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  • IDrive® 360 Adds Endpoint Cloud Backup Support for Linux Machines

    IDrive® 360, a secure, enterprise-scale endpoint cloud backup solution from IDrive, has added backup support for Linux machines, enabling IT admins to schedule and automate backups for all of their organizational Linux data into a single account through a unified web console. 

    The perfect solution for businesses of any size, IDrive® 360 enables IT departments to oversee data protection for their entire company, allowing them to implement backup plans for units, groups, or individual devices. This ensures that every bit of data generated by endpoint devices is backed up and ready to be recovered in case of a data loss disaster.

    Users of IDrive® 360 backup for Linux can take advantage of a simple web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) for easy backups. Through this interface, users have the ability to:

    • View and manage any number of computers remotely
    • Perform simultaneous backups for multiple linux machines
    • Have an easy-to-use UI that requires no additional training or use of scripts for backup

    Through this centralized management console, admins can also remotely schedule backups, manage backup settings, view real-time backup status like backup time and latest backups, and access and restore data at any time.

    Backing up Linux machines with IDrive® 360 is the best way to make sure data is accessible no matter what happens, including features such as:

    • Automated backup – configure and schedule backup plans for all devices
    • Malware protection – snapshot restore up to 30 versions
    • Encrypted cloud storage – data is protected with AES-256 encryption on transfer and at rest
    • File-level Recovery – restore data from the cloud in almost real-time 
    • Point-in-time Restore – restore files instantly from any of the 30 versions

    IDrive® 360 starts at $29.50/year per computer for secure endpoint backup and disaster recovery.

  • TechRadar Chooses IDrive® Compute as the Best Bare-metal Hosting Solution and one of the Top VPS Hosting Providers for 2021

    For customers that require high-performance computing with highly customizable resources, a bare-metal server dedicated to a single tenant gives you the flexibility to choose your own operating system, avoid the challenges of shared infrastructure, and finely tune hardware and software for specific projects.

    By removing the overhead hypervisor which allows for virtualization, bare-metal hosting allows for the fastest possible performance with better processing power, complete control over their software, more consistent disk and network performance, and greater quality of service.

    TechRadar recently conducted a round-up of The Best Bare Metal Hosting Solutions currently on the market, with IDrive® Compute earning the #1 spot in rankings.

    Currently covering 20 locations in the U.S. and Europe, IDrive® Compute is the most affordable service on the market, offering 1TB NVMe, Intel Xeon E-2236 CPU with 32GB RAM and a 10Gbps connection for 95% off the first year. IDrive® Compute is also one of the few services that accepts non-business email addresses.

    For users that still need affordable high-performance computing but not as many resources as a bare-metal server provides, a VPS hosting provider is a very viable option as long as you choose the right one for your needs. 

    A VPS plan gives you your own virtual server environment, with full control over the OS, apps, and all of their settings. Each physical server will host multiple customers, but fewer than with shared hosting, and with each virtual server allocated their own share of resources.

    TechRadar also did a review of the Top VPS Hosting Providers for 2021, with IDrive® Compute being selected as one of the top choices once again, mainly due to flexible plans and extremely affordable pricing.

    IDrive® Compute VPS plans start at $6 for the first year, with all plans including:

    • Secure backup
    • User management
    • Block storage
    • On-demand Snapshots
  • RemotePC Announces Enhanced Performance – Delivering Speeds up to 60 FPS for Fast Remote Desktop Access

    RemotePC has announced performance enhancements for the leading remote desktop access solution, now delivering speeds of up to 60 FPS and making it possibly the fastest remote access service for Windows computers from anywhere.

    “We take our customer feedback very seriously. With the increasing need for low latency remote access across many industries,  we’ve delivered a high performance product that supports worker’s ability to complete tasks quickly and without frustration,” says Raghu Kulkarni, CEO of IDrive Inc.

    The RemotePC Performance Viewer, now RemotePC’s default viewer application for accessing a remote computer, was created to give users the smoothest and most seamless experience possible, minimizing latency and allowing remote workers of all types to work efficiently from wherever they are. 

    For remote workers in creative fields which require high performance computing such as video editing, 3D design, and game development among others, having high frame rates is massively beneficial, giving them the ability to work on projects without any impediments or limitations.

    “As the pandemic caused many businesses to switch to a work-from-home model, we understand that some remote workers require higher performance than others, so our objective was to create a solution that addresses the needs of all, including creative industries,” adds Mr. Kulkarni.

