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  • Introducing IDrive Private Cloud, an On-premise Cloud Backup Appliance


    At IDrive, we recognize that a lot of businesses have a need to keep their data on-site but also accessible from separate locations through the cloud. To do this, they require a scalable, high-performance data protection and management solution without increasing overall IT workload.

    IDrive is excited to introduce our newest feature-packed backup appliance, IDrive Private Cloud, a 6TB cloud backup appliance that includes 6TB of cloud backup space. Private cloud offers users the flexibility and speed of on-premise backup so you can recover from a disaster if needed, while having the ability to access and manage your business data from anywhere with an internet connection.

    IDrive Private Cloud boasts a myriad of features and services that make it one of the most cost-effective and user-friendly backup solutions on the market, including:

    • Pre-configured, rack mountable server delivered directly to user’s door ready to plug in
    • Proven IDrive Cloud on-premises for faster backups and restores
    • Secure data using AES 256-bit encryption, with optional private key
    • Adheres to the strictest data protection and compliance requirements
    • On-Demand scalability that is cost-effective and easy to manage

    Private cloud utilizes the same software as the IDrive public cloud that users are already accustomed to, diminishing the learning curve for current users looking to make the upgrade.

    Pricing for IDrive Private Cloud starts at $1000 for the first year (reg. $2000) for the 6TB appliance and includes 6TB of cloud backup space. If more space is required it is available upon request.

    Sign up today to conveniently access, manage and protect your business data!

  • Are you Protecting ALL your Devices?


    A typical household these days owns on average 5 devices. Think about it. PCs, Laptops, Smart Phones and Tablets have all become a necessity for the majority of people’s daily lives and they all have one thing in common: they contain critical data.

    As with any device that has important data on it, you’ll want to back it up in case disaster strikes, but most cloud backup services will charge you additional fees as you add devices to your account and that can get costly.

    Not with IDrive. We call it Universal Online Backup, meaning you can backup data from ALL of your devices into a single cloud account for one low fee, providing a reliable and affordable way to protect all of your data.

    Backup Data from Multiple Computers

    Say you have a laptop for work, a desktop at home, your kid’s each have a computer, as does your significant other. Must be a pain to back all of these up, right?

    Wrong. Simply install the IDrive application on each computer, log in using the same credentials for each, schedule your backups and sit back and relax. IDrive will create a unique folder for each of the devices you backup, keeping your data organized and making it easy to be sure everything’s running smoothly.

    Protect your Mobile Devices!

    Ever lost your phone? Forgot it in your pocket when you went in the pool? We’ve all experienced an incident that has caused us to lose critical data from our mobile device, and it’s no fun having to ask all your friends and family for their phone numbers again (because who memorizes phone numbers anymore?) or losing those precious photographs.

    To protect yourself from going through that often painful process, simply download the free IDrive Online Backup App from The App Store, or Google Play and start backing up your contacts, photos, videos, calendar events and more.

    Don’t let additional fees keep you from protecting all your devices. Sign up for IDrive today and rest easy knowing that if disaster strikes, your data is protected.

  • Will More Internal iphone Storage Kill the Need for Cloud Storage?


    We’ve all heard the latest leaked report that Apple will be releasing a 256GB iPhone next month, but has anyone considered that with more internal iPhone storage, will consumers still find the need to use cloud storage services? Some might be thinking if they opt for the 256GB model, they won’t need to use cloud storage to backup their contacts and photos, etc….

    So, that begs the question: Will more internal iphone storage kill the need for cloud storage? Let’s dive into points

    1) Having larger internal storage is great, it shows that consumers are taking more videos, and photos than ever before, but what happens if you drop your iphone, it breaks and it wont turn back on? What if it gets stolen? You’ve possibly lost all of your contacts, photos and videos. More internal storage can’t save you there…but having a cloud backup can help you get back all of your iphone data.

    2) Virus and hackers, eventually with the growth of ransomware in the PC market, hackers and viruses will get to iphones, possibly being able to whip out your contacts, videos and photos. Having a good backup app can help users protect their phones data, again, internal storage can’t help you there.

    The need for cloud storage will always be there.

