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  • IDrive Enhances IDrive Photos – Becoming the Fastest Cloud Backup Mobile App Available Offering Unlimited Storage

    IDrive Backup has made enhancements to IDrive® Photos, now offering possibly the fastest and most affordable unlimited photo/video cloud backup app available for iOS and Android, enabling users to back up their mobile photo galleries almost instantly.

    With these improvements, IDrive is ensuring that users can quickly protect all of their precious memories that are stored on their mobile devices, even faster than Google Photos for most devices and at most locations.

    Since the majority of people carry their phones with them at all times and like to document their lives through photos and videos, storing these files in a secondary location is a necessity just in case their device is no longer accessible. With IDrive Photos, users will have peace of mind that all of their photos and videos are stored securely in the cloud and ready to be recovered.

    Unlike competing photo backup services, IDrive Photos offers unlimited, full resolution storage space so users don’t have to pick and choose which photos and videos they want to back up. All of this comes at a price of just $9.95/year. New users can sign up directly on the IDrive website and get a 90% off first year discount for just 99 cents.

    Along with being the most affordable, IDrive Photos comes full of features that make it one of the best performing and easiest to use services, including:

    • Unlimited, full resolution photo and video backup 
    • Restore from anywhere – download photos and videos from IDrive Photos account to any device
    • Share Photos/Videos online – effortlessly share photos/videos with friends and family through the IDrive Photos app
    • Timeline View – photos are organized by date, making it easy to view photos from a specific period
    • Auto-upload – ensures all new photos/videos are automatically uploaded from the device to the IDrive Photos account
    • Favorites – create a “favorites” album for faster access to favorite photos/videos

    To get started with IDrive Photos, new users have to just download the application on their iOS or Android device, create an account and sign-in, and allow access to all the photos and videos on the device to enable automatic backup.

  • IDrive chosen as PCWorld Editor’s Choice for Cloud Backup and the Best Cloud Storage for Photos in 2021 from Digital Camera World

    When it comes to protecting your critical data, whether it’s personal or business related, it’s usually not enough to only back it up to just an external drive. You’ll want to have a cloud backup solution that stores your data off-site just in case an on-site disaster wipes everything out.

    There are many services to choose from to accomplish this, and PCWorld has made it easy by choosing IDrive as their Editor’s Choice for Cloud Backup

    PCWorld points out that IDrive is one of the only providers that still offers a free plan. IDrive also offers 5TB and 10TB plan sizes for personal users, as well as Enterprise and Team plans which include more business-oriented features, allowing admins to manage users and more.

    More features that separate IDrive from the competition according to PCWorld:

    These features include:

    • Continuous Data Protection (CDP) – automatically backs up changes made to files
    • Support for Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, various NAS boxes, 
    • Snapshots – restore data to a specific point in time
    • IDrive Express – a two-way physical shipment service for faster backups and restores

    The final verdict from PCWorld?

    “IDrive offers the most comprehensive set of backup and backup-related features of any online service we’ve tested, plus one of the simplest clients we’ve seen for those that just want to back up with a minimum of fuss.”

    For users that have a lot of photos to backup, Digital Camera World did a comprehensive roundup of the Best Cloud Storage for Photos for 2021, with IDrive coming out on top once again. 

    What makes IDrive the perfect solution for photo backup?

    • Fast, easy, and lets you sync files across multiple devices
    • Generous personal plan sizes of 5TB and 10TB which are regularly discounted
    • Simple web interface
    • Share files with family, friends, or associates
    • 30 versions of files are retained, so you can roll back to an older version of an image
    • Facial recognition so you can easily organize images in your portfolio

    The final verdict from Digital Camera World?

    “IDrive is a comprehensively featured cloud storage solution that offers plenty of storage capacity for a very reasonable outlay. It’s easy to use, compatible with multiplier devices and there are plenty of plans to suit your storage capacity requirements, usage scenario and budget.”

