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  • 2015 is the Year of OSX Malware — Keep Your Mac Data Secure with IDrive Online Backup


    When Bit9 and Carbon Black released a study earlier this week revealing 2015 as the most prolific year in history for OSX malware attacks, the world felt a little less safe. Sure, PCs catch viruses, but aren’t Macs supposed to be immune to them? The truth is Apple’s reputation for invulnerability is a popular misconception. Mac users catch less malware than Windows users simply because there’s more malware targeted at Windows than Mac, not because Apple’s OS is more secure. Hackers would rather develop malware for the platform with the most potential victims, and since Windows dominates 80% of the desktop market share, Mac users have enjoyed relative safety from attacks. But according to Bit9 and Carbon Black, those days are numbered.

    Brace Yourselves. More OSX Malware is Coming

    The study analyzed over 1,400 types of malware over the course of 10 weeks, weeding out the most prevalent OSX malware:

    • Lamadai
    • Kitm
    • Hackback
    • LaoShu
    • Appetite
    • Coin Thief

    Historically Windows has been the bigger target for malware hackers due to its dominant market share. But as Apple’s desktop users increase, so will OSX malware attacks. The time has come to start defending your Mac from this growing threat.

    In addition to downloading a good antivirus software, it’s important to have a backup plan. That’s where IDrive’s online backup solution comes in. If your Mac gets infected and crashes, all the data you’ve stored on it will be lost. But if you back it up first, you’ll be able to restore your data from the safety of the cloud to any device, including PC, Android, iOS, and of course, Mac.

    Any data backed up with IDrive will be automatically secured with our military grade 256-bit AES, and you’ll have the option of choosing a private key that’s kept off our servers, so no one but you has access to your data.

    As the days of low-risk Mac use draw to a close, and attacks become more commonplace, you won’t want to be caught without a backup plan. Backup your Mac today.

  • Do We Really Want to Live in a World Where Encryption is Banned?


    You’ve probably never thought to ask what life would be like without encryption, but recently governments including the UK and India have flirted with policies that beg the question.

    These policies would require companies to add a backdoor to encryption through which law enforcement agencies can slip in order to hunt suspected terrorists. But these secret passages would also leave systems more vulnerable to cyber attacks, and create user experiences in which privacy is impossible.

    The ensuing debate has pitted those who prioritize national security against those who champion human rights, with little common ground between opposing sides.

    To justify a ban on encryption in the UK, Prime Minister David Cameron asked, “do we want to allow a means of communication between people, which even in extremis, with a signed warrant from the home secretary personally, that we cannot read?”

    The other side is adamant about maintaining privacy. In India, the government withdrew its draft policy for an encryption ban after experiencing an uproar. And Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales recently called the proposed policies “moronic”, going on to explain, “Human rights don’t go away just because you’re on the internet. We still have rights that governments need to respect.”

    The issue isn’t exactly black and white, but as an online backup company, we can’t ignore the fact that encryption is essential to people’s privacy. While the government should be able to investigate potential threats to national security, a total ban on encryption would mean less security and less privacy for the average citizen. Simply put, the ends don’t justify the means.

    If governments continue to push policies that will regulate encryption, we should ask ourselves:

    Who will regulate the regulators to ensure people aren’t snooped on without reason?

    What would keep criminals from reaching through the holes in encryption to snatch our data?

    In an age when breaches sink companies and private photos become public with the click of button, we can’t be too careful with our data, much less who we allow to handle it.


  • Back-to-School Backup: Keep Your School Data Secure with IDrive



    If you’re one of the many who rely on technology to get your homework done, here’s how IDrive can help you keep your data secure and accessible through the school year.

    Back It ALL Up

    Today 1.5 million iPads are used in schools across the country with over 20,000 education apps. With the upcoming releases of iPad Pro and Pixel C — faster, bigger tablets that are ideal for schoolwork — mobile devices are poised to become just as essential to students as computers.

    The emergence of mobile in the classroom means between all of your computers, tablets, and smartphones, you probably use at least three devices to get your schoolwork done. To keep all your school data secure, you’ll need a cloud backup solution like IDrive which is compatible with all of them, from iOS to Android, PC to Mac.

    You also want to consider affordability. Backing up multiple devices can get costly if your backup service charges you per every phone, tablet, and computer. You can save a lot of money with IDrive because we let you backup all your devices at no additional fee per extra device.

    Carry All Your Homework In Your Pocket

    Say you just finished an assignment and your computer crashes before you can turn it in. With a secure, local storage device like IDrive Wi-Fi, you can carry your assignments with you in your pocket, and restore them over a speedy wireless connection to another computer just before the deadline.

