Why privacy and security are so important in cloud storage?

The recent address book leakage with a popular online storage, sync and sharing service provider highlights the privacy and security issues with cloud storage services in general.

This is exactly why we focus on privacy and security. Our services IDrive, IBackup and the recently launched IDriveSync are built from the ground up using our own infrastructure, APIs, and a sharp focus on privacy and security, with AES 256 Bit encryption of data on storage with a unique key for every account, and a private key option (currently available for IDrive and IBackup)  that makes it impossible for anyone to have access to the data except the user.

This focus may mean we may be compromising on certain business opportunities, including being able to scan the data and present advertisements based on user data, or offer some viral features. But this is not a direction we will take. Our focus will be on providing the most private and secure online storage, backup, sync and access services.

Due to our focus and efforts we now store over 30 PetaBytes of data. We appreciate your support and trust.

Raghu Kulkarni, CEO