  • IDrive Launches IDrive Photos – an Unlimited Easy to use Photo Storage app for iOS/Android

    IDrive Backup has launched IDrive® Photos – an unlimited, easy to use cloud backup application for photos and videos stored on iOS/Android devices, available for just $9.95/year for unlimited storage space.

    Since people take their phones with them everywhere they go, these devices are especially susceptible to being lost, damaged, or even stolen, so it’s important to have a backup of all photos and videos so those memories can be recovered whatever the situation may be.

    IDrive Photos costs just $9.95/year for unlimited photo/video backup. Users can sign up directly from the IDrive website and receive a 90% off first year discount for just 99 cents. IDrive Photos offers a price advantage over competitors like Google Photos who offer 100GB of storage for $1.99 per month or even iCloud with their 50GB of storage space for $2.99 per month.

    With IDrive Photos, users will have peace of mind that there will always be versions of their photos and videos stored in the cloud in case they need to be recovered. The photos stored in their account can be accessed from any device.

    IDrive Photos transfers photos in original resolution by default. This is necessary as in case of a disaster, users need to be able to recover their photos in original resolution with everything intact.

    Features include:

    • Unlimited Backup – save an unlimited amount of photos/videos from a mobile device and access them from anywhere by signing in to IDrive Photos from any device
    • Restore from anywhere – download the backed up photos to any device. Users can select specific photos/videos to restore or the entire gallery
    • Share photos online – effortlessly share photos/videos with friends and family
    • Timeline view – photos are displayed in the order of the latest date starting first. Use the timeline scroll bar to view media from a specific time period
    • Auto upload – all the new photos and videos saved on a device will be automatically backed up to the IDrive Photos account.
    • Favorites – create a “Favorites” album for easy access to your favorite photos

    To get started, users have to simply download the IDrive Photos app, create an account and sign in, then allow access to all photos/videos on their device for unlimited automatic backup.

  • IDrive Cloud Backup Introduces IDrive Mirror: Cloud-based Disk Image Backup for Protection against Ransomware and Data Loss

    IDrive Cloud Backup has released IDrive® Mirror, providing secure, cloud-based full image backups for Windows computers and server operating systems for protection against data loss and dreaded ransomware.

    IDrive Mirror gives individuals and small businesses the ability to backup unlimited computers and server systems into a single account, allowing for direct data backup and retrieval from the IDrive cloud without any intermediary storage device. 

    All data that is backed up with IDrive Mirror can be accessed or restored easily through the web or desktop application. The service backs up entire machines including operating systems, settings, installed applications and more while creating recovery points so users can be up and running quickly in case of disaster, which is critical as more consumers and businesses have pivoted to working remote needing proper data protection, and critical capabilities making their data easier to manage and more affordable. 

    IDrive Mirror recognizes any data modification, regularly performing incremental backups for every change that is made. This allows users to then restore versions of their backed up data to a time prior to a ransomware infection, ensuring they will never be locked out from accessing their own data.

    Features of IDrive Mirror include:

    • Cloud Backup – back up Unlimited computers directly to the cloud and access data with ease. Schedule automated backups at regular intervals and set email notifications.
    • Fast backups and restores – conduct backups up to three times faster with Changed Block Tracking technology. Allows for restores with no downtime
    • Security – securely transfer your data to the cloud with AES-256 end-to-end encryption. Track account activities through email and dashboard notifications.
    • Periodic Cleanup – automated periodic cleanup operations enable users to maintain a recovery point archive based on number of incremental backups or time duration.
    • User Management – with the Team Plan, invite users to create accounts within your account. Enable access without credential sharing, and manage billing centrally.
    • Disk-partition based backup – create an image file of a single partition, multiple partitions, or your whole disk in order to prevent data loss or migrate data with ease.
    • Customizable backup settings – use the default settings or modify preferences for backup, email notifications, etc. Mirror imaging will occur as per the pre-defined schedule and settings.
    • Data integrity check – performed after every backup operation to ensure that only reliable copies of data are stored during backup for a successful restore.
    • Data versioning via snapshots – the Snapshot functionality saves an archival copy of the previous versions of backups. Choose the desired number of point-in-time copies to be saved.

