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  • Switch to the Best! Get 90% off when switching from a competing service

    When we launched IDrive back in 2007, the idea was to give you the most feature-packed and cost-effective backup solution for protecting data on all of your internet enabled devices. Now, to celebrate our 10th anniversary, we want to give users of competing backup services the opportunity to join us at a hugely discounted rate, offering 2TB of backup space for 90% off your first year. That’s 2TB of space for only $6.95 year one!

    So why make the switch to IDrive (besides the price)? Whether you’re a consumer or a business, let’s take a look at some questions you should be asking yourself about how your backup service compares with IDrive Online Backup:

    • Does your service provider backup multiple computers and mobile devices into one account for one fee?
    • Do they offer a free Express service to seed your initial backup in a week or less?
    • Do they have built-in support for Snapshots to restore data from a point-in-time to easily recover from a ransomware attack?
    • Do they offer Sync and cloud storage functionality in addition to backup?
    • Do they have block-level incremental backup and restores to optimize transfer speed?
    • Do they support private key encryption for all devices, including mobile?
    • Do they backup mapped drives?
    • Do they offer MS Exchange/MS SQL and other advanced backup functions for small businesses?
    • Do they provide 24/7 support including voice during regular business hours?

    10 years in, and we’re still constantly updating our service to give our users the most up-to-date backup features on the market. Join IDrive today to give yourself peace of mind that your critical data, business or personal, is protected. All without breaking the bank.

  • We’ve Updated IDrive BMR with Virtualization and Web Remote Access

    IDrive BMR offers the most cost-effective bare-metal restore functionality for onsite disk-image backup, with the ability to store entire OS and application settings for retrieval in case of disaster. Also offering cloud replication in addition to local backup, IDrive BMR allows you to transfer backups stored on your server to your cloud account for a more robust disaster recovery plan.

    Here at IDrive, we’ve recently beefed up BMR with some great new features to give users ultimate control over how their data is protected, accessed and manipulated.


    First off, what is data virtualization as it applies to backup with IDrive? Essentially, virtualization with IDrive BMR allows IT administrators to easily backup images of their entire system locally to the appliance for recovery to a new machine in case the original machine is compromised or destroyed.

    For businesses, reduced recovery time is a massive benefit of virtualization with IDrive BMR. Even if your hardware fails, the BMR appliance can instantly and accurately migrate data to working hardware so you can pick up working where you left off. Typically, the virtualized machine will be up within 30 seconds, drastically minimizing downtime when recovering from a disaster.

    New to IDrive BMR, the virtualization feature allows users to create up to four virtual instances of their clients and store them locally on the BMR server. Access these instances and resume your business without losing data, in case of any disaster. IDrive BMR uses top of the line hardware, with server grade Xeon E5 processor with 16GB RAM for ultimate performance.

    Web Remote Access:

    Now users can access their IDrive BMR server interface from any external network. This increases the simplicity and efficiency of utilizing IDrive BMR by allowing you to manage your local backup operations and cloud replications of your local backups from anywhere without having to be on the same network as the BMR device.

    IDrive BMR is the most cost-effective virtualization solution on the market, so take advantage of these new features and more today to protect your business from any disaster.

  • Recover from Ransomware with IDrive Snapshots!

    Encryption based ransomware has been in the news a lot recently since the WannaCry attacks in May impacted 200,000 victims worldwide and Petya attacks targeted large firms in Europe and the U.S. last month. If this has left you concerned about the integrity of your critical data, then you’ll want to keep on reading.

    Ransomware is getting more and more sophisticated, and your antivirus software may not be capable of detecting it until it’s too late. Once infected, you are blocked from accessing your own data until you pay a fee, with no guarantee that your files will even be recoverable after payment.

    Firstly, it’s important to understand that there are ways to make sure your data is safe from ransomware attacks. Being careful about not opening suspicious attachments, patching your systems, and training users are often a good start, but sometimes even these measures are not enough. Accidents happen, so a reliable backup of your important files is the most surefire way to ensure that your data can be recovered.

    IDrive Online Backup has announced a new feature to assist consumers and businesses in the recovery of data after ransomware attacks or other disasters.

