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  • Protect Your Small Business with IDrive

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    For small businesses, as we already know, data loss can be crippling. Small business owners need to protect themselves and their company’s data from natural disasters, viruses, hard drive failure or even employee theft.

    If you’re a small business owner and this concerns you, it should! A lot of small businesses may not have the resources to recover from such a disaster and still keep their doors open.

    No need to panic though, as there’s a simple and affordable way to prevent and recover from data catastrophes. According to a 2016 Cloud Backup Survey by Washington D.C. based researchers, Clutch, 63% of small businesses have implemented a cloud backup solution for protection from disasters within the last 2 years, insinuating that SMBs nationwide are overcoming their apprehension of using cloud based backup solutions.

    So what caused this recent uptick in online backup usage among small businesses? According to the survey, security is the main factor. 90% of businesses using cloud backup services believe that their data is equally or even more secure than only using a local backup. Another factor? Trust. As time goes on and online backup services continue to add new features, business owners are now more confident in the cloud than ever before, and they are understanding that for the ultimate level of protection from any type of disaster, their data should be stored somewhere offsite.

    IDrive for Small Businesses

    What makes IDrive the best choice for your small business backup needs? We offer a range of features that make us the ideal option for you to protect your business, including:

    • Multi-Device Backup — backup an unlimited number of computers, smartphones, tablets, and servers into a single, easily managed account at no extra charge per device.

    • Sub Accounts — create multiple accounts using your storage space and monitor backups from a single administrator console.

    • IDrive Express — save time and bandwidth using our express service for your initial backup. We’ll ship you a hard drive, you upload your data to the device then send it back to us, and we’ll take care of the rest.

    • Security — we offer top rated security, utilizing 256-bit AES Encryption on transfer and storage, with an optional private key for an extra layer of protection.

    The time is now to ensure that your business is protected. Join the wave of small businesses implementing online backup solutions now so you can have peace of mind knowing that your critical data is protected from disaster. Sign up here today!

  • Access your PC or Mac from Anywhere! The New and Improved RemotePC is here!


    Managing your backups and accessing family photos or critical business info from a distance can be difficult. As a matter of fact, long distance management in general can be a real challenge, whether you’re managing a computer, a person, or a business. It can be frustrating to explain complicated processes over the phone or through email, so what if you could just remote into an associate’s mind and control their actions so you could get work done exactly how you want it when you are away from the office?

    Well, as nice as it may sound, the human race may not be quite ready for that just yet, but with RemotePC you can connect directly to a far-away computer and manage it as if you were there!

    Long Distance Made Simple

    IDrive is excited to announce that we have re-launched a new and improved RemotePC, one of the most affordable and feature-packed remote access solutions available, enabling users to access and manage their PCs or Macs remotely from desktops, laptops, smartphones or tablets, at anytime.


    • Invite Associates to Collaborate — allows users to connect to an associate’s computer to either work on a project or for troubleshooting purposes. It includes a useful chat feature that enables users to communicate back and forth, making working with clients or coworkers from a distance simpler. They can even record remote sessions, so they can hold on to tutorials for future reference.
    • File Transfer — users have the ability to effortlessly move files and folders between the local and remote computers.
    • Security — secured with TLS v 1.2 / 256-bit AES encryption for securing data transfers between local and remote computers. Key, a unique password set for each computer, acts as an extra layer of protection for RemotePC.
    • Scalable — users can add remote computers to their plan based on their needs. There are no additional hardware or software requirements.

    Getting Started

    RemotePC is very affordable, even allowing users remote access to one computer completely free of charge. We also offer a few different pricing plans to meet the needs of all types of users:

    • For users with multiple computers to access, there is a “basic” plan for 3 computers and a “plus” plan for 10, starting at $49.50 and $99.50 respectively for the year.
    • For businesses with many devices, RemotePC offers two small business plans, starting at $499.50 for 50 computers and $999.50 for 100 computers per year.

    Download now to start accessing and managing your remote computers today!

  • IDrive Earns Double the Praise For Cloud Backup


    The accolades keep rolling in! Having earned PC Mag’s Editors Choice for two years running, we are excited to share that IDrive has been selected as a top business backup solution by TechRadar, as well as one of the Best Cloud Storage Solutions for the UK by CloudPro all in one week!

    Both publications were enamored by our low pricing, but you might be asking which features for businesses TechRadar was particularly impressed with? Here’s a few:

    • Multi-Device Backup — Backup all computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and servers including Microsoft SQL, Sharepoint, Exchange, Oracle, VMware, Hyper-V, and more into the same account with no extra fee.