    With delivery of speeds up to 60 FPS providing minimal latency, RemotePC is now also perfectly suitable for remote gaming, giving gamers the opportunity to access and play games on their remote Windows computers from anywhere.

    These enhancements are now available for all RemotePC accounts, making it one of the best combinations of affordability and performance on the market.

  • IDrive Earns PC Magazine’s Editors Choice Award for Best Cloud Storage and File Sharing Solution

    For people working from home or on the road, it’s extremely important to have the ability to share documents and other critical files with their coworkers so remote working is convenient and seamless, as well as being able to securely store files and access them from any connected device.

    There are plenty of file storage, syncing, and sharing services available that accomplish this, allowing users to easily collaborate with their associates and access their files no matter where they are.

    PCMag recently conducted a review of The Best Cloud Storage and File-Sharing Services for 2021, choosing IDrive as the Best Solution for Low-cost Backup and Syncing.

    File Sync with IDrive gives users instant access to their most critical files from any one of their connected devices. Users simply have to enable the sync feature in settings. They can also share these synced files from their computer, mobile device, or via the web with friends or associates for collaborative access.

    What else made IDrive stand out according to PCMag? 

    Pricing plans/Unlimited device backup – with regular offers for first year discounts, plan sizes of 5TB and 10TB for personal users, and unlimited devices at no extra cost, IDrive is one of the most affordable backup services. Team and business plans which include sub-account management and compliance features are also very affordable for business users

    Security and Privacy – IDrive uses 256-bit AES to encrypt data locally, by using either a key that IDrive sets or a private key created by the user. Also supports email-based two-factor authentication for accessing its web and mobile apps. 

    Backup Options – lets users select files and folders manually for backup, pre-populated with most commonly used folders. Can choose to backup to the IDrive cloud or to a local device, or IDrive Express, a service which speeds up large backups. 

    Continuous Data Protection – if turned on, is a feature which will search for recent updates to files and back them up automatically. IDrive also lets you backup your entire disk image so you can recover your entire hard drive.

    Restore – flexible restore tab allows for a wide range of options including Snapshots, which lets users view a historical view of their data and lets you select a point-in-time to restore. IDrive archives the last 30 days of files you back up.

    Backup Speeds – PC Mag tested all backup software to determine how long it takes to upload three different 1GB file sets. IDrive performed the best out of all services tested.

    The final verdict from PCMag:

    “You won’t find a better online backup service than the full-featured, easy-to-use IDrive.”

  • IDrive adds Cloud based Disk Image Backup to IDrive® 360 – Enabling Entire Machine Backups for Businesses

    IDrive® 360, an enterprise-scale endpoint cloud backup solution from IDrive Inc., is now enabling businesses to backup entire machines with the addition of cloud-based disk-image backups.

    This new feature allows users to backup single/multiple partitions, or run a full image backup of the hard drive including the operating system (OS), system settings, installed applications, application configurations, and associated VMs, directly to the IDrive Cloud. This allows for full point-in-time restores of the backed up system data without requiring any operating system installation.

    Ideal for businesses of any size, IDrive® 360 enables IT departments to oversee data protection for their entire company, allowing them to implement backup plans for units, groups, or individual devices. This ensures that every bit of data generated by endpoint devices is backed up and ready to be recovered in case of a data loss disaster.

    Administrators can now enable image backup for their managed endpoints directly from the IDrive® 360 backup console, along with creating backup sets and modifying the backup settings and schedule. After the full initial image backup, subsequent changes are backed up incrementally and synced with the existing data through automated data synchronization.

    Image Backup with IDrive® 360 supports snapshot-based image restores for point-in-time recovery of data backed up to the cloud. The historical backups function as recovery points so users can perform data recovery from a specific period of time, allowing for reliable protection from ransomware. Image backup maintains up to 50 previous backup versions of the files in the account.

    Along with snapshot-based recovery, users can perform full system restores directly from the cloud, individual file/folder or volume-level restores, and WinRE-based bare-metal restore.

    IDrive® 360 starts at $29.50/computer/year for 2TB storage/computer license and unlimited users. There is also a full-featured free 7-day trial available, no credit card required.

  • IDrive Introduces Remote Desktop – Providing Secure Remote Access to Windows Computers and Servers via RDP

    IDrive has launched Remote Desktop, enabling users to remotely access their RDP-based Windows computers and servers from any PC, Mac, Android or iOS device at any time, from anywhere.

    Remote Desktop provides a fast and secure remote access solution that does not require users to configure a VPN, Microsoft RD Gateway, public servers/IP, or firewall changes. This allows users to access their work, share files/folders, and manage their computer as if they are sitting in front of it, making it a suitable solution for remote work, remote learning, and work-from-home initiatives.

