Working from home made easy with RemotePC

As more and more companies start enabling their employees to work from home, it’s important that they provide the tools that will make connecting to their work computer easy, secure, and reliable.

Since working from home often requires access to many resources that are kept on your office network, it is essential that employees are able to make a remote connection in order to ensure minimal disruption to normal work processes. Using a remote access solution such as RemotePC is the best way to be sure that employees are able to do exactly what they would be doing at work, from the comfort of their home.

RemotePC allows employees to have reliable, encrypted access from one computer to another simply by installing the software on their work computers and accessing it from whatever computer they choose. The ability to do this gives businesses flexibility when it comes to situations where workers may not be able to make it into the office, but still need to remain productive from home. 

RemotePC offers multiple plans that will fit the needs of businesses of many sizes, including the Consumer/SoHo plan for access up to 10 computers, the Team Plan for 50 computers or more, and the Enterprise Plan for 100 computers or more.

The Team Plan gives administrators the ability to:

  • Manage Users – Organize users into groups, view remote access/web activity logs for users, via the web console.
  • Create groups of users and move them between multiple groups.
  • Add any number of users by inviting them to create an account within the main account.

The Enterprise Plan gives admins ultimate control over their users, including features such as:

  • Remote Deployment – Allow deployment for users and grant them permission to install RemotePC on other computers and access them remotely.
  • Computer Grouping – Add computers, organize them into groups, and view the most recently accessed computers.
  • User Management – Create new user accounts, organize them into groups, provide access permissions and more.
  • Group Policy Management – Remotely deploy the RemotePC application on one or multiple computers via Windows Server.

Get started with RemotePC today to make sure your employees can stay productive no matter what.