    IDrive Mirror offers a free 30 day trial with 1TB of storage for 5 computers. The personal plan comes with 5TB of storage for unlimited computers, starting at $69.50/year.

    IDrive Mirror for Teams offers plan sizes for 5 users with 10TB of storage for $199.50/year, 10 users with 20TB of storage for $399.50/year, and 25 users with 50TB of storage for $999.50/year. 

    All Team and personal plans support unlimited computers and offer 25% off for the first year.

  • Synology Backup with IDrive

    Backing up your business data with a Synology NAS device is a great way to safeguard your critical files and have them ready for recovery if disaster strikes. However, it’s just as important to back up this data to the cloud for an extra layer of protection, just in case an on-site disaster wipes out your NAS device as well.

    IDrive offers a Synology Backup Application that works seamlessly with your Synology NAS device, providing a fast, reliable, and affordable online backup solution to give you peace of mind that your data is protected on multiple levels.

    Features of Synology backup with IDrive include:

    • Protect files, during transfer and storage, using 256-bit AES encryption with an optional private key
    • Create multiple backup sets for customized backups
    • Archive Cleanup deletes data from your account by matching them to the data in your current backup set
    • Schedule and automate data backup
    • Keep track of account activities via logs

    IDrive has recently extended app support for the following Synology models:

    21 series

    • RS4021xs +
    • RS3621xs +
    • RS3621RPxs
    • RS1221RP +
    • RS1221 +
    • DS1821 +
    • DS1621xs +
    • DS1621 +
    • DVA3221

    20 series

    • RS820RP +
    • RS820 +
    • DS1520 +
    • DS920 +
    • DS720 +
    • DS420 +
    • DS220 +

    19 series

    • DS2419 +
    • DS1819 +
    • DVA3219

    18 series

    • RS2818RP +
    • RS2418RP +
    • DS1618 +
    • DS1618 +
  • World Backup Day 2021 – Protect your Data with PC Mag’s 7-time Editor’s Choice for Online Backup: IDrive!

    Each year on March 31st, we like to recognize World Backup Day, a day which reminds us all that we should be backing up and protecting our most critical data, just in case disaster strikes. Whether it’s work, photographs of precious memories, or critical personal documents, ensuring that your data is being actively backed up to the cloud for safekeeping is always a good idea.

    There’s a lot to consider when choosing a backup solution including pricing, features, performance, and ease of use, and for the 7th year in a row, PC Mag selected IDrive as their Editor’s Choice with an excellent 4.5 out of 5 star rating. 

    What makes IDrive worthy of this award once again?

    Pricing plans/Unlimited device backup – with regular offers for first year discounts, plan sizes of 5TB and 10TB for personal users, and unlimited devices at no extra cost, IDrive is one of the most affordable backup services. Team and business plans which include sub-account management and compliance features are also very affordable for business users

    Getting Started – setting up and getting started with IDrive is simple. Users can access the application, access settings, and manage backup schedules quickly from the tray icon. PC Mag also points out that navigating the desktop application is quick and seamless. 

    Security and Privacy – IDrive uses 256-bit AES to encrypt data locally, by using either a key that IDrive sets or a private key created by the user. Also supports email-based two-factor authentication for accessing its web and mobile apps. 

    Backup Options – lets users select files and folders manually for backup, pre-populated with most commonly used folders. Can choose to backup to the IDrive cloud or to a local device, or IDrive Express, a service which speeds up large backups. 

    Continuous Data Protection, if turned on, is a feature which will search for recent updates to files and back them up automatically. IDrive also lets you backup your entire disk image so you can recover your entire hard drive.