    A major benefit of the service is that it lets users avoid the cumbersome configuration and expensive maintenance required by using Microsoft RD Gateway, with there being no need for a system admin to maintain the remote access, no need to invest in VPN routers/servers, and no system environment dependency on Microsoft domain controller or RDP licenses. 

    In addition, robust security features such as end-to-end encryption, trusted devices, two-step verification, and Single Sign-on help to secure RDP, making it an ideal solution for users looking for an alternative to Microsoft RD Gateway.

    More features of Remote Desktop include:

    • User Management – add users to the Remote Desktop account and manage their remote access rights via the web application.
    • File transfer and Remote printing – copy and paste multiple files and folders between local and remote computers, and print remotely stored documents, PDFs, images, and other files using your local printers.
    • Multi-access sessions – establish simultaneous remote connections to one computer/server from multiple Remote Desktop viewers.
    • Device redirection – access local devices and resources such as drives, printers, smart cards, video-capturing devices, and PnP devices in remote sessions.
    • Access via Agent Installation – remotely access PCs via agent installation and skip configuring Microsoft RD Gateway, VPN tunneling, and firewall changes.
    • Remote Deployment – deploy the Remote Desktop agent on multiple computers via Microsoft Group Policy using the MSI and MST files.
    • Multi-Monitor Support – conveniently work with multiple monitors of your remote desktop. View and switch between multiple monitors on a single screen.

    Remote Desktop also assists businesses to meet the mandates of government and industry regulations in regards to digital data management, safekeeping, and privacy. It assists medical, accounting, and legal compliances such as HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, SEC / FINRA.

    Pricing for the service starts at $9.95/year per computer for unlimited users and unlimited remote access. Remote Desktop also offers a free 7 day trial for up to 5 users, no credit card required.

  • IDrive® Compute Expands Edge Computing Service to Ireland

    IDrive Compute, a high-performance VPS hosting solution with a network of over 20 US based Edge Computing locations, has expanded globally by adding a data center in Dublin, Ireland. This enables developers and businesses based in Europe to host multiple virtual instances on an infrastructure loaded with powerful physical servers and robust hardware resources, all managed off-premise. 

    After receiving plenty of international demand for the service, IDrive® Compute added the Dublin edge center to ensure a faster response for European users when collecting, analyzing and passing through data, instead of directing it to a centralized cloud or server, solidifying efficient operations that promote a high performance business ecosystem. This is the first IDrive®  Compute edge center based outside of the U.S.

    IDrive selected Ireland as its next data center location for IDrive® Compute due to the country’s renewable energy supply as well as low-cost availability of cooling options, making it a desirable location. Renewable energy currently accounts for over 40% of Ireland’s energy mix, with that figure predicted to rise to 70% by 2030 according to a recent report from SEAI

    “Ireland is one of Europe’s most rapidly rising data center clusters. The Dublin data center market is home to all of the major colocation carriers, making it a perfect entry point for IDrive into the European market,” said Raghu Kulkarni, CEO at IDrive, Inc. 

    With IDrive® Compute, businesses and developers can create and manage multiple virtual machines, run projects with little to no latency, schedule backups for the instances, take real-time snapshots, and add more space to them with block-storage. The VPS infrastructure lets users accommodate computing projects of any scale and size.
    IDrive® Compute offers pay-as-you-use pricing with on-demand scalability, which offers businesses the ability to scale their computing infrastructure as needed. Pricing remains consistent across all regions, with no hidden charges for specific regions.

  • PCWorld Names IDrive as the Best Overall Online Backup Service

    Having a reliable cloud backup service is the most effective way to protect your personal or business data from disasters that could cause you to lose everything on your computer or mobile device. These disasters could happen in an instant, and as PCWorld points out, most people stand to lose a tremendous amount of data if their primary device is rendered inoperable or unrecoverable. 

    There are many services that offer online backup along with other helpful features, and PCWorld recently did a roundup to help users determine which solution best fits their needs. IDrive comes out on top once again, earning Editor’s Choice as the best overall online backup service.

    PCWorld points out that IDrive is one of the only providers that still offers a free plan. IDrive also offers 5TB and 10TB plan sizes for personal users, as well as Enterprise and Team plans which include more business-oriented features, allowing admins to manage users and more.

