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  • Backup your Cloud to IBackup to prevent a hole in the Cloud

    When T-Mobile/SideKick recently lost all their customer data,  at least based on what is published in leading technology blogs at GigaOm and Techcrunch, there is little chance of getting the data back. This shows the holes in the cloud strategy and proves that not all clouds are created equal, and some are outright incompetent.

    Our sister service, IBackup specializes in highly scalable backup solutions, for almost every platform including Linux, Windows and Mac. An online backup implementation of this critical SideKick data or database(s) to IBackup that can easily scale to multiple terabytes would  have prevented such a disaster.

    In addition, with the Hot Sites solution option available for IBackup, they could have had a replicated data at another site where you could set up an alternate site in the event of primary site failure in a matter of few minutes or hours.

    This T-Mobile/SideKick case showcases how a bad disaster recovery plan can ruin a good running cloud implementation.

  • New IDrive Ad “Bullet”

    We’ve launched a brand new IDrive TV ad today. It can be viewed on the front page of our website: or here via Youtube.


    We’ve also announced our new Twitter contest today. This time, in addition to the 14 daily prizes available, we are awarding 2 brand new MacBook Pro 13″ grand prizes.

  • IDrive & Snow Leopard

    With the advent of Apple’s latest and greatest OS, our team of expert QA engineers has optimized the compatibility of IDrive Online Backup to work beautifully with Snow Leopard. Users can download the latest release of IDrive Online Backup for Mac here.

  • New! IDrive Family Pack

    We have just released a new option for IDrive Online Backup customers – the IDrive Family Pack, which gives you 500GB of space and allows you to backup up to 5 PCs! The IDrive Family Pack option costs just $14.95/month. Sign up for a yearly plan and get two months included free (just $149.50/year). At IDrive, we strive to meet the growing demands of our customers and for those who were nearing or exceeding the 150GB limit of their IDrive Pro for Personal Use plans, this new offering will give those users over 3x the space (500GB) and more flexibility in backing up their home computer networks.

  • Apple buying Yelp makes perfect sense – in 6 months or less?

    Apple has been firing all cylinders, in every business they have been in past few years. In fact, almost a decade. This is unprecedented. Not even Google could do that.

    One thing that stands out for Apple compared to others in its size and magnitude is that it has not acquired any in the web space. Sure they did buy a chip company here and there, but web space? None. They are a big player on the web with its mobileme, in-house apps and third party apps. They also have 30 billion$ waiting in their wings. Steve Jobs himself made a mention that the cash cushion can be of use for good buyouts late last year, especially in this economy.

    Yelp. It is a fantastic story of linking local businesses to people, with location awareness. It absolutely fits Apple’s way of doing its micro-payment style business.  Add Apple’s solid micro-payment scheme, its huge itune user base, Yelp’s phenomenal growth and content of almost every business information with reviews around the block wherever you are, Apple will have another multi-billion$ solid winner. It could make yelp as critical as maps and have it on its prime real estate – the iPhone’s home page.

    Why it fits Apple more than anyone else? Consider other possible suitors. Facebook? They won’t pay as much or won’t be able to monetize it as much as Apple can although Robert Scoble seems to think Facebook is the right one. Google? Same story. The best fit for Yelp is the company with best web reach and device on the mobile platform. It can only be Apple. No one else. Google does not even come close with its Android platform way behind iPhone, nor is Facebook. With Yelp, Apple can add on-demand local businesses to its on-demand suite of music/videos/applications in an integrated way that could be a blockbuster.

    I predict Apple will buy Yelp in 6 months or less.

    Raghu Kulkarni,

  • Twitter MacBook Pro 13” Contest

    ** CONTEST UPDATE: August 10th, 2009 — Our contest has ended. Congrats to @matthewmedina25 (our grand prize winner) and @TheHenry, @emptynestegg, @rwillsey, @charlief (our secondary prize winners)! **

    IDrive Online Backup is having its BIGGEST and BEST Twitter contest yet. Enter to win a MacBook Pro 13” (Grand Prize) or 320GB IDrive Portable USB hard drives (Secondary Prizes). This contest will run Monday 8/3 to Friday 8/7.