  • Protect your Memories with IDrive Social Media Backup


    In these modern times if you aren’t active on some sort of social media, it’s likely that you have been on the receiving end of some jabs from your friends about being some sort of caveman stuck in the stone age. If this sounds like you then you’re in luck because recently there has been an uptick in people leaving social media behind for good, including celebrities, meaning the masses may soon begin to follow suit and you can say you were right all along.

    There are plenty of reasons why you would want to disconnect from social media, such as it consuming too much of your time, privacy issues, and more, so what if you’re ready to cut yourself off from Facebook or Instagram but you are apprehensive because you don’t want to lose all your photos and precious memories? Surely you are tagged in some pictures from years ago that you can only access through social media, so what do you do? Keep your social media profiles active but use them less? Don’t kid yourself, it’s an addiction. There has to be a way for you get off of social media but still be able to hang on to all those photos, right?

    Well it seems to be your lucky day because we have you covered. IDrive’s Facebook and Instagram backup provides an encrypted and secure space to store your social media data, including photos that friends tagged you in, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about losing any of those memories in the event you or one of your friends deletes your social media accounts.

    You can backup Instagram or Facebook through the IDrive mobile app, or via any web browser, and access those files from an unlimited number of devices, making it easy to bring those memories with you everywhere you go.

    Sign up for IDrive to start protecting your Facebook and Instagram memories today!

  • Don’t Let Old Tech Ground your Business


    If you happened to be flying Delta this past week, chances are you were in for a frustrating experience. A power outage at Delta Airlines caused flights to be grounded around the world during the peak of the summer travel season and needless to say, passengers are the ones who ended up suffering the most. More likely than not, this was all caused by a common occurrence–network failure.

    Many factors can contribute to network failure including a simple power outage, and as we all know, those can take place anytime, anywhere. This power outage ended up costing Delta millions of dollars in revenue, and if it could happen to a company as large and reputable as Delta Airlines, then it could happen to any company.

    So what protocols should your business have in place to make sure you can prevent or recover from a disaster such as this without having to break the bank?

    First and foremost, storing your data off-site through an established online backup provider will ensure that if your primary system fails, you have a secondary system ready to take over and you can resume normal operations. With IDrive, you can be sure that your data is stored safely at a separate location ready to be restored in the event of an emergency, saving you precious time and money.

    What makes IDrive the best choice for all your business backup needs besides our low prices? We offer a range of features that make us the ideal option for you to protect your business including:

    • Multi-Device Backup — backup an unlimited number of computers, smartphones, tablets, and servers into a single, easily managed account at no extra charge per device.
    • Sub Accounts — create multiple accounts using your storage space and monitor backups from a single administrator console.
    • IDrive Express — save time and bandwidth using our express service for your initial backup. We’ll ship you a hard drive, you upload your data to the device then send it back to us, and we’ll take care of the rest.
    • Security — we offer top rated security, utilizing 256-bit AES Encryption on transfer and storage, with an optional private key for an extra layer of protection.
    • Server Backup — backup your company’s databases and servers securely with zero downtime.

    Wasting time worrying about what might happen if a disaster strikes your business is a thing of the past. The time is now to ensure that your business is protected. Join the wave of small businesses implementing online backup solutions now so you can have peace of mind knowing that your critical data is protected from disaster. Sign up here today!

  • What’s Happening at IDrive?


    It’s been another very eventful few months here at IDrive. Here’s what we’ve been up to….

    New Product Launches

    • IDrive Vault — a 4TB hybrid backup appliance allowing you to backup data locally for faster backups and restores, and to the cloud as it includes 4TB of IDrive cloud backup space for recovery from any type of data disaster.

    • Smart Docs —  snap a photo from your mobile phone or tablet, and Smart Docs recognizes each detail, stores a copy of the document, and automatically creates important reminders for you. With cloud-based convenience, Smart Docs gives you access to all your documents from anywhere.

    • IDrive One — back in January at CES we announced our latest external storage drive, IDrive One, available now for IDrive users. One serves as a versatile local backup device with its 1 or 2TB storage capacity, and lets you stream media directly to your iOS or Android device from up to 150 feet away. Also SSD versions are available in 128GB and 256GB SSD!

