IDrive Accelerates Backup Speeds for IDrive® 360 Endpoint Backup with the Addition of IDrive Express

IDrive Backup has enhanced their endpoint backup solution IDrive® 360 by introducing the IDrive Express service, enabling users to complete large backups in a fraction of the time it would take to perform backups online.

New to IDrive® 360, the IDrive Express service makes it easy for users to speed up their large data backups to the cloud in less than a week via physical storage shipment, also ensuring no bandwidth usage. 

The service is very simple to use, with users just needing to submit a request for a temporary storage device through their account, then use the local backup tool within IDrive® 360 to load their data onto the device, then send it back to IDrive to load the data up to the cloud. 

The benefits of using IDrive® 360 Express:

  • Save bandwidth and time while transferring data. Transfer a huge amount of data within a week or less
  • Secure transfer of data is ensured using 256-bit AES encryption with optional private key.
  • Perform incremental backups once all the data is transferred to your online account.

The IDrive® 360 Express service is completely free to use up to three times a year. A fee of $59.95 will be charged for any subsequent requests.

IDrive® 360 enables IT admins to oversee data protection for all endpoints within their organization, including Windows, Mac, and Linux devices, as well as mobile devices. This allows them to implement backup plans for units, groups, or individual devices, ensuring that every bit of data generated by endpoint devices is backed up and ready to be recovered in case of a disaster. 

Admins have complete control of their organizational data through the IDrive® 360 management console, which enables them to manage users and their access rights, and take advantage of monitoring tools for them to keep an eye on overall cloud storage utilization. This centralized console can be accessed via the web, giving admins the ability to perform all backup management tasks from anywhere.

Pricing for IDrive® 360 starts at $99.50/year for 5 devices and 5TB of space, with plans being offered up to 1,000 devices and 1,000TB of space through the IDrive® 360 website.