    Restore – flexible restore tab allows for a wide range of options including Snapshots, which lets users view a historical view of their data and lets you select a point-in-time to restore. IDrive archives the last 30 days of files you back up.

    Backup Speeds – PC Mag tested all backup software to determine how long it takes to upload three different 1GB file sets. IDrive performed the best out of all services tested.

    The final verdict from PC Mag?

    IDrive does just about everything you need an online backup service to do—and more. Top features include disk image backups, folder syncing, and file sharing. IDrive is also priced competitively and performed best in our speed tests. For all this capability and value, IDrive earns our Editors’ Choice award for the online backup category.

  • IDrive Releases IDrive Compute – an Edge Computing Service for Developers & Enterprises

     IDrive has introduced IDrive Compute, a reliable, high-performance VPS hosting solution with a newly built-out network of 20 US based Edge Computing locations. IDrive®  Compute enables developers and businesses to host multiple NVMe-powered instances on an infrastructure loaded with powerful physical servers and robust hardware resources, all managed off-premise. IDrive® Compute’s Edge locations improve efficiency by reducing latency and improving performance. Collecting, analyzing or even just passing through the data at an edge closest to the end-user instead of a centralized cloud or server ensures faster response, efficient business operations that promotes a strong and fast-performing business ecosystem.

    With IDrive® Compute, businesses along with developers can create and manage multiple virtual machines, run projects with little latency, schedule backups for the instances, take snapshots in real-time, and attach more space to them with block-storage. The VPS infrastructure lets users accommodate computing projects of any scale and size.

    VPS hosting is available in the following packages:

    • Shared CPU – starting at $0.0074/per hour or $5/month for 1 CPU Core, 1GB RAM Memory, 20GB NVMe and 1TB of bandwidth transfer.
    • Dedicated CPU comes in three different options: CPU-Optimized, Memory-Optimized and Storage-Optimized

    Users can spin up a virtual instance in seconds, allowing for faster connectivity and minimal latency to run large-scale workloads via a distributed edge computing network. These instances can be customized based on need, letting users pick an appropriate Linux distribution, decide CPU size, and get add-ons such as enabling backup and private IP functionalities. 

    Compute also gives users the ability to create and add block storage volumes to expand the storage for a Compute instance. Data stored in the volumes remains intact even if the corresponding instance is deleted, letting users connect the volume to another instance to access the data.

    IDrive® Compute comes with many cloud edge computing features that are ideal for a wide range of applications, including:

    • Centralized management – manage compute instances, volumes, snapshots, backups, users and billing from a unified web console.
    • Operating system of choice – select from standard Linux distributions CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE Leap, Debian to build the virtual machines.
    • Scheduled backup – safeguard a compute instance from failure and reduce its downtime during a disaster by enabling scheduled backup.
    • Expandable storage – Increase the storage capacity of compute instances by adding high-speed volumes as secondary storage.
    • Live snapshots – take real-time snapshots of instances for point-in-time recovery and creating new instances.
    • High throughput – manage heavy traffic for instances and run compute-intensive applications without any network lag.
    • Anywhere access – access a virtual server with the public IP from anywhere across the globe with an active internet connection.
    • Security and Compliance – protect instances from malicious attacks by implementing SSH Key-based authentication and firewalls. Meet compliance requirements laid out by Federal business regulatory bodies.

    IDrive® Compute offers a pay-as-you-use pricing model with on-demand scalability so businesses can scale their computing infrastructure as their requirements increase. Pricing remains consistent across all regions, with no hidden charges for specific regions.

  • Digital Trends names RemotePC as the Best Remote Desktop Software for 2021

    Remote working became the norm in 2020, and as Digital Trends predicts in their latest review of the Best Remote Desktop Software solutions for 2021, it’s likely to continue for many. 

    Even without the pandemic, it’s very helpful to have a remote access solution that allows you to quickly access any remote computer so you can be productive from anywhere, at any time.

