IDrive® e2 is Offering Hot S3 Compatible Object Storage with Improved Performance for Rclone

IDrive® e2 has improved performance for Rclone, allowing users to easily backup their data to IDrive® e2 using Rclone to save on costs while offering optimal performance. 

Moving data to a cloud storage service can be expensive, which is why leveraging Rclone with IDrive® e2 is a great way to make this process more affordable, while also allowing users to backup large volumes of data at a much lower price point than the alternatives. Users can also easily automate their backups so their data is always up to date, without the need for manual intervention.

With the increasing demand for IDrive® e2, the company recognizes the importance of giving all types of users the best possible performance, thus enhancing the service to give them the fastest backup possible. By using IDrive® e2 with Rclone, users can now benefit from faster backup speeds when using the e2 service. 

Using Rclone to backup data to IDrive® e2 is simple to set-up, with very detailed instructions on the IDrive® e2 website. Users simply have to:

  • Install Rclone – users can install Rclone either for all users on a system or for a single user.
  • Configure object storage to use the Amazon S3 Compatibility API. Users will also need to test their connection to object storage.
  • Configure the source. This means exporting the source path as an environment variable and depends on the source you are using.
  • Backup the data and verify the backup.

In addition to enhanced performance, IDrive® e2 also offers a range of other advanced features, including support for multiple cloud storage platforms, file versioning for ransomware protection, and flexible scheduling options.

With edge locations in Montreal, Ireland, London, Frankfurt, Madrid and Paris, along with 8 locations across the United States, Rclone users are able to point their data to the edge center closest to them for a faster network and ease of access, as well as retrieve their data quickly based on their convenience. This provides the fastest possible response time for all S3 API calls no matter what region the user is located in.

IDrive® e2 can store petabytes of data and users can retrieve their data quickly based on their convenience using associated access key ID and a secret access key. Enterprise users can access data directly from the IDrive® e2 web console or via third-party tools like MSP360 or Duplicati etc. 

When it comes to affordability, IDrive® e2 is the clear winner above all other S3 compatible storage solutions by offering annual plans that start as low as $40/year with zero egress fees. Monthly plans are also more affordable with IDrive® e2, starting at $.004/GB/month, IDrive® e2 also regularly offers new users 90% off their first year.