How Did Half The British Adult Population Lose Their Photos?

A recent Jessop survey of over 2,000 British citizens revealed an unsettling statistic about data loss across the Pond: 44% of UK adults have lost digital photos that were important to them. We were a little concerned to find that most of those polled “wish they printed” their photographic treasures to keep them safe. While there’s nothing like holding a photograph in your hand or hanging it on your wall, there are a number of reasons why online backup is a better safeguard for preserving your photos through the years.

Total Protection For Your Photos

One of the most common causes of Britain’s data loss is losing or breaking hardware. That can include a variety of not so freak accidents like spilling coffee on your computer or dropping your phone in the toilet, as well as crazier occurrences like theft, intentional damage, and, as we went over last month, spontaneous combustion. The other most common way for British adults to lose their photos is by accidentally deleting them.

So is printing photos the best way to secure them? The answer is, not really.

While printing a photo will keep it secure from data disasters, you’re still counting on your photograph not being lost or damaged just like your hardware. Physical things don’t last forever, so printing isn’t exactly your best bet for keeping your photographs preserved through the years. On the other hand, if you backup all your data to the cloud, you can restore files to whatever device replaces the smoldering shell hole in the floor that used to be your PC.

Access Your Photos From Anywhere

So what if you want to show off a picture of your son’s graduation, but you left your print at home? Cloud backup not only secures your photos, but makes them accessible from anywhere via any device. IDrive is compatible with PC and Mac, as well as mobile devices from the Android and iOS platforms. That means you can restore that graduation photo directly to your mobile phone on the spot via the PCMag award-winning IDrive app.

Photos stored digitally or printed both face an inherent risk of being lost, but with online backup, your photos will remain restorable and printable forever.