    Apart from the extremely competitive and affordable pricing, IDrive has many features that help to make it the perfect overall backup solution for any type of user, including:

    • Continuous Data Protection (CDP) – automatically backs up changes made to files
    • Support for Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, and various NAS devices 
    • Snapshots – restore data to a specific point in time
    • IDrive Express – a two-way physical shipment service for faster backups and restores
    • Sync – IDrive links all of your devices so whenever a file is updated, it is available on all linked devices
    • Share files with anyone
    • Ability to back up to local drives

    The final verdict from PCWorld:

    “IDrive has you covered six ways to Sunday when it comes to backup. Online, local, sync, snapshots, shipping hard drives to you for quicker recovery… You name it, the company does it. Not the cheapest service, but easily the most comprehensive.”

  • IDrive Enhances IDrive Photos – Becoming the Fastest Cloud Backup Mobile App Available Offering Unlimited Storage

    IDrive Backup has made enhancements to IDrive® Photos, now offering possibly the fastest and most affordable unlimited photo/video cloud backup app available for iOS and Android, enabling users to back up their mobile photo galleries almost instantly.

    With these improvements, IDrive is ensuring that users can quickly protect all of their precious memories that are stored on their mobile devices, even faster than Google Photos for most devices and at most locations.

    Since the majority of people carry their phones with them at all times and like to document their lives through photos and videos, storing these files in a secondary location is a necessity just in case their device is no longer accessible. With IDrive Photos, users will have peace of mind that all of their photos and videos are stored securely in the cloud and ready to be recovered.

    Unlike competing photo backup services, IDrive Photos offers unlimited, full resolution storage space so users don’t have to pick and choose which photos and videos they want to back up. All of this comes at a price of just $9.95/year. New users can sign up directly on the IDrive website and get a 90% off first year discount for just 99 cents.

    Along with being the most affordable, IDrive Photos comes full of features that make it one of the best performing and easiest to use services, including:

    • Unlimited, full resolution photo and video backup 
    • Restore from anywhere – download photos and videos from IDrive Photos account to any device
    • Share Photos/Videos online – effortlessly share photos/videos with friends and family through the IDrive Photos app
    • Timeline View – photos are organized by date, making it easy to view photos from a specific period
    • Auto-upload – ensures all new photos/videos are automatically uploaded from the device to the IDrive Photos account
    • Favorites – create a “favorites” album for faster access to favorite photos/videos

    To get started with IDrive Photos, new users have to just download the application on their iOS or Android device, create an account and sign-in, and allow access to all the photos and videos on the device to enable automatic backup.

  • IDrive chosen as PCWorld Editor’s Choice for Cloud Backup and the Best Cloud Storage for Photos in 2021 from Digital Camera World

    When it comes to protecting your critical data, whether it’s personal or business related, it’s usually not enough to only back it up to just an external drive. You’ll want to have a cloud backup solution that stores your data off-site just in case an on-site disaster wipes everything out.

    There are many services to choose from to accomplish this, and PCWorld has made it easy by choosing IDrive as their Editor’s Choice for Cloud Backup

    PCWorld points out that IDrive is one of the only providers that still offers a free plan. IDrive also offers 5TB and 10TB plan sizes for personal users, as well as Enterprise and Team plans which include more business-oriented features, allowing admins to manage users and more.

    More features that separate IDrive from the competition according to PCWorld:

    These features include:

    • Continuous Data Protection (CDP) – automatically backs up changes made to files
    • Support for Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, various NAS boxes, 
    • Snapshots – restore data to a specific point in time
    • IDrive Express – a two-way physical shipment service for faster backups and restores

    The final verdict from PCWorld?

    “IDrive offers the most comprehensive set of backup and backup-related features of any online service we’ve tested, plus one of the simplest clients we’ve seen for those that just want to back up with a minimum of fuss.”

    For users that have a lot of photos to backup, Digital Camera World did a comprehensive roundup of the Best Cloud Storage for Photos for 2021, with IDrive coming out on top once again. 

    What makes IDrive the perfect solution for photo backup?

    • Fast, easy, and lets you sync files across multiple devices
    • Generous personal plan sizes of 5TB and 10TB which are regularly discounted
    • Simple web interface
    • Share files with family, friends, or associates
    • 30 versions of files are retained, so you can roll back to an older version of an image
    • Facial recognition so you can easily organize images in your portfolio

    The final verdict from Digital Camera World?

    “IDrive is a comprehensively featured cloud storage solution that offers plenty of storage capacity for a very reasonable outlay. It’s easy to use, compatible with multiplier devices and there are plenty of plans to suit your storage capacity requirements, usage scenario and budget.”