PCWorld and Tom’s Guide shout out IDrive as one of the best free Local Backup tools

When it comes to protecting your data, whether you’re an individual or a business, having an external hard drive or NAS device for local backups is a great way to ensure that if data is lost on your primary device, it can quickly be recovered in case of a data loss disaster. 

Of course, as a cloud backup company, we highly recommend backing up your data to the cloud along with your local backups so you have multiple layers of protection, making IDrive the perfect solution to give you peace of mind that your important personal or business data is safe in multiple locations.

According to PCWorld, IDrive’s local backup tool is a straightforward and effective way to make copies of your most important data to a hard drive that you control, allowing for quick restores as needed, and it’s free for 10GB of storage space.

PCWorld points out that it’s very easy to use, with users simply having to create an account and select the option to “Backup file to local, Wi-Fi, or Express” devices, then choose your desired backup location from the dropdown menu. 

Obviously, backup is only effective if it’s happening regularly, which is why IDrive’s scheduling feature is hugely beneficial, letting you schedule regular backups that will run automatically so you don’t have to worry about remembering to do it manually. Email notifications will let you know when your backups run or if they fail for any reason.

In fact, regularly backing up your data in multiple locations is so important that Tom’s Guide equates it to regularly changing your passwords to keep you safe from cyber attacks. It’s simply a measure that must be taken if you want complete security for your digital life.

Tom’s Guide mentions that being able to automate this process is something that makes backing up with IDrive a no-brainer, and just like PCWorld, Tom’s Guide recommends using IDrive to backup your local drives including external hard drives, network attached storage (NAS) devices, and even USB drives.

Apart from local backups, PCWorld highlighted that IDrive is one of the best options available for cloud backups with a great deal available for IDrive Photos, which comes with 1TB of cloud storage for your computer along with unlimited photo backups from iPhone and Android devices for just $10/year.

Sign up for IDrive today and have peace of mind that your data is protected, both locally and in the cloud!