Digital Trends Names IDrive as Best Cloud Storage Service

As Digital Trends points out in their latest cloud storage review, backing up your files to the cloud is a great way to protect your data, but choosing the right service to fit your needs isn’t always easy.

Although IDrive doesn’t offer unlimited storage like some other services do, the competitive pricing and wealth of features helps us stand out above the rest according to the review. 

Mainly, IDrive supports an unlimited number of Windows PCs, Mac OS systems, iOS and Android smart devices, tablets, and more can all be backed up into a single account, for no extra charge. Other services charge an extra fee per device, which can add up quickly.

Along with this, IDrive gives you the ability to backup entire disk images, backup your files and folders to your external drives as well as the cloud, and access your entire backup set via web browser, desktop client, or mobile device.

To round up the review, Digital Trends mentions IDrive Express, where we’ll send you a hard drive for you to upload your data onto, send it back to us, and we’ll handle the rest. This saves tons of time when dealing with larger data backups.

Thanks to Digital Trends for the review!