    IDrive® Snapshots
    Snapshots are a historical view of the backed up data in your IDrive account that allows you to perform point-in-time recovery of your important files. This means that if your data gets infected with encryption based ransomware, all you have to do is select a timeline before infection and restore it, giving you access to your files so that you can pick up working right where you left off.

    Seeing as IDrive is cross-platform compatible, you can be sure that your PCs and Macs are protected from these threats and are capable of restoring versions of files from a time prior to infection.

    The Snapshots feature is available on most IDrive accounts starting July 2017. The additional storage requirements for Snapshots does not impact user account storage space.

  • IDrive Updates IDrive BMR with new features and video tutorials

    IDrive recently launched the IDrive BMR solution for businesses to keep their data secure on-site and on the cloud, and as the popularity of the product increases and more feedback comes in, we are continuing to upgrade it to make it even better.

    As we know, disasters can strike in the blink of an eye, so it’s important to have a solution that will allow you to recover from a data disaster without having to suffer too much downtime, especially for businesses.

    New features of IDrive BMR

    Snapshots – The best method to recover from ransomware.

    De-duplication — IDrive BMR uses advanced block-level de-duplication and compression for optimized storage capabilities.

    Centralized Web Console — Monitor backup status and activities remotely through a centralized console. View comprehensive statistics and logging options to monitor backup status.

    To get a better idea of how these features work to make IDrive BMR the ultimate business backup solution, check out our video tutorials!

    Protect against Ransomware!

    Encryption based ransomware is getting more and more sophisticated and may not be detected by anti-malware softwares in time. Once infected, you will be locked out from your own data, with no guarantee that your data will be retrievable even after paying the ransom. Take advantage of IDrive BMR’s Snapshots feature to make sure that you can restore versions of files prior to infection.

    Orders are coming in fast and steady for IDrive BMR, so get yours today to avoid business-threatening downtime and have peace of mind knowing that if a disaster strikes, your data is protected.

  • Backup 101: Basic Tools for Protecting your Data

    When getting ready to backup your data, there are many things you have to take into consideration. It’s critical to know how many devices you need to backup, what kind of data is on them, and how long you can afford to wait until you can have your data back, among other things. The fact is that accidents and disasters happen, so it’s important to know exactly where and how your files are being backed up so you can easily recover your precious files when something goes wrong.

    Let’s take a look at some basic steps to start backing up your data effectively:

    USB Flash Drive Backup

    This is the first way that many people begin to backup their data, and although they should be commended for getting those critical files off their computer and into a separate device, there are a few disadvantages of USB Flash Drives that users need to be aware of.

    First though, the advantages. Flash drives can be used without any specialized software. So plug it in, drag and drop, eject, unplug and put it in your pocket. They are also compatible with most backup softwares as they are recognized as an external hard drive. The main advantage though, is portability. Work on a document, save it, back it up to the drive, and take it with you so you can pick up working on the most recent version of your files right where you left off.

    While portability is a huge plus, it also leaves too much room for error. Specifically, losing the drive or having it stolen especially considering the small size of the device. More drawbacks of using USB flash drives for backups is the fact that high quality drives are more expensive per unit of storage than most other backup methods, and they simply do not last forever. Moreover, they tend to die suddenly without much warning, leaving you with no way to recover the files it contains.

    External Hard Drive Backup

    Some main advantages of backing up data to an external hard drive are the relatively low cost, along with the ease and convenience of setup (plug in and go). They offer remarkable storage capacity and you can store data from multiple computers on a single drive, and these files are all ready to be restored quickly in case something goes wrong.

    However, just like flash drives, there are some drawbacks too. For example, what happens if there’s a flood or a fire? External hard drives are often much heavier and bulkier than flash drives, so chances are it rests next to or near whatever computer it’s backing up. So if a fire sweeps through the office, it’s going destroy the computer and the backup drive along with it. And if a thief breaks in looking to steal some valuables, they’re most likely going to take the hard drive with them.

    Also, these drives are just as prone to failures as the ones inside your computer, so even though it may sound like overkill, make sure to always have a backup of your backup plan.

    Cloud Backup

    This is how you take your data storage to the next level. By using an online backup solution, you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is stored in a completely separate location. So if disaster strikes and wipes out your machines, you still have access to those critical files once they are restored. With IDrive, you can protect all of your devices including desktops, laptops, phones, and tablets, into a single, affordable account.

