Don’t Let The Grinch Steal Your Data–Secure Your Holiday Pics with IDrive!

Here come the holiday photos! We’ve got last week’s Halloween costume pics, this month’s turkey day shots, and, of course, all the upcoming December festivities. And with the release of new phones like the LG V10 and iPhone 6s–both toting game-changing cameras–your holiday cheer is going to be captured more vividly than ever before. All the more reason to make sure the best looking holiday pics in the history of mobile photography are backed up and secure from risks like viruses, theft, and natural disasters that can destroy your phone–and therefore your photos.

Here’s A Nice Present: IDrive Can Backup Photos from Any Device!

The LG V10 is currently making waves for its incredibly dynamic, hyper-sensitive five-lens camera, which let’s even casual photographers take atmospheric, finely detailed photos worthy of being framed. Along with the iPhone 6s, which can take GIF-like “live photos” that will bring a pic of you cutting a turkey to life, the V10 is sure to end up under a lot of people’s trees this holiday season. What does each have in common besides the advanced nature of their cams? One big thing: IDrive is compatible with both these stocking stuffers (along with any other Android or iOS mobile devices).

So How Does IDrive Secure That Funny Photo Of You At The Christmas Eve Office Party?

As you probably already know, these mobile devices on which we store countless moments from our life aren’t as eternal as the spirit of Christmas. They don’t like water, are attractive to thieves, and aren’t completely immune to viruses that make them crash and burn. If a cryptovirus turns your phone into a lump of coal, so with it goes your data–including those fancy photos! IDrive is the only solution to this risk. If your device crashes, your data can be easily recovered from the IDrive cloud.

Don’t rely on a Christmas miracle to keep your data safe. This Holiday, add IDrive’s affordable backup solution to your wish list. (Did we mention that IDrive is award-winningly good?)

Sign up for IDrive this holiday season and keep your timeless memories secure!