IDrive® e2 vs B2 vs Wasabi vs AWS S3 – Why IDrive® e2 is Better

When it comes to selecting the right S3 compatible cloud object storage solution, you’ll want to do some research and find out which is the best for your needs. To do this, there’s a few different aspects of the services that you’ll want to consider, most importantly pricing and performance.

To make this easy for you, we did the comparisons between the services for you, you can take a look for yourself: 


When it comes to affordability, IDrive® e2 is the clear winner above all other S3 compatible storage solutions. 

IDrive® e2 offers annual plans that start as low as $40/year, while neither B2 nor Wasabi offer yearly plans. Monthly plans are also more affordable with IDrive® e2, starting at $.004/GB/month, while B2 is $.005/GB/month, Wasabi costs $.0059/GB/month and AWS S3 costs $0.021/GB/Month.

IDrive® e2 is also offering new users 90% off your first year.

As far as fees for egress, IDrive® e2 is completely free. On the other hand, Wasabi, Backblaze and AWS S3 charge fees for egress.

Data deletions are completely free for IDrive® e2, however Wasabi charges when data is deleted before the minimum retention period.


IDrive® e2 is able to beat out competitors performance wise mainly due to the unique combination of optimized hardware and software and the number of storage regions available, meaning we let you point your data to the data center closest to you for the best possible performance.

IDrive® e2 has 8 storage regions across the US, one in Canada, and 4 in Europe, for a total of 13 regions worldwide. Compared to Wasabi, who only have 3 regions across the US, and B2, who have data centers in only 3 locations, it’s obvious that no matter where you’re working from, IDrive® e2 will be the fastest option.
Don’t believe us? Perform a speed test and see for yourself!