    Entry is simple. Just include the #IDrive tag in any tweet on Twitter. Be as creative as you want with your tweet or just retweet our message below. Oh and don’t forget to follow @IDriveBackup to see if you’ve won!

    MSG: “MacBook Pro 13″ Giveaway from IDrive Online Backup! Be Creative! #IDrive”

    Click Here to Tweet this!

    Follow @IDriveBackup on Twitter

    There is no limit to how often you can tweet #IDrive so go crazy and have fun with it! Each time you tweet it, you will be entered into our drawing (no automated scripts or bots, this contest is meant to be fun). The winners will be chosen at random each day.


    To be eligible, you must be over 16 years of age and have a Twitter account. Employees of IDrive Online Backup or any family members of said employees are not eligible. The contest will run from 12:01am Monday 8/3 to 11:59pm Friday 8/7.

    Winners will be selected at random and notified the following day (i.e. Monday’s winner will be notified Tuesday). Since there are no limits to the number of times you can tweet #IDrive, we’ll count ALL tweets as eligible for each prize. However, tweets that are found to have come from automated scripts or bots will be disqualified.

    The grand prize (1 in total) is a brand new MacBook Pro 13″ which we will purchase on your behalf and have delivered right to your doorstep (anywhere in the world). We will ship out the grand prize within 31 days of the contest closing date.

    The secondary prizes (4 in total) are 320GB IDrive Portable USB hard drives (see We will ship these within one week of the contest closing date, delivered right to your doorstep (anywhere in the world).

    IDrive Online Backup shall not be held liable for (a) any technical failures of any kind, (b) technical or human errors which may occur during the administration of the contest; (c) any malfunction of or damage to the prizes; or (d) any restrictions or delays imposed by any customs authorities or any import or other taxes imposed by any taxation authority in respect of the prizes.

  • PC as your personal Cloud?

    This is not a new concept. But we think our version of PC as a personal cloud is easier and more usable than the rest. Cloud Storage will play in several ways, and one way would definitely be your PC as the centralized server or the cloud and your mobile device as the client. RemotePC, one of our sister services has just launched RemotePC Lite, a service to view your data on your PC from anywhere, including iPhone.

    You can now view Pictures and Documents, and even your Outlook Emails residing on your PC via your iPhone. You never have to sync or upload your pictures, ever. Your PC is your cloud, and, did we say it is a free service?

  • TechCrunch Wrap Up

    The 4th Annual TechCrunch August Capital Summer Outting and TechCrunch Real-Time Stream CrunchUp was a huge success for IDrive Online Backup. We had a chance to meet and listen to in-depth discussion panels from major industry leaders in the Real-Time space, such as the founders of Twitter, Facebook and FriendFeed, among many others. With the emergence of so many “Cloud” and “Real-Time” technologies and companies, there is a tremendous and ever-growing need for Secure, Reliable Online Backup. Below are a few pictures from our TechCrunch trip.

    Robert Haines (Business Development Manager, IDrive Online Backup) and Michael Arrington (Founder, TechCrunch)

    Michael Arrington and Robert Haines

    Robert Haines (Biz Dev Mgr, IDrive Online Backup) and Katie J. (Intern, IDrive Online Backup)

  • IDrive Lite and Referral emails

    We sincerely apologize for the referral emails sent out from IDrive Lite. They were sent to a limited number of users and have been stopped. Please note, however, we do indicate during the IDrive Lite signup process (when you install the app on your iPhone)  that referral emails may be sent out to the contacts in a short EULA. To reiterate, we have stopped this process and we apologize for any distress this may have caused.

  • 4th Annual TechCrunch August Capital Summer Outting – July 10th

    IDrive Online Backup is going to the 4th Annual TechCrunch August Capital Summer Outting and TechCrunch Real-Time Stream CrunchUp tomorrow in Menlo Park, CA and Redwood City, CA. We have some great new things to demo and discuss via IDrive’s parent company Pro Softnet Corporation. We will have a booth at both TechCrunch events, so please stop by and say hello if you happen to be attending the events as well.

    Robert Haines
    Business Development Manager
    IDrive Online Backup