    Have A Place To Crash

    You might have your mandatory meningitis shot, but there’s no vaccine for malware. Nor is the device on which you store your critical data going to live forever.

    If your device does crash and your data gets wiped out, online backup acts as a safety net so you can easily restore your data to another device.

    IDrive saves up to 10 versions of all your files, so you can revert back to the most recent draft of your English essay before it was infected.

    Back It Up!

    Time to get backed up for the new school year? Get started with a free IDrive account today!

  • Here’s How IDrive is Helping the UK and Canada Secure their Data


    The world needs backup. That’s why we’re launching dedicated portals for the United Kingdom and Canada to connect international users with the data protection they need.

    The UK is home to millions of companies, big and small, that make it the 5th largest economy in the world. Canada is the land of small business, with SMBs making up the majority of Canadian companies. But data loss caused by threats such as storms, earthquakes, viruses, and theft can cripple these businesses at their very foundation. In fact, 70% of businesses struck by data loss are shuttered within 2 years. To keep data sheltered through any disaster, these companies need the security of an award-winning cloud backup solution such as IDrive.  

    For personal users, we’ve taken into account that the average household in both the UK and Canada own at least 5 devices. That’s why we offer backup for an unlimited number of computers, smartphones, and tablets, from all the major platforms, at no additional charge per extra device.

    UK and Canadian users who have a large amount of data to backup can get started fast and easy with IDrive Express, a shuttle service that expedites your big backups with zero bandwidth use. IDrive delivers you a drive that holds up to 3TB of your data, which you send back to us to backup for you within seven days.

    In addition to providing backup solutions for British and Canadian businesses and personal users, we’ll be updating them with the latest tech and business news from each territory.

    We’ll also be periodically spotlighting international IDrive users’ backup stories. If you’d like to share your testimonial, get in touch at

  • Get to Know Our Portable Storage Drives: Which Is Best for Your Backup?

    idrive wifi

    IDrive Portable, IDrive Express, and IDrive Wi-Fi.

    IDrive has made three portable storage drives, each with its own unique function. So which drive is right for you? Well, it depends on your backup needs. Here’s the lowdown on these nifty devices, from the IDrive team-members who use them.

    IDrive Portable

    Our first drive was known as IDrive Portable, a 320 GB drive that came in sleek nautical blue. Our Product Specialist James remembers the device fondly: “I like the idea of carrying your important files in your pocket for whenever you need them, so I used IDrive Portable nearly every day. ” IDrive Portable is no longer available, but its legacy was carried on into IDrive’s next innovation, IDrive Wi-Fi, a drive which would bring users unprecedented storage and portability.

    IDrive Wi-Fi

    IDrive Portable, a USB device, evolved into IDrive Wi-Fi to give users the speed of local backups with the convenience of wi-fi. Allen’s preference for this drive is due in part to the lightning speed wireless backups making his job easier, but also because he can’t stand tangled cables.

    “You don’t understand how many wires I’ve had to untangle in my day,” he says. “IDrive Wi-Fi holds up to 2 TB of data–ample storage for my work–and I don’t have to keep plugging it in to perform backups and restores.”

    The portable IDrive Wi-Fi drive comes in handy for those like Allen who work on-the-go, need to backup or restore fast, and who just can’t stand untangling things.

    IDrive Express

    So what if you need to backup tons of your data? How can you do so without clogging up your bandwidth and waiting days, even weeks for your backup to finish? Our answer to these questions was IDrive Express, the favored IDrive storage device of our Business Development Manager, Shane Bingham.

    “The Express drive came in handy when my mother wanted to backup all of her computers and devices, and a lot of this data was precious stuff like my childhood photos,” says Shane. “It would have taken her weeks to back everything up. But I had her order an IDrive Express drive instead. IDrive sent her a 3 TB hard drive, which she uploaded her data onto. She mailed the drive back to us and we backed everything up for her so she didn’t have to worry about it. It’s a great service that our users have really come to appreciate.”

    IDrive Express backs up large amounts of data within 7 business days, freeing up your time and bandwidth for other things.

    So which of our drives is right for you?

  • Backup Before You Make the Move to iPhone 6s, iPad Pro



    iPhone 6s was officially announced today, along with souped up versions of the iPad and iPad Mini. Chances are you’re itching to get your hands on one, but remember that moving to a new device can be tricky. Transferring all your apps, contacts, SMS messages, and images is risky business, since it can all disappear in a poof if your device crashes. That’s why IDrive offers award-winning online backup for iOS devices, including the latest iPhones and iPads.

