IDrive wins PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice for the 9th consecutive year

In the ever-evolving world of data backup and storage, there are many services available that will keep your data safe and secure, and ready to be recovered in case disaster strikes. Each year, PC Magazine does a roundup of the best solutions on the market based on performance, pricing, advanced backup features, and ease of use.

For the 9th year running, IDrive has been selected as PC Mag’s Editor’s choice winner for best online backup service, naming IDrive as the “best backup deal on the market.”

As PCMag points out, in this day and age everybody should have some sort of backup software setup or they risk losing all of their data. Their expert editors advise that for most people, IDrive is the best choice. IDrive is fast, easy to set up and use, and we offer more space than most users will ever need for a price much lower than most of the competition.

Let’s take a look at some reasons why PC Mag continues to choose IDrive year after year:

  • Pricing plans/Unlimited device backup — unique to IDrive, none of the plan sizes limit the number of devices you can backup into a single account. IDrive Personal, a paid plan for individual users, starts at $79.50 per year with 5TB of storage. IDrive also offers business and enterprise plans that are feature packed and more affordable than competing services.
  • Security and Privacy — Uses 256-bit AES to encrypt data locally, by using either a key that IDrive sets or a private key created by the user. Also supports email-based two-factor authentication for accessing its web and mobile apps.
  • Operating Systems – IDrive offers desktop clients for Windows (7 and later) and macOS (10.11 El Capitan and later). There is a command-line-only version of IDrive for Linux, intended for servers, that users can get if you email the support team and ask for it. 
  • Backup options — Continuous Data Protection, scheduling, archive cleanup, and IDrive Express combine to make sure backups are operating seamlessly and effectively.
  • Restore options — flexible restore tab allows for a wide range of options including Snapshots, which lets users view a historical view of their data and lets you select a point-in-time to restore
  • Mobile Applications — Powerful apps for iOS and Android, capable of performing most of the same tasks as the desktop and web clients.
  • Backup Speed — PCMag tested all backup software to determine how long it takes to upload three different 1GB file sets. IDrive performed the best out of all services tested.

The final verdict from PC Mag:

“IDrive is an Editors’ Choice winner for good reason. It’s a complete backup service that uploads files quickly and offers a staggering amount of value—you won’t find a better deal for backup software.”

Thank you PCMag for the amazing review once again!