back any time!

    It will also provide filters to change the subject characteristics just for fun. Say you want to change the color of the dress on the subject.

    The best feature, however, is the optional private key encryption. If you chose this, the backed up data is accessible only by you and no one else. Even the US Govt will not be able to see the data. Consider this vs syncing that data to google drive where the data is stored in the clear for advertisements and for whatever reasons.

    You would be able backup multiple google glasses, for your entire family or for your small business into one eye-IDrive account. No per Glass license fees, unlike some competitors!

    Also we never delete your data unless you decide to. We are a true archiving service. Some competitors delete your data after 30 days.

    Pricing will be announced at launch time which will coincide with general availability of Google Glass; with storage prices dropping every day, we want to provide the best value to our customers.

    NOTE: As this backs up to the cloud, actual clouds must be present. Eye-Drive will not work in cloudless conditions!