    IDrive users can easily transfer their data from phone to cloud to new phone, as well as restore all their files from the cloud if the migration process goes haywire.

    Our iOS backup app includes a variety of helpful features, including:

    • Backup and Restore contacts, photos, videos and calendars with a single tap.
    • Easily sync files between all linked devices.
    • Link your devices to a single account and access your data from anywhere.
    • Instagram and Facebook Backup
    • Selectively backup and restore files.
    • Share files and folders over a single, secure link.
    • Automatic upload option protects your photos and videos as soon as they are taken via wifi or cellular data.
    • Gallery View allows you to easily slide through all your pictures and videos.

    IDrive not only ensures the safety of your data when you move to a new device. We also protect your files from threats like theft and viruses. Any data backed up with IDrive is secured with 256-bit AES encryption, and an optional private key for an added layer of protection. That means your photos, videos, and other data will be safe from prying eyes.

    If you’re ready to order your new iPhone 6s, remember to backup with IDrive. You can backup all of your devices–from iOS to Android, PC to Mac–into a single account for one affordable price today.


  • It’s Disaster Preparedness Month. Protect your Data with IDrive


    Hurricanes, tornadoes, solar flares, oh my. What do all these have in common? Each year they’re the cause of data loss that can cripple any business and destroy personal property. But many of us are unaware of the, ahem, disastrous effects that forces of nature can have not just on our data, but our lives. Did you know, for example, that 70% of businesses that experience data loss go under within a year? This Disaster Preparedness month, we’re offering tips on how to keep your business running and digital possessions secure no matter what nature throws at you.

    Take a look at some of the natural disasters that commonly threaten people’s data security:

    • Tornado/Hurricane
    • Flood/Electrical Storm
    • Earthquake/Fire
    • Solar Flare

    That’s not to mention man-made disasters such as:

    • Viruses
    • Theft
    • Destruction of property
    • Liquid spills

    Threats such as these can be just as devastating to our digital lives as they are to the physical property we own. If the device on which you keep your data is destroyed, your data goes with it. But if you backup your data to the cloud, it will remain safe from natural disasters and easily accessible on any of your devices.

    Here are a few ways IDrive can keep you afloat during data disasters:

    • Universal Backup: IDrive users can backup all of their data from any smartphone, tablet, or computer into a single IDrive account, and restore any data right from the cloud. This ensures business continuity, as well as personal peace of mind knowing all of your precious family photos and other important files are safe no matter what happens to your devices. IDrive is compatible with the Android, iOS, Mac, PC, and Linux platforms.
    • Security and Privacy: Any data backed up using IDrive is automatically secured with military grade 256-bit AES encryption. IDrive users also have the special option of choosing a private key that only they know, so no one, not even IDrive, can unlock their data. With IDrive, your data is safe from deliberate threats such as theft and viruses in addition to natural disasters.
    • Automated Backups: Data is constantly being accrued on your devices, and it can be a challenge remembering to backup your new files. That’s why IDrive lets you schedule your backups, so new and updated data is backed up as soon as possible. You’ll be secure without having to manually back up your new data before disaster strikes.
    • Mobile Backup: The average household owns at least 5 devices, including smartphones and tablets. IDrive offers award-winning mobile apps for iOS and Android, allowing users to backup and restore their cell phone data from anywhere. If disaster strikes, chances are someone in your family or office will lose their phone or tablet. With IDrive, you can restore any data to a new device in the disaster recovery process.

    This Disaster Preparedness month, secure your data with IDrive.

  • Keep Your Mind, Body, and Data Secure: IDrive Unveils Backup for Apple Health


    This week IDrive became the only cloud backup service besides iCloud to offer backup for Apple Health data.

    Health keeps track of data from health and fitness apps on your iPhone. It can also provide your doctor with direct access to the data they need to treat you, which is why it’s important to secure your data with cloud backup to ensure it never gets lost.

    Today technology is bringing doctors and patients closer together with over 14,000 health apps on iOS alone. Researchers are even studying diseases like Parkinson’s and Asthma with data gathered from patients’ iPhones. But if a patient’s phone gets misplaced, breaks, or if your data gets wiped from the device, that critical information will be lost. And the same fate would await their dietary and fitness data.

    To help you keep your health and fitness goals on track, IDrive securely backs up your data to the cloud from your smartphone. That way if your Health data is lost, you can easily restore it from the cloud.

    With IDrive, you can backup:

    • Body measurements: Body fat percentage, body mass index, lean body mass, height, and weight
    • