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  • IDrive Express Service Now for Linux Distros


    Great news for IDrive users and Linux fans! The IDrive Express service, for faster data backup and retrieval, is now available for Linux Distros!

    Our Linux users asked for it and we made it happen. At IDrive, we want all of our users to have the opportunity to enjoy the same quality services and trustworthy features in order to secure their data on a variety of platforms.

    So, calling all Linux users! Hop aboard the IDrive Express!

    How can the IDrive Express benefit you?

    • Backup or restore large amounts of data (up to 1 TB) faster.

    • Avoid bandwidth usage with physical data shipment using IDrive’s USB drives.

    • Data is secure throughout the process, encrypted using military grade 256-bit AES encryption with an optional private key.
    • Once data is transferred to your online account, you can continue with incremental backups.

    Plus, the service is FREE once a year for Pro Personal users and three times a year for Pro Business plans! After that, all further requests are $59.95 and return shipping is always included.

    Say goodbye to slow backups and take advantage of an express service that’s so good, you’d think it was exclusive…

    IDrive Express: Inclusive, Reliable, and Secure

    Now for Linux

    *This service is only available within the United States.

  • A thought on Business models for Online Backup and Sync services


    Folks, Sugarsync just announced that it is doing away with the free accounts going forward. It is a popular sync and backup service, and this is a major change to their policy. As the CEO of a competing service here at IDrive Inc, I wanted to share some of our thoughts on this.

    There are two extreme ends in the cloud backup and sync segment. There are some who offer unlimited storage for very little money. There is hardly any justification from a long term business perspective about how one can really survive with this model. At unlimited offer, and with continuous growth of user data, especially multimedia data in pictures and videos that are getting accumulated on user’s computers, it is a no win situation for backup companies.  At the best, it is a  marketshare play, at the worst, companies will be burning through their VC money fast. Mozy, a key player in this space backed out of unlimited after 5 years of offering this sort of a plan. Companies resort to put in artificial limits, such as throttling user’s bandwidth, or limit backups to a specific device, or limit file types or at least make it harder for users to choose the big multimedia files to backup to save themselves from getting caught in the unlimited storage tail-spin.

    The other end of the spectrum is SugarSync who has a high price/GB and are doing away with anything free.

    Ours has always been a sort of a middling approach which we think is more sensible. We offer the best price/GB with a free option that lets consumers and businesses have a full taste of the features that we offer. We offer unlimited device backup for every account. Users are only limited by the space they buy.  We are able to do this and stay profitable and can play this long term because of our vertical integration of the whole online backup service chain from owning or leasing our own servers, to our own home grown APIs, all the way up to the desktop and mobile clients. We can offer the best price/GB, best performance, and best set of features in this space. Vertical Integration is the key cornerstone of our strategy for the long term.

    So if you are on the sidelines waiting to jump in on the best online backup service, IDrive offers a very compelling long term solution. Give it a spin. It offers free 5GB of storage!

    Raghu Kulkarni
    CEO, IDrive Inc.

  • Celebrate ‘Cyber Monday’ with IDrive – 50% OFF on sign ups

    December, the month of celebrations, has just begun and the spirits of the festive mood are high. After having worked hard throughout the year, now it’s time to celebrate and relax. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to waste this season worrying about losing your digital assets to disasters.

    ‘Did you back it up?’ and if you haven’t done it yet, there couldn’t be a better day than today!

    IDrive wishes you a happy advent! Sign up and get flat 50% discount* only on CyberMonday, that’s today. Secure your data with us, and stay at peace to enjoy the festive season at best!

    * The 50% offer is applicable for the first year only.
  • Business critical data shouldn’t wait! So, we give to you: Express 48!


    We heard you and took your requests to heart. We value our users’ opinions and so we decided the IDrive Express needed a boost. IDrive is now offering an extension to our IDrive Express service, which offers data backup / restore via physical drive to avoid bandwidth usage in order to get the job done faster.

    The Express 48 was created to backup / restore data even faster than IDrive Express! How fast? Within 48 hours or less fast! (Hence the name…)

    The service is especially beneficial for small businesses that rely on data to maintain productivity and wish to avoid any downtime that may result in fiscal loss. The purpose of the Express 48 is to get large amounts of data (up to 1 TB) back to our users as quickly as possible. We understand the immediacy of continuing business and recovering lost data in the event of a data disaster.

    We know how quick and valuable the Express 48 is for prompt data backup / retrieval, but don’t take our word for it… Let the statistics speak for themselves:

    The Express 48 was put to the test. Using the speedtest figures of 15.88 Mbps down and 0.98 Mbps up, it would take 147 hours to download a 1TB backup from the internet and 2,377 hours to upload one. Imagine your business encounters a data malfunction, would you rather wait 147 hours to download a backup of your data via the internet? Or would you prefer to receive your data on a physical drive in 48 hours or less?