    • Sub-accounts — Identical to an IDrive account that can be created using your storage space. You can create unlimited sub-accounts, of any size, from your IDrive account, with the first 10 coming free of charge.

    • The New Dashboard — Manage data backups of all remote computers with robust reporting tools in near real time response via our new dashboard.

    CloudPro loved how affordable we are, and why shouldn’t they? With introductory pricing starting as low as $52.12 for 1TB of space (with 25% off first year discount, normally $69.50), you will find it difficult to locate a cheaper alternative.

    A big thank you to both TechRadar and CloudPro!

  • This Father’s Day, Give the Gift of Online Backup



    Father’s day 2016 is upon us and this most likely means you will be scrambling at the last second to come up with an original gift idea that Dad will have some use for. Instead of getting him another tie or some more of his favorite socks, why not give him some online backup so he can make sure all his photos, videos, and critical documents are safe and secure?

    Lasting Memories

    There’s no better time than Father’s Day to reminisce and go through old family photos and home videos that are saved on your phone or computer. It’s something to look forward to now, and something that will last for years to come… as long as those files are still accessible. So what happens if the computer crashes? Or you fall in the pool with your phone in your pocket? Or you accidentally deleted an important file? Backup all those precious files with IDrive and rest easy knowing all those photos and videos are safe and sound in the cloud.

    Need more reasons Dad will love IDrive? How about it’s simplicity? With our software, simply schedule automatic backups and your important files will literally be backed up while you sleep. Doesn’t get more convenient than that! 

    Still need more reasons? It’s affordable. If Dad wants to back up his phone along with his computer, our competitors will charge him an extra fee. Not IDrive. He can back up his phone at no extra cost, and for peace of mind he can back up his tablet and as many other devices as he wants, all for no extra fee.

    So what are you waiting for? It’s a great time for Dad to get started with IDrive so he can make sure all those photos and videos are protected for years to come. Sign up today!


  • If You’re Happy, We’re Happy


    We here at IDrive take great pride in knowing our customers are satisfied with our service. That’s why we love hearing from you, not only to boost our egos, but to continue to learn new ways to improve our product and keep you comfortable with your backup needs moving forward. Here’s a few recent testimonials that almost had us blushing!

    We Keep our Promises

    It’s what we do! Disk crashed, hard drive failed, natural disaster destroyed your device? Just do a restore and pick up where you left off.


    No need to thank us, George! It’s always nice to hear when our service helps avert a data crisis. Backup your data with IDrive today and rest easy knowing your files are safe no matter what happens.

    Winner Winner


    Thanks to loyal customers such as Anandh, not only is IDrive the back to back winner of PC Mag’s Editors’ Choice for top consumer backup solution, we’re also  PC Mag’s top choice for Business Backup. None of this would be possible without the continued support of our customers and we plan to keep building on that success.

    Simple and Affordable


    The simplicity of our software is one reason we are beloved by so many IT professionals and consumers, and our affordability is second to none. Have a house full of devices that need to be backed up? With IDrive, backup all your devices into a single account at no extra charge. And don’t worry Mr. Sweatpants, feel free to rave about us any time!
    Want to see what all the fuss is about? Sign up today!

  • Lifehacker: IDrive is far more comprehensive than many other online backup services


    We’ve got another great accomplishment to share! Since earning PC Magazines’ Editors Choice award for the second year in a row, IDrive has earned more high praise, this time from Lifehacker!

    IDrive was recently named as one of Lifehackers’ top choices for Online Backup in 2016So you might ask, why was IDrive named to the top 5? Here’s why:

    • Our Facebook and Instagram backup feature enabling users to backup their tagged Facebook pictures, videos and of course Instagram photos.
    • The new web-based dash that we just released got a strong mention as it offers users the ability to manage multiple computers from anywhere
    • Multi-device backup, which allows for the ability to backup as many PCs, Macs, Servers and mobile devices into one account at one low cost.
    • IDrive Express seeding service
    • IDrive One– Our personal cloud solution that we released earlier this year.

    Thanks to Lifehacker for featuring IDrive!



  • IDrive Earns PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice For Business Backup


    We have done it again! Not only is IDrive back to back winners (2015 & 2016) of PC Mag’s Editors’ Choice for top consumer backup solution, we have now earned Editors’ Choice for business backup!  PC Magazine highlighted the following strong points on why IDrive was their top choice:

    Multiple device backup

    With just one account, IDrive allows you to backup all of your devices and store your data in one easily accessible location.