    Back-to-back winners of PCMag Award, and more

    Every year PCMag compares the leading backup solutions to find out who’s offering the best cloud backup in the industry. The grading system takes into consideration usability, security, backup speeds, features, and more. For the second year in a row, IDrive won the top spot. To find out why, read Michael Muchmore’s review at

    IDrive was also named one of Lifehacker’s top choices for online backup in 2016, along with being chosen as one of the best business backup solutions by TechRadar. Oh, and don’t forget CloudPro, who rated us as one of the best backup solutions for the UK in 2016.

    VMware Backup Launched

    IDrive now supports virtual machine backup for VMware software. VMware enables you to run several different operating systems under one roof through virtualization, but protecting VMware environments with traditional backup can be costly, slow, and complicated. That’s why IDrive has developed a cost-effective and easy-to-use cloud backup solution to keep your VMs secure from disaster and easily accessible from the cloud.

    Re-launched RemotePC

    Managing your backups and accessing family photos or critical business info from a distance can be difficult. That’s why IDrive was excited to announce that we have re-launched a new and improved RemotePC, one of the most affordable and feature-packed remote access solutions available, enabling users to access and manage their PCs or Macs remotely from desktops, laptops, smartphones or tablets, at anytime.

    The New Dashboard

    Earlier this year we came out with our all new Dashboard, making it easier for IT Managers, Administrators, and families to easily check on the health of their backups. With the new Dashboard you can manage devices and sub-accounts, see when the most recent backups occurred with results, make changes to backup sets and settings across all devices, and more.

    That’s it so far for a busy 2016, and it’s still only August! Stay tuned to see what else we have in store.

  • New Features, More Control: Easily Manage your Business Data with IDrive


    For businesses, ensuring that your data is managed and protected properly is an essential aspect of sustaining organizational stability. Here at IDrive, we want to make sure that you have all the tools you need to keep your operation running smoothly, helping your company continue to thrive.

    That’s why we’re introducing two new features for IDrive Business, giving administrators even more control over their accounts than ever before, as well as aiding in the eDiscovery process for legal purposes.

    New Features:

    1. Legal Hold — gives an account administrator the ability to restrict access or block a user for legal purposes, as well as download and access folders/files from all sub-accounts, which can help in the eDiscovery process.
    2. Admin reporting tool — provides an account administrator with a detailed view of the status of all sub-accounts, helping administrators to stay up to date with the state of all backups, users, and devices.

    The addition of these new features provides admins with more control of the account, as well as a much clearer picture of the status of all sub-accounts, simplifying the process of managing and reviewing business related and employee accounts.  
    Still don’t have IDrive? Sign up today to take advantage of these new features and protect your critical business data!

  • The Growing Ransomware Threat: What you need to know


    As regular computer users, we hear it time and time again, and probably repeat it to ourselves fairly often when working: Do not open suspicious emails. Do not download unsolicited attachments. Stay clear of untrusted websites.

    No matter how often you hear these tips and put them into use, it’s still very possible that either you or somebody on your network falls victim to the various techniques used by ransomware hackers to infect your computer and encrypt all of your data. Once encrypted, hackers then give you a choice: either pay the ransom or lose all of your files, forever.

    How you may be targeted

    Being aware of how these cyber criminals hijack your data is a critical first step to preventing ransomware attacks. Typically computers are infected via a phishing attack, which aims to persuade victims to open malicious attachments through an email that appears to be legitimate. However, hackers are also beginning to target websites through vulnerabilities in the code hosting the site in order to gain access to the underlying operating system.

    The most common technique used by hackers is remote command injection, where they seek to execute arbitrary commands on the host operating system via a vulnerable application, operating system vulnerabilities, web server vulnerabilities, or vulnerabilities in website plugins or extensions, with the end goal of downloading and executing the malicious code.

    Look out! A new type of ransomware is on the rise

    Traditional ransomware programs require the infected computer to communicate back to the attacker’s’ servers, which generate unique encryption keys for all infected computers. However, the hackers behind the notorious Locky ransomware have updated their previous version, allowing them to attack even if the infected computer is offline or if a firewall is in place to prevent communication between the infected computer and the attacker’s servers.

    Locky then renames all files to give them a .locky extension after it scrambles and encrypts them, and only the criminals have the decryption key. Once again, you can only decrypt these files once the ransom is paid. According to a blog post by security firm F-Secure, there have been two massive email spam campaigns distributing Locky on such a large scale that it’s reaching more than 120,000 spam hits per hour, more than 200 times the amount on a normal day.