    We’re pretty sure we know your answer.

    Express 48 service costs $99.50 and securely transports data right to your door. Could it get any better?

    Jump aboard and order the Express freight;

    we won’t make you wait (longer than 48 hours)!

  • Halloween Horror Stories of Dreadful Data Loss


    Boo! It’s time for crazy costumes and scary stories…

    At IDrive, before we do our Trick-or-Treating, we like to get everyone in the Halloween spirit by sharing some ghastly stories of frightening freak accidents and wretched data loss… the type of horrific tales that cause nightmares and spook people with unprotected data…

    We heard a really good one from Michael, an IT provider, regarding one fated customer: Bob.

    Bob was an average guy working as a freelance designer. He used AutoCAD for all his work-related projects. He stored all of his live files on an external hard drive on his desk.

    Oooooo, are you scared yet? No? Okay… just wait…

    Late one night, as Bob struggled to meet a deadline, he decided to make himself some coffee… BUT, as he stood up, Bob knocked the external hard drive off the desk! *GASP*

    Bob lurched forward, attempting to catch it, but instead, he knocked over a glass of water as well. The drive tragically crashed to the floor… and the water spilled all over the drive. Bob quickly scrambled to retrieve it, dry it off, and plug it back in. Cursing his clumsiness while praying to the computer gods that his data was unharmed. The wind howled outside Bob’s window as he sat nervously at his desk, waiting… but only a fatal message appeared: XP desktop unable to recognize external drive. *SHRIEK!*

    Bob sank to his knees in despair, knowing he was not prepared for this disaster. He did not have a proper backup of his data and he began to panic. His black cat, Fifi, ran past him, unwilling to comfort someone who would make such a silly mistake.

    There was no way Bob could finish his project on time after this severe setback. And then, as if things couldn’t get worse, zombies attacked his town, turning Bob, his entire family, and Fifi into the walking dead.

    The moral of this horror story? Well, if you didn’t figure it out already… Backup your data! It saves time, money, and prevents inconceivable frustration. A secure disaster recovery plan is vital; you never know when a flood, hurricane, or swarm of zombies will strike.

    FYI: Unprotected data is a huge target for zombies. So, backup your data, it could save your (digital) life.

  • IDrive is offering 50% OFF on ALL service plans for Students and Staff!


    The rumor on campus is true, IDrive is now offering 50% off on all accounts (personal AND business level) to students, faculty, and schools/colleges/universities! You just need to sign up with a valid education domain based email address. Plus, the discount applies for the life of the account! That could be FOREVER, if you choose!

    IDrive recently added business level accounts to its long standing discount aimed at students.  Now benefiting educational institutions as well, IDrive works on all servers and operating systems (including Linux) and has cross-platform capabilities making data accessible on PCs, Macs, and mobile devices.

    So, how else can IDrive help your educational organization?

    1) With our business level accounts, any school, university, or educational institute can create a main account and add multiple sub-accounts that link to a single plan for simplified management. This type of cloud-based backup allows for remote management, allowing the main account to control the quota allocated to each sub-account, giving more space to departments that have more data. The main account can also monitor sub-account backups and view activity logs to ensure that backups are running efficiently. The sub-account feature works great for departments, like admissions and financial aid, that have a high volume of data to manage.

    2) Our cloud-based data protection strategy also provides anywhere access, as long as there is internet connectivity, giving faculty and staff the ability to access the data in their accounts from a computer or mobile device outside the organization’s network. This would let a professor access files and notes from a personal laptop or iPad during a lecture. Sharing features also make it possible for teachers to send a file or folder directly to students via email for quick transfer of class notes or homework assignments, reducing the need for printing paper handouts.

    Teachers and professors need to protect data too. If your school doesn’t yet offer a business level plan with sub-accounts, sign up for a personal account and you’ll still get 50% off with your school-based email address. What if an entire semester’s worth of lesson plans was lost? Imagine the time wasted, money spent, and frustration that would be avoided if you had a backup of all those critical files… waiting for you up in the IDrive cloud, ready to assist you in educating our future…

    Which brings us to our Students! How can IDrive help you?

    1) You don’t have time for term papers that accidentally get deleted or presentations that won’t open because of incompatible platforms. The excuse “my hard drive failed” and “my computer has a virus” are not going to cut it when you have an important project due. You need backups because accidents happen. You might leave your laptop at the library or your roommate could spill a beverage on your computer that has the thesis paper saved on it, which you have been working on for an entire semester… Things like this DO happen. But, if your data is backed up with IDrive, you can easily recover any of those files from your online account. You can restore them to a new computer or just go to the library, download the file you need from your account, print it, and turn it in ON TIME.

