Introducing talq, the App That Lets Customers Message Businesses Anytime, Anywhere

What if you could get customer support from any service whenever you wanted?

What if providing customer support as a business owner was as simple as answering a message from your phone?

What if we told you the future of customer support is already here?

Introducing talq, the free app that privately connects customers to businesses via messaging. No getting put on hold, engaging in time-consuming conversation, or waiting in line. Just an answer to your question sent to your phone, fast. talq is a fast lane between you and the services you use, enabling customer support, anytime, anywhere via iOS, Android, and the web.

talq for Consumers

Many businesses will offer you chat support. But talq narrows the communication gap between you and the services you use much further with advanced features that ease and expedite your support experience.

talq enables consumers to:

  • Privately message multiple businesses at once to get service fast.
  • Sync chats across all their devices, allowing them to seamlessly pick up conversations from where they left off.
  • Send pictures and documents as attachments to help them better communicate their needs to businesses.

With talq, customers get a more personalized, private, and helpful customer support experience every time.

talq for Businesses

Every business has a talq ID, a unique identification number allowing customers to instantly find them in the talq directory. Businesses can share their talq ID with potential customers to get the conversation started and build client relationships that last.

Businesses can even add staff administrators to their talq accounts. The talq dashboard can be easily accessed by staff members via mobile device or the web, enabling quick response rates that customers will appreciate.

With talq, there’s nothing standing in between you and your customers.

Ready to start talqing? Sign up for talq today!