    Cloud backups with IDrive run automatically through your internet once they are scheduled, minimizing the workload for you. This minimizes the risks involved in trying to remember to do manual backups every time you edit a file.

    For the most robust data backup solution, we recommend backing up your data in two places: to an external hard drive for quick access to files in case a restore is needed, and to the cloud for ultimate data protection in case an accident, disaster, or theft leaves you without your files.

  • Disk Image vs File-level Backup: What’s the Difference?

    Understanding the different terminologies and abbreviations used when it comes to backup can sometimes make your head spin. But your data is too important to not at least have an idea of what some of these terms mean so you can select the best solution for your needs. Two concepts that come up regularly with current and prospective IDrive customers are File-level Backup and Disk Image Backup. So let’s dig a little deeper and find out what the difference is between the two terms.

    File-level Backup

    This is the most common type of backup out there, largely because it’s a simpler concept to grasp. File-level backups allow users to select which files and folders they want protected and schedule them to backup periodically. Typically, only files modified after the initial backup will be backed up automatically, which accelerates the process because it’s only making incremental changes. Overall, the total backup is much smaller in size, needs less capacity, and costs less than a Disk Image solution.

    File-level backup is a great way to ensure your data is protected, however should a disaster occur, the data restoration process can take a longer time to complete than anticipated. First, you must start from scratch to restore your system to working order. This means installing the operating system, software applications, and the software used to backup your files. Then you can start restoring your files, but only the files you selected for your backup set will be recoverable. Everything else is lost. As mentioned before, this is a great way to make sure critical files are protected. But data restores over the internet can sometimes take time, which is why IDrive offers IDrive Express, a free physical storage shipment for speedier backups and restores.

    Disk Image Backup

    This is a more complete and well-rounded backup solution for businesses. Often referred to as a Bare Metal Backup/Restore (BMR), a true disk image is an exact copy of the entire physical disk or disk partition. The data is then stored locally on an appliance for quicker restores, as well as in the cloud for maximum protection.

    This is especially useful for businesses who may have a need to one day quickly recover their entire system, as their entire data set is preserved. Disk image backups allow for a move to new hardware and a faster restore of all information, reducing downtime and saving money. This is most effective in the event of a total disaster such as theft, destruction of property, hard drive failure, etc., allowing you to restore the exact system state, including OS and application settings, to an entirely new device.

    Instead of spending time managing intricate computer backups, disk imaging allows you to quickly and easily make a perfect copy of your computer’s hard drive. However, it is important to take the time to find the best hard drive imaging software to meet your needs. With IDrive BMR, you can utilize the following features to conveniently backup/restore your entire system:

    • Advanced block-level de-duplication and compression for maximized storage capabilities
    • Backup of multiple partitions or whole hard drives, creating recovery points for your entire system
    • Bare-metal restore uses snapshot based image restore for point-in-time recovery
    • Machines are auto-detected by the server once the agent is installed, with no other configuration necessary on the client side
    • Monitoring of backup status and activities remotely through a centralized web console
    • Restoring data from the server to your machine using nothing more than a pre-configured boot CD or USB drive
    • Allows users to restore backed up data to multiple computers simultaneously
  • Interop Las Vegas is this week! IDrive will be there!

    Interop Las Vegas 2017 is finally upon us, and IDrive will be there showcasing our latest cloud backup solutions! From May 15-19 at the MGM Grand, IT professionals from around the globe will be in attendance in search of the best storage, network, and security solutions for their business needs.

    Here is our 2017 Interop Lineup:

    IDrive Enterprise – IDrive Enterprise enables large enterprises to securely backup their servers, making their data accessible across a network of computers, smartphones and tablets. IDrive eases enterprise-level backup from beginning to endpoint.

    IDrive Vault (BMR) – Store entire data of hard disks including the operating system (OS) and application configurations in an onsite server and retrieve them in case of catastrophic failure. In addition to local backup, IDrive offers cloud replication which allows you to transfer backups stored on your server to your cloud account for a better disaster recovery plan. Also, maintain a ready-to-use, bare metal restore (BMR) capability with each image-based backup.