    2) An online based backup is critical because it provides anywhere access. When your data is in the cloud, not only is it safe, it’s also available wherever there’s internet connectivity (no matter if it’s a PC, Mac, or a mobile device). Mobile access allows you to pull up class notes backed up to your account on your phone for some last minute studying as you walk to a final exam. You can even share files in your account with classmates to make collaboration on group projects easier.

    We recognize how hard students work as well as the difficulty of paying for an education. We want to enhance the academic journey as well as reward the amazing faculty and staff that contribute to students’ scholastic careers. You guys worry about all that fun studying stuff and let us worry about making sure your files are safe. So, check out this great deal and then use that extra money you save on next semester’s textbooks. Or buy some new shoes. You have to have a little fun, too, on those short, but much-needed study breaks.

  • FREE service with IDrive Express… Take a trip and avoid any stress!


    FREE trips? That’s absolutely right!

    But, don’t start packing your bags. You don’t have to go anywhere. It’s your data that’s doing the traveling.

    We introduced the IDrive Express service to our Pro Personal users, knowing that it would greatly ease the process of transferring large amounts of data. To our delight, the response has been phenomenal. IDrive users are hopping on board at every IDrive Express stop to enjoy fast, secure, and stress-free data upload and recovery.

    To show our appreciation for your dedication, IDrive is now offering the IDrive Express service (data backup or recovery) for FREE!

    Previously, just a free perk for business accounts, IDrive Express is now available (free of charge once every year) for Pro Personal users as well. Pro Business users enjoy up to 3 FREE services per year. Subsequent service requests beyond the account allotment will be subject to a fee of $59.95.

    This service includes free return shipping and is only available in the USA.

    What are you waiting for? Book your FREE trip, now! Ensure that your data travels happily and arrives safely via the IDrive Express.

  • The IDrive Express is Now Making Personal Stops!


    You may have heard the rumor train passing by, sounding the arrival of the IDrive Express:

    a physical storage shipment service available for faster backup and simple retrieval of data, up to 1TB.

    It’s making personal stops, right at your front door.

    What does that mean for you?

    No more waiting! No one likes standing in line at the grocery store, sitting in traffic, or waiting while that website page takes forever to load. And remember dial up service? That was painfully slow!

    Now, everything is fast: Express services, One Touch apps, drive through windows, and high speed internet.

    Until… you try to upload that large folder of files and are reminded just how slow the process can be. At IDrive, we understand that it’s frustrating to sit and wait while a backup runs. So, we found a solution: The IDrive Express.

    What is IDrive Express?

    IDrive Express is an enhanced service that uses a temporary storage device to upload large amounts of data directly to the cloud.

    Who can use the IDrive Express service?

    Anyone. It was originally created for businesses to provide a quick backup service for mass amounts of data. But, we realized, some of our users with Pro Personal accounts have huge amounts of data to backup, as well. So, we’re making the IDrive Express service available to everyone.

    Why would I need the IDrive Express?

    When you run a backup on your computer, it uses up internet bandwidth. The more data you attempt to backup, the more it clogs your bandwidth and the longer it takes, slowing the internet as well. If you have an extensive amount of data, you could be sitting around waiting for your backup to complete successfully for hours or days. Who has time (or patience) for that?

    So, why not upload it directly to the server? That’s what IDrive Express is for.

    How does it work?

    1) All you have to do is fill out the form and IDrive will ship the temporary storage drive directly to your home.

    2) Once you receive the drive, connect it to your computer (via the USB cord). Then use the backup software application that comes pre-installed on the drive. This avoids any internet use and cuts down on upload time.

    3) When all of your files have been added to the drive, simply mail it back to IDrive.

    4) Once we get the drive, we will upload your data directly to our servers. At that point, it will be available in your account and you can commence with incremental backups.

    Is it secure?

    Yes. IDrive Express is a completely secure service. All of your data is encrypted (using 256-bit AES encryption) during the backup process. You are also given the option for private key encryption which, if selected, ensures that no one will be able to access your data from the drive, not even the IDrive staff. Your data is uploaded to our servers with the private key encryption and remains secure and inaccessible throughout the entire transit process.

    What about restoring my data?

    The IDrive Express service can also be used for restoring your data. Just fill out the form and IDrive will ship your data to you one of our temporary drives. Once you receive it, you can restore your data to any computer by connecting the USB cable.

    How much does it cost?

