IDrive Updates Disk Image Backup with Cloud Support and Scheduling

Business continuity is what keeps an organization ticking. When it comes to your data and systems, a lot can go wrong in a very short period of time, so it’s important to have a system in place to help you resume business as usual in case a disaster strikes and disrupts operations.

Our Disk Image Backup keeps your business running during system failures by expediting the restoration process. IDrive already allows users to backup a disk image locally for quick restores, and now we’ve added disk image backups to the cloud to give users another option to keep their business critical data safe and ready.

Disk Image Backup with IDrive creates a copy of the entire storage drive including programs, settings, files, folders, and even your operating system. If disaster does happen to strike, you can quickly restore your system and be up and running while keeping your business structure intact.

After the initial backup of the entire disk, users can now schedule incremental backups so any changes made to files, settings, or applications will be automatically backed up without having to re-do the entire disk image backup.

This feature is included in IDrive’s Unlimited Device Online Backup, meaning you can backup an unlimited number of devices into a single account for no extra cost.

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