IDrive Wins More Awards for 2020

As Tom’s Guide points out in their latest Cloud Backup review, if you’re not backing up your data to an external hard drive at least, you’re behind the curve, and these days that’s not even enough. Both your PC/Mac and your local backup could be wiped out in a single disaster, leaving you with no way to recover and wishing you had a copy of your data at a separate location.

To determine which is the best backup solution, Tom’s Guide took several factors into consideration including storage costs, ease of file restoration, computer-resource usage, unique features and ease of use and installation. As it turns out, IDrive Online Backup once again comes out on top when compared to other services.

What makes IDrive stand out?

  • IDrive Express – free data shipment option for larger uploads/restores
  • Fast upload speeds
  • Backups up mobile devices
  • Keeps old file versions forever
  • Generous syncing option

For users that have a small amount of data to backup and do not need to pay for a large amount of space, IDrive offers a free 5GB plan, which PC World considers to be the Best Free Backup Online Backup solution on the market.

In this review, PC World points to the fact that IDrive’s Free plan retains all the features of the paid plans, giving free basic users all the tools they need to have a smooth and seamless backup and restore process. 

These features include:

  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP) – automatically backs up changes made to files
  • Support for Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, and even various NAS boxes
  • Snapshots – restore data to a specific point in time
  • IDrive Express

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For users that have multiple devices to backup, it’s clear from both Tom’s Guide and PC World that IDrive is a top choice for all of your backup needs.