Tom’s Guide Chooses IDrive as the Best Overall Personal Cloud Backup

When determining which backup solution is the right one for you, there are many variables that need to be considered so you can be sure you make the right choice. Obviously pricing is a huge point, but storage space, speed, mobile support, and feature set all could play a factor depending on your needs, and according to Tom’s Guide, IDrive is one of the top choices.

We’re thrilled to announce yet another award, bringing home Tom’s Guide Best Overall Personal Cloud Backup. With all the great personal backup products on the market, what made IDrive stand above the rest? Let’s take a look at what Tom’s Guide had loved about the service:

  • IDrive Express – quick backups and restores of large amounts of data through hard drive delivery service
  • Fast upload speeds – IDrive had fastest upload speed of all services tested
  • Backs up mobile devices – one of the few services that supports full backups of smartphones and tablets, as well as access to backed up computer data from these devices.
  • Keeps old file versions forever – saves up to 10 versions of your files, making it easy to recover an older version or recover from a ransomware attack
  • Generous syncing option – IDrive has “one of the better, and definitely one of the most generous, implementations of this function,” allowing users to sync data across all their devices at no extra cost.
  • Unlimited device support – sets IDrive apart from its competitors who limit the number of devices users can backup

Overall, it looks like Tom’s Guide has plenty of reasons why IDrive is the top choice for personal online backup.

The final verdict: “IDrive Personal has virtually every “nice to have” feature that is on our list, save for unlimited storage, making it an easy recommendation for anyone who can stay within the reasonably priced 2TB storage tier. IDrive Personal backs up phones, offers a syncing option, has unlimited versioning and lets you quickly “seed” your account by sending in a hard drive with your data.”

Thanks to Tom’s Guide for the recognition!