IDrive® e2 adds Edge Location in Dublin, offering EU users the Fastest S3 Compatible Cloud Object Storage Solution

IDrive Backup has added a new edge location for IDrive® e2 in Dublin, Ireland, allowing EU users to take advantage of the most affordable and possibly the fastest S3 compatible cloud object storage solution.

Since IDrive launched IDrive® e2 in April, 2022, there have been plenty of requests internationally for the service, so IDrive expanded the solution to Ireland to give EU users access to the same exceptional performance that users in the US receive.

This enables EU users to point their data to the edge center closest to them for a faster network and ease of access, and retrieve their data based on their convenience using associated access and a secret key. Data can be accessed via the IDrive® e2 web console or a third-party tool such as MSP360, Veeam, Cyberduck, Cloudflare, Fastly, iconik, Arq, QNAP, Synology, Arcserve, Duplicati, WinSCP, and S3 Browser.

Dublin was an ideal choice due to low-cost cooling options and availability, as well as their renewable energy supply. According to a recent report from SEAI, renewable energy accounts for over 40% of Ireland’s energy mix, with that figure predicted to rise to 70% by 2030, making Ireland a very desirable location for expansion.

IDrive® e2 is a scalable and durable cloud-object storage platform that stores petabytes of data on pay-per-use pricing. It is suitable for hosting applications, media workflow, gaming assets, e-commerce resources, and other large volumes of data.

The service is the most affordable S3 compatible object storage solution on the market, with the first 10GB free and pricing starting at $0.004/GB/month. IDrive® e2 costs 80% less than AWS S3 offering no fees for ingress or egress.