Another Case of Ransomware and Why you Need Backup

Ransomware has been around long enough now that you surely know of the dangers it presents to your data, especially if you’re a business. However, just being aware doesn’t make you immune to an attack.

According to Golfweek, for example, the PGA of America was recently hit with a ransomware attack, with hackers taking control of promotional materials and other important files pertaining to a large golf tournament over the weekend, as well as other upcoming events.

The hackers gave them two options, either pay the ransom and trust the hackers to decrypt the files, or lose these files forever.

In cases like this, it’s obviously difficult for the PGA, or any company, to continue conducting business as usual when they don’t have access to their important files. Alternatively, it’s also tough to trust that once you pay these criminals the ransom, that they will keep their word and unlock your files. So how to proceed?

Along with having malware protection, the best defense against ransomware is to make sure your data is backed up with IDrive, which includes features such as Snapshots that make it easy to recover from a ransomware attack.

IDrive Snapshots gives you the ability to perform point in time recovery of your data, meaning if your data is infected with encryption-based ransomware, all you need to do is select a time-line before the infection and restore it.

As IDrive is cross-platform compatible you can ensure all your PCs and Macs are backed up and protected against these threats.