191M Voter Records Leaked! Is Your Cloud Data Secure?

This week a whitehat hacker found a mysterious database of leaked US voting records stashed on the web like a trove of stolen treasure. The data, which was up until its discovery publicly available, includes the names, addresses, dates of birth, and home numbers of 191 million Americans. Since many states restrict how voter data is used, departments as high up as the FBI have been notified.

The leak goes to show how vulnerable we are to online theft that grows more and more advanced, but that doesn’t mean your data protection plan can’t be just as powerful. With IDrive’s encrypted online backup solution, you can rest assured that all your personal files will remain private.

Is It Secret? Is It Safe?

So how does IDrive keep data secure in the era of leaks? Three words: Encryption, encryption, encryption. And the strongest available.

Any data backed up with IDrive is protected with military grade 256-bit AES encryption. You can guard your personal files, including private photos, videos, and documents containing sensitive information from online threats.

Your data, like your voter records, are personal, so they should stay private. That’s why IDrive offers private key encryption in addition to AES. Private key enables to choose a unique keycode with which only you can unlock your data. No one else, not even IDrive, knows the key.

All Your Devices, All Your Data

IDrive enables you to backup any number of devices, with no extra charge per device. That means all of your data from all of your smartphones, tablets, and computers will be securely encrypted in the cloud.

Is your data secure? Backup all your devices with IDrive today!