    There are many solutions to choose from for 2021 and beyond, and RemotePC is picking up steam as one of the most popular, with Digital Trends being the latest to name the service as the best remote desktop software.

    Digital Trends points out that RemotePC is consistently amongst the best remote access solutions on many reviews, and there are three main reasons why:

    • Getting started is simple
    • Feature-rich
    • Affordable

    It’s critical that users of remote access services have a secure connection, which is why RemotePC provides strong security and encryption, including a personal key for an extra level of protection. Users can also set up two-step verification to further protect their account.

    Setting up the service is a breeze, with users just needing to download the host application on the host device and configure the settings, selecting whether they want to use a personal key, as well as allowing one-time access for short-term access or Always-on access so they can access the computer whenever they want. There are also other customizable features that help users personalize their experience such as custom backgrounds.

    Thanks to Digital Trends for the review!

  • RemotePC Introduces Mobile Screen Sharing for Android and iOS — RemotePC ScreenShare

    RemotePC has released RemotePC ScreenShare, enhancing communication by enabling users to share their mobile screen with anybody, at any time.

    RemotePC ScreenShare lets users broadcast their iPhone or Android screen quickly and easily to any device or web browser in real time. 

    This is a very useful solution for companies looking to explore different ways to communicate and collaborate while not being able to have in-person meetings and presentations. With no software installation required for a screen sharing session, RemotePC ScreenShare allows for:

    • Quick collaboration between coworkers
    • Enhancing client communication by sharing demos, presentations, or other applications in real time
    • Mobile remote support

    All of this makes it easy for users to facilitate real time feedback for business presentations or mobile app demos as the client can view the host navigating through the interface and making live changes.

    It is also helpful for situations where a user needs mobile support. They can simply share their screen with a technician and have their problems resolved instantly.
    RemotePC ScreenShare is available for free in Google Play and the App Store.

  • Remote Desktop Software – What is it and how can it help your business?

    The past year has seen many companies shift to a remote workforce to keep their employees safe and healthy during the pandemic, and for many this could end up being a more permanent solution. For this to be effective, employees need to be able to connect to their work computers from home so they can access everything as if they were in the office. A remote desktop solution such as RemotePC is the best way to accomplish this.

    How does it work?

    Remote desktop solutions work by allowing users to connect to their remote desktop from any location. Once connected, they can access their office network and perform tasks as if they were there.

    With RemotePC, the software simply needs to be installed on the remote computer that is being accessed, then users can connect from anywhere, including from any web browser.

    This ensures business continuity for teams that are working fully remotely by allowing them to set up workspaces from wherever they are most comfortable and productive. 

    Benefits of Remote Desktop Software

    While it may be inconvenient for some to be out of the office, using a service like RemotePC helps to make it a seamless transition. 

    The first benefit was already mentioned, but it’s important enough to mention twice: keeping employees safe and healthy during the pandemic, while still being productive. RemotePC offers the flexibility that enable users to do everything at home that they would be doing in the office, including:

    • Access your PC, Mac, or Linux machine from any device, anytime, anywhere
    • Effortlessly manage files, transfer data, and print documents remotely
    • Collaborate with associates by inviting them to access your machine and work on projects in real time

    Another benefit is that it allows users to resolve work emergencies from anywhere. If something comes up that requires immediate attention, users can instantly connect and get it handled, even when they’re on the move.

    Why RemotePC?

    As companies are continuing to accommodate remote working for the foreseeable future, it’s important that they choose the right solution for their business needs. What makes RemotePC a great choice?

    • Good price points with customizable plans for scaling
    • Great performance with low impact on system resources  
    • Easy set up in minutes
    • Access from web, desktop application, or mobile applications for iOS and Android
    • Secured with TLS v 1.2/AES-256 encryption for both remote computer access and file transfers, plus support for firewall and proxy servers.

    Sign up now to get started with fast, secure remote access for your business.