NAB 2023 – IDrive® e2 now offers SSD-based Object Storage to Accelerate Overall Storage Performance

Launched today at NAB 2023, IDrive® e2 has announced that they are now utilizing enterprise-grade SSD drives to improve and accelerate the overall performance of object storage operations.

Offering faster data reads and writes when compared to traditional cloud storage, SSDs are an ideal choice for storing and accessing large volumes of files quickly with high throughput, making IDrive® e2’s SSD enabled storage regions the logical choice for real-time applications, video surveillance, database file hosting, and high-performance computing workloads.

IDrive® e2 will be offering all SSD drives in the enabled regions, ensuring optimal performance for all users. 

IDrive® e2 SSD-based object storage is a great way to maintain data files for the following use cases:

  • Gaming industry – improves game loading times, reduces latency, and provides faster access to data.
  • Media and streaming – SSD is ideal for media, real-time data access, and server data storage due to its faster read and write speeds, lower latency, and high durability.
  • Business and SaaS files – businesses that have programming or analytics-based data can speed up data processing and retrieval via SSD.

The IDrive® e2 service stores petabytes of data that users can retrieve at any time using associated access key ID and secret access key. Enterprise users can access data directly from the IDrive® e2 web console or via third-party tools like Rclone, MSP360, Duplicati, etc. Users can use the web console platform to secure their data, manage users, control account settings, and more.

Using SSD based storage with IDrive® e2 has many advantages, including:

  • Improved performance – SSDs use flash storage, allowing for faster read and write speeds compared to spinning disks. This gives faster access to data, reduced latency, and faster data transfers
  • Increased reliability – SSDs are more reliable than HDDs because they have no moving parts, reducing the risk of mechanical failure.
  • Greater scalability – SSD storage is highly scalable, making it ideal for businesses than need to store large amounts of data

IDrive® e2 SSD-based object storage is currently available in their Virginia storage region, however the service will proceed to roll this enhancement out to all 14 of their world-wide locations, giving users all around the globe the opportunity to take advantage of the highest-performing object storage functionality. IDrive® e2 SSD pricing starts at $0.01/GB/month.