IDrive Introduces Linux Online Backup

Good news for the Linux enthusiasts out there; IDrive now has a way for you to backup your critical data into the cloud! Today, we’d like to introduce the Linux box Backup script from IDrive.

To get started backing up your critical data, the first thing you need is an IDrive account. Even a free IDrive account will do, you can sign up quickly and easily right now! Next, just download the script from the IDrive App Gallery and follow the instructions listed to get your backup up and running.

This plugin was made using IDrive’s EVS public APIs, and an excellent example of a real-world application using the EVS APIs. Built with developers in mind, EVS is a powerful, easy to use service that provides secure, encrypted and versioned cloud storage. Unlike other generic storage systems, IDrive EVS has storage encryption, versioning, and block level incremental transfers built in.

Developers have the freedom to create innovative applications to customize backup, storage, disaster recovery, and more that are highly efficient, scalable and require minimal coding. EVS was built, in house, from the ground up, for IDrive.  These powerful APIs are freely available, making it easy to upload, retrieve, manage, and store data any time, from anywhere on the Internet.

Those interested can create a free IDrive account and store their first 5GB at no charge, developers included.  You can create EVS apps for IDrive without the need of a paid account.

IDrive Online Backup is also available for home and server editions of Windows and Mac OS X and for mobile devices in the Apple App Store and Android Market.

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