Top 5 Reasons to Add Online Backup to your Routine

Fun Fact: World Backup Day is March 31st. Chances are, you – or someone you know – has had the unfortunate experience of losing important data. Every day someone’s hard drive bites the dust (somehow, this happens more often to college students right around finals. Weird right?). Save yourself the headache with IDrive Online Backup. Not convinced? Here’re our Top 5 reasons to include Online Backup in your routine:


5. Hardware Failure – Almost everyone has experienced this. One day, you’re working on your computer with no problems. You’re slinging emails like a boss. You’re editing photos better than those photoshopping hacks over at Vogue. You’re kicking digital online ass. Then boom. Your hard drive gives up the ghost and takes all your data down with it. Computers break. Backing your stuff up to the cloud ensures that when something goes wrong, you’re not screwed.

4. Murphy’s Law – Accidents happen all the time. You have no control over random disasters like spilled coffee on a laptop, or the apocalypse. Trust us. It’ll be much easier to restart your life after the end of the world from a cloud backup.

3. Automatic – The best part about backing up with IDrive is that you can be lazy about it. Schedule your back-ups and let IDrive do the work. You can even have it send you notifications when a back-up runs! That’s peace of mind for a minimal amount of effort.

2. Secure – Privacy is a huge concern in the digital age. IDrive stores your files using top-of-the-line, 256-bit AES encryption. That means you don’t have to worry about hackers brute forcing their way to your data. It also means that you’re the only one who can see what files you’re storing.

1. Data is Valuable – Your data is the most valuable part of your computer. Parts can be replaced, but those incriminating self shots, extensive library of polska albums and embarrassing high school poems are what make it yours. It’s not easy to replace that stuff. Back it up.

You can sign up today for a free 5 GB account, or check out our pricing page if you need more space. Start today! Questions? Comments? Reply below or drop us a line at!

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