Windows Central chooses IDrive as Best Online Cloud Backup Service of 2020

For many people, using an external hard drive or two is usually enough for them to feel that their data is secure, but as our world becomes more and more digital, it’s good to have an extra layer of protection. As Windows Central points out, a cloud backup service can go a long way in giving you peace of mind by ensuring your critical data is safe, and you can access all your files from anywhere without having to carry around any extra hardware.

To make it easier for you to choose a backup service, Windows Central did a roundup of the best cloud backup services for 2020, and they chose IDrive as the best choice to backup all of your devices. 

What makes IDrive the standout among all the other services out there?

  • Applications for Windows, Macs, Android, and iOS
  • Secured with 256-bit AES encryption and an option for a key that only you know
  • Free 5GB version
  • Quick transfer speeds
  • Backup any number of devices into a single account

The overall verdict from Windows Central?

“If we’re picking one, IDrive is likely going to appeal to most people. You can back up an unlimited number of devices to a single account, and you can even backup disk images to protect your entire PC, OS and all. It’s easy to use, transfer speeds are relatively fast, and there are competitively priced plans for different types of users.”

Thanks to Windows Central for the review!