    Pro Personal account users can take advantage of the IDrive Express service for $59.95. (This also includes the cost of return shipping.) This price applies to both data backup and retrieval. Pro Business account users can utilize this service (backup or retrieval) once a year for FREE, any services after that will be $59.95.

    Need to backup a lot of data quickly?

    Fill out the form and take a ride on the IDrive Express for guaranteed success!

  • Mobile device backup…in just one touch


    In this rapid, technology driven world it can be difficult to keep up with all the innovations and stay up-to-date with every new version or release. But, every now and then, something new comes along that you just can’t afford to miss. IDrive has put its best foot forward to give you an amazing Mobile experience.

    The new One Touch backup and restore app makes it so easy, with just a single touch, to store all of your mobile data in our cloud.

    Life has become so simple. Technology puts everything at our fingertips. Want pizza? Dial the number or just place your order online. Reheat your food by pressing a button on the microwave. Want to backup the data on your mobile devices? That’s easy too, just one touch and it’s done.

    IDrive has made it as easy as it can possibly get for you to quickly and securely backup and restore your data. It just takes a moment to tap the backup or the access and restore button. All your photos, videos, contacts, and calendar events are backed up without interrupting your phone use. (For Android, backup is also available for call logs, apps, SD cards, and SMS.)

    Explore the home screen

    The home screen has four quick access tabs. Backup stores your important data onto the cloud, while Access and Restore allows you to access your account data and restore it, if necessary. You can also share, copy, move, and delete data using this tab. Shortcuts makes it easier for you to access important files and folders quickly. View account info, change passwords, logout, and even upgrade your account with the Settings tab.

    There’s more!

    The Auto camera upload option, when turned on, uploads all the photos and videos existing in your phone and continues to automatically upload new photos or videos as and when you capture the moments.


    Selective backup allows you to choose which files you want to backup. Uncheck any folders you don’t need to backup. (As a default setting, all the folders are selected for backup.) You can also choose specific photos and videos for backup.


    Access and Restore lets you access data backed up from other devices as well as restore it. So now, you can restore the data backed up from your desktop onto your mobile device, and vice versa.


    IDrive is especially excited about the release of One Touch because of its cross-platform and cross-device capabilities. These new features make IDrive the only provider that allows you to backup your contacts and photos on your iPhone and restore them to your Android tablet and vice versa. You never have to worry about platform compatibility again!

    It’s so easy, right?  Check it out by downloading the app today!

    With IDrive’s new One Touch, backups are quick as a snap.

    We’re all in a rush, but everyone has time for one little tap.

  • Summer fun has begun! Don’t let that result in a backup malfunction!


    It’s summertime! And we all know what that means…BBQs! Pool parties! 4th of July fireworks and so many other great photo and video opportunities! These are also prime scenarios when iPads slip into the pool, laptops are left behind in the airport, and phones jump into the punch bowl.

    These types of accidents are bound to happen sooner or later. That is why you need to be prepared with a reliable backup system, to protect all your important data and valuable files. It would be tragic to lose that picture of uncle Marty’s belly flopping into the pool.

    That’s what IDrive Backup is for!

    We encourage running backups regularly (as part of your daily routine, like brushing your teeth) to avoid data loss (and plaque buildup). We know summertime and vacations can usher the way to that lax attitude, which is great for your sanity. You need a break and deserve some time to relax and rejuvenate. However, it’s not as great for the errands you don’t feel like running and the data backups you decide can go undone for another day.

    Yes, we know we’re starting to sound like your mother. We’ve told you time and again to backup those files, young man! If you don’t run a successful backup on your computer right now, Missy, no dessert for a week!

    Nevertheless, it bears repeating because accidents are just waiting to happen during these lackadaisical and less structured times, especially when devices can be under more duress in the heat. Now, if only there was some way to protect my data rather than staying home from the baseball game, to run my backup… Well, of course there is:

    Just make sure your scheduled backups are set and running properly!

    That’s all? Yep.

    We know most of our users probably already use scheduled backups, but it’s never a bad idea to check that your settings are correct and backups are completed successfully.

    If you don’t know what ‘scheduling a backup’ means, visit the IDrive FAQ pages: ‘How do I schedule a backup?’ and ‘How do I manage my scheduled backup jobs?’, for assistance.

    Making sure your scheduled backups are up and running successfully will prevent you from having to worry about doing it manually. It will also help you relax and have some fun, knowing your data is safe, sound, and securely backed up.

    Here at IDrive, we value play as much as we value hard work. We want to guarantee that your playtime isn’t ruined by data loss and frustration. So, double check your backups, put some sunscreen on, and go chase that ice cream truck before it gets too far down the block!