4 Ways to Capitalize on Cloud Backup in 2016

Online backup saves you big money by securing your businesses from data loss that cost businesses $1.7 trillion in 2014. But even doing the right thing and protecting your data can still be costly. Needing to make efficient use of tight IT budgets is common, and we want to help you understand how the right cloud backup service can save you even more money.

Shane Bingham, Business Development Manager at IDrive, runs through four big cost-saving tips for cloud backup in 2016.

1. Pay one price for every device

one price to backup every device

A lot of online backup services charge fees per device. It’s easier for them to market, and sometimes easier for the consumer to understand. But it no longer fits the world we live in. People are using more devices than ever before, and storing more data on them. Data that needs protecting. A service that offers multiple device backup at one low cost will save more money (and protect more data) overall.

2. Save time and money with upload seeding

IDrive Express seed upload

Once you choose a backup solution, you have the time-consuming and expensive task of uploading all of your data to the cloud. This process can take weeks, clogging up your bandwidth, and taking your focus off managing your business as you monitor the progress of the backup. There is a better way: upload seeding. The IDrive Express service lets you securely transfer your data to a temporary drive which you then mail to us in a pre-paid envelope. Most backups are completed in less than than 7 days, so your time is focused where it needs to be — keeping your business running.

3. Reduce downtime with hybrid backup

reduce downtime with hybrid backup

Cloud backup is the centerpiece of any disaster recovery plan, but it shouldn’t be the only piece. When you have a lot of data to recover after a crash, cloud backup can take hours, even days to restore — when downtime could cost you money with each passing minute. IDrive helps you leverage hybrid backup to protect data on-site in addition to your online backups. That way your data is available right when you need it, as well as stored safely off-site.

4. Protect your data from ransomware with tough encryption


While some viruses can cost you money on hardware replacement costs, others go straight for your wallet. Ransomware like CryptoLocker and Cryptoware encrypt your data then demand payment to unlock it. In 2013, McAfee reported finding 250,000 unique samples of Ransomware, double what it discovered in 2012, so it’s safe to say this threat isn’t going anywhere. Shielding your data, and your bank account, from ransomware requires a backup solution with robust tools to deal with nasty viruses. IDrive Rewind lets you roll back to a safe point, before infection, so you can recover your files without having to pay a hacker to get your data back.

Online backup can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Sign up here to secure your data with IDrive now. In celebration of our back-to-back win of PCMag’s Editors’ Choice Award, we’re offering 25% off on the first year.