    How IDrive can help

    No matter where you look, the best defense against ransomware attacks is a viable backup solution. With IDrive, if hackers are successful in locking your files, you can just do a simple restore and pick up where you left off, without paying the overwhelming fees and enabling these criminals to continue their attacks.

    Over the course of a year, the average fee these hackers have tried to extort from victims has more than doubled from $294 to $679, so with the ransom cost rising and the threat becoming more and more prevalent, now is a great time to sign up for IDrive so you can stay relaxed knowing that your data is safe in the face of any cyber threats.

  • Introducing IDrive Vault, a Hybrid Backup Appliance for Businesses


    What would be more beneficial for your business–local backup for faster backups and restores, or cloud backup for disaster recovery? Why not both?

    IDrive is thrilled to announce our feature-packed new 4TB hybrid backup appliance, IDrive Vault, helping businesses to backup data locally for faster backups and restores, as well as to the IDrive cloud for recovery from any type of data disaster.

    Some features of IDrive Vault that make it an extremely useful and effective solution for businesses are:

    • Hybrid Backup Solution — protect data locally using the Vault appliance, and choose which data to be backed up to the cloud for recovery in case of a disaster.
    • Real-time Backup — once an initial backup to the Vault appliance has been completed, it continues to recognize when files have been modified and backs those files up in real-time.
    • Server Backup —  perform backups of running databases and servers including MS SQL, and MS Exchange servers.
    • Time Machine Backup — backup all your data to the IDrive Vault appliance using Time Machine, which backs up your entire drive, including system files, applications, music, photos, movies, and documents.
    • Snapshots — the historical view of backed up data on the Vault appliance that helps to restore any older file or folder, helping users recover from crypto-like viruses. You can roll back to any previous snapshots of files or folders to a specific date.
    • User Management — with IDrive Vault Central, a web-based console for the Vault appliance, you can perform operations like configuring the appliance, using the IDrive plugin for cloud backups, creating users for local backup, handling snapshots, and more.
    • Security — data transferred from the appliance to the IDrive cloud is protected with 256-bit AES encryption with an optional private key known only to the user.

    IDrive Vault retails for $1000 per year with 4TB of local storage and comes with 4TB of cloud backup space, with introductory pricing starting at $500 for year one (50% off).

  • Protect Your Small Business with IDrive

    shutterstock_287678567 (1)

    For small businesses, as we already know, data loss can be crippling. Small business owners need to protect themselves and their company’s data from natural disasters, viruses, hard drive failure or even employee theft.

    If you’re a small business owner and this concerns you, it should! A lot of small businesses may not have the resources to recover from such a disaster and still keep their doors open.

    No need to panic though, as there’s a simple and affordable way to prevent and recover from data catastrophes. According to a 2016 Cloud Backup Survey by Washington D.C. based researchers, Clutch, 63% of small businesses have implemented a cloud backup solution for protection from disasters within the last 2 years, insinuating that SMBs nationwide are overcoming their apprehension of using cloud based backup solutions.

    So what caused this recent uptick in online backup usage among small businesses? According to the survey, security is the main factor. 90% of businesses using cloud backup services believe that their data is equally or even more secure than only using a local backup. Another factor? Trust. As time goes on and online backup services continue to add new features, business owners are now more confident in the cloud than ever before, and they are understanding that for the ultimate level of protection from any type of disaster, their data should be stored somewhere offsite.

    IDrive for Small Businesses

    What makes IDrive the best choice for your small business backup needs? We offer a range of features that make us the ideal option for you to protect your business, including:

    • Multi-Device Backup — backup an unlimited number of computers, smartphones, tablets, and servers into a single, easily managed account at no extra charge per device.

    • Sub Accounts — create multiple accounts using your storage space and monitor backups from a single administrator console.

    • IDrive Express — save time and bandwidth using our express service for your initial backup. We’ll ship you a hard drive, you upload your data to the device then send it back to us, and we’ll take care of the rest.

    • Security — we offer top rated security, utilizing 256-bit AES Encryption on transfer and storage, with an optional private key for an extra layer of protection.

    The time is now to ensure that your business is protected. Join the wave of small businesses implementing online backup solutions now so you can have peace of mind knowing that your critical data is protected from disaster. Sign up here today!