Eye-Drive – Online Backup for Google Glass

Google Glass is a revolutionary product from Google. It is probably one of the first products in the ‘Wearable computers’ category that has captured the imagination of the world.

IDrive has the tradition of being the first in many fields. For example, we were the first to offer online backup and restore for iPhone contacts with an App called ‘IDrive Lite‘. Following the tradition of innovation in online backup for new devices, we are proud to announce our new product Eye-Drive.


It sports some basic online backup functionality, such as backing up of your videos and pictures that are being recorded real time. It will be smart enough to not to use the bandwidth while the appliance is using internet.  It will compress and send only the modified bits if it happens to be a repeat video or picture of the same subject optimizing the transfer time and speed. It will also backup your searches and queries.


But here are some really interesting features that you need to take a look at.

‘Timeline’ backup and restore. Once your data is backed up, you will be able recall your last meeting or your day or event in full resolution and play it back any time!

It will also provide filters to change the subject characteristics just for fun. Say you want to change the color of the dress on the subject.

The best feature, however, is the optional private key encryption. If you chose this, the backed up data is accessible only by you and no one else. Even the US Govt will not be able to see the data. Consider this vs syncing that data to google drive where the data is stored in the clear for advertisements and for whatever reasons.

You would be able backup multiple google glasses, for your entire family or for your small business into one eye-IDrive account. No per Glass license fees, unlike some competitors!

Also we never delete your data unless you decide to. We are a true archiving service. Some competitors delete your data after 30 days.

Pricing will be announced at launch time which will coincide with general availability of Google Glass; with storage prices dropping every day, we want to provide the best value to our customers.

NOTE: As this backs up to the cloud, actual clouds must be present. Eye-Drive will not work in cloudless conditions!