    IDrive Vault (Private Cloud) – Today, most businesses need to keep their data on-premises. For this, they require scalable, high-performance onsite data protection and management for computers, without increasing IT workload. This is where IDrive can assist businesses in keeping their data protected via IDrive Vault (Private Cloud) deployed on-premises or on AWS.

    Feel free to stop by our booth to discuss IDrive’s latest innovations or just to say hello! We’ll be there from May 16-18  at booth # 103.

  • IDrive Releases Backup app for Asustor NAS Devices

    One of our main goals at IDrive Online Backup is to make sure that our customers can protect data on ALL of their devices. This is especially essential for businesses with multiple desktops, laptops and servers. With the release of the new IDrive app for Asustor NAS Devices, IDrive continues to be one of the most business friendly online backup solutions available.

    The IDrive Asustor backup app provides a comprehensive, version-based off-site disaster recovery option, and offers businesses an affordable and reliable backup solution for Asustor NAS devices.

    IDrive has a separate Asustor app that can be installed on NAS devices for safeguarding user data, with features including:

    • Interactive backup and restore of data present in Asustor NAS devices
    • Schedule automatic backup and restore, as per convenience
    • Perform manual transfers and restores
    • Receive email notifications upon completion of scheduled backups
    • Track account activity via logs

    Backing up an Asustor NAS device to the IDrive cloud protects your business data in an affordable, secure, and simple fashion. The IDrive Asustor app is available now free of charge.

  • It’s National Small Business Week! Is your business data protected?

    Every year since 1963, the US Small Business Administration recognizes and honors the critical contributions made by the country’s hardworking entrepreneurs and small business owners. Over half of Americans either own or work for a small business, accounting for 2 out of 3 new jobs every year. So it’s important that we continue to support SMBs as they remain the backbone of America’s economy.

    National Small Business Week is also a good time to ensure your business is safe from various cyber threats. One major threat to your businesses is data loss. Whether it’s natural disasters, spilled coffee, theft, or a crashed hard drive, there are numerous threats to your business data that can have catastrophic consequences if proper steps aren’t taken to protect it. Combining the costs to recover with the money lost during downtime, it’s no wonder that 60% of businesses go belly up within 6 months after a data breach.

    This doesn’t have to be the case as there is a way to affordably and quickly recover from data loss, and that’s by backing up critical business data with IDrive Online Backup.

    With IDrive Business plan, you can:

    • Backup all your devices including desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and servers into a single account
    • Remotely manage your backups via a secure web console from anywhere
    • Create multiple sub-accounts using your storage space and monitor backups from a single administrator console

    Take advantage of IDrive Vault (Bare-Metal Recovery with File level restore) to backup data locally for quicker restores, along with cloud replication for increased protection. Also maintain a ready to use BMR capability with each image-based backup.

    Stay compliant with legal and federal regulations within the medical, accounting, financial and legal professions with assistance from IDrive.

    Data loss happens all the time to small businesses and it can be devastating. Check out IDrive today to ensure you can recover from the worst data disasters, and give yourself peace of mind that your business is protected in the face of all threats.

  • We Appreciate the Feedback!

    We love to see our customers happy. It makes us happy. Whether you recovered from a computer disaster and saved your critical data, or you’re just relaxed knowing your data is protected in the face of all threats, we love to hear stories from loyal IDrive users. Here’s a few that really put us on cloud nine (get it?)!

    That sense of relief is what we strive for here at IDrive. That and saving money. We want you to be relaxed knowing your photos, videos, critical documents and more are safely protected in the cloud without having to splash the cash.

    Always great to hear from folks who have recovered their lost data with IDrive! Remember to check out the IDrive Express service to save time on your larger backups and restores.

    Great to hear, but don’t wait until your PC starts acting up to make sure it’s protected. Disasters happen in the blink of an eye, so it’s important to take preemptive precautions to protect your critical data. And remember to backup the rest of your devices as well. We won’t charge an extra fee like our competitors.

    Thanks to Naomi for pointing out one of our most popular features! With IDrive, users can backup and access data from all their devices including desktops, laptops, phones, and tablets – at no additional cost. Hard drives crash and mobile devices can break or be stolen. So it’s important to have a solution that can protect all of your devices without breaking the bank, just like Naomi found out.

    Thanks for using IDrive!