RemotePC receives another 5 Star Rating from IT Pro

Remote Access for your small business is a useful tool to make sure you and your co-workers can access your computers from anywhere. From collaborating with associates, providing support, or simply accessing your system while you’re on vacation, a reliable remote access solution can go a long way in increasing productivity and efficiency.

According to IT Pro, RemotePC is the perfect solution if you are looking for a simple, cloud-based remote access solution that is affordable and requires virtually no training to use.

So what does IT Pro point to about RemotePC that makes us worthy of this 5 Star rating?

  • Access to Windows, Mac, and Android Devices
  • Send and receive chat messages between your computers
  • Effortlessly transfer files and folders, even from mapped drives, between your computers
  • Print documents and images that are on your remote computer from wherever you are
  • Record and save remote sessions for future use
  • Invite associates to connect to your computer to collaborate on a project or troubleshoot
  • General security is tight as all communications are TLS v1.2/AES-256 encrypted

The overall verdict?

“RemotePC is a great choice for small businesses that want a cloud-hosted remote support solution that’s exceedingly easy to use.”

Thanks to IT Pro for the great review!