    IDrive Express

    If you have a large amount of data to back up and want to have it done quickly and securely without tying up all your bandwidth, IDrive Express is the ideal solution.

    File Syncing, Sharing and Social media backup

    The File Sync feature of IDrive makes sure that all your files are synced and kept uniform across all your devices.

    IDrive doesn’t just backup all of your personal devices, it can also backup all of your Facebook and Instagram photos.

    Remote management and CDP

    IDrive gives you the capability to manage all of your backups remotely through its web console.

    With CDP, IDrive automatically senses when files are changed and resaves the backups in real time.

    True archiving and hybrid backup

    The IDrive automatic Archive Cleanup process ensures that even once you’ve deleted items from your devices, they are not deleted from your cloud storage.

    IDrive offers a hybrid storage solution by giving you the options of both cloud and local backups.

    IDrive Enterprise and Reporting

    IDrive can back up all of your server data, in addition to making all of your files secure and available across your network of devices.

    IDrive also keeps you informed with built-in reporting tools and a management console.

    “IDrive offers convenient cloud storage for backing up all of your devices, along with a downloadable application tool to make uploading and navigating your files simple.” – PC Magazine

    Thank you to PC Magazine!

  • Manage all your devices easily with our brand new Dashboard!


    IDrive is excited to announce one of the biggest overhauls ever to our web-portal, our all new Dashboard! The new Dashboard makes it easier than ever for IT Managers, Administrators, and families to easily check on the health of their backups

    With the new Dashboard, you’ll be able to quickly:

    • Manage devices and sub-accounts, and create new sub accounts (for Team, Business, and Enterprise plans)
    • See when the most recent backup was performed, and the result
    • Make changes to backup sets and settings across all devices with the push of a button!

    Viewing sub-accounts and creating new ones is a snap with our new ‘Users’ tab. You can create individual accounts, and even select their encryption type (private or default). If you’ve got a lot of accounts to create at once, we provide an easy template that allows you to import a large number of accounts that will be automatically created!

    The ‘Computers’ tab gives you a quick look at all of the devices attached to your account (and all sub-accounts, for administrators) in one screen you’ll be able to see when the most recent backup was, and whether or not the backup was successful. Clicking on a device lets you remotely manage the settings, backup set, and schedule

    If you want to change settings for more than one device quickly, the ‘Settings’ tab gives you the power to globally update settings, backup sets, and schedules. Simply choose your setting preference, and press the ‘Propagate’ icons to instantly push those updates to all devices. Managing a large number of devices has never been easier with IDrive.

    The new Dashboard is available now, so log into your account at today to check it out, and let us know what you think! We’re always looking to improve our interface, and your feedback is what helps us the most!

  • Are you Staying Smart? Here’s the Latest on IDrive Smart Docs!


    It’s been a few months since we released our Smart Docs app and we’re happy to announce its been a hit with IDrive users! We see more and more users everyday leveraging Smart Docs to help them stay up to date on license renewals, passports updates and staying on top on their critical documents.

    We also want to share a recent Smart Docs review done by Macworld!! IDrive users can check it out here:

    We are always looking to improve our products, so we have some minor bug fixes that are being updated, and discussing more enhancements. Thank you too all our IDrive users who “Staying Smart,” and using Smart Docs to improve their digital organization.

  • Interop is Next Week! IDrive will be there!


    Interop Las Vegas is upon us, and guess what? IDrive will be there exhibiting our cloud backup solutions. From May 2-6 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, IT professionals from around the world will be attendance looking for the best storage, security and networking offerings that fit their business needs.

    Here is our Interop lineup:

    IDrive Enterprise– Offering end-to-end endpoint backup, IDrive Enterprise enables large enterprise to securely backup their servers to making their data accessible across a network of computers, smartphones and tablets, IDrive eases enterprise-level backup from beginning to endpoint.

    IDrive One- Your personal cloud for backup and streaming. IDrive One is our latest local backup solution that helps users quickly backup and protect their computer & mobile device data. IDrive One works with the IDrive One app, which is available for iOS and Android allowing users to automatically transfer their videos, photos and music while creating a custom media library, where users can stream their content to a number of multiple devices.

    IDrive Nearline- Our newly launched, affordable, and fast access data archival solution helping large organizations backup and protect large amounts of data at a cost of only 1 cent per GB/month, and unlike other services, IDrive charges no fee for data retrieval.

    Feel free to stop by and chat about our latest innovations in cloud backup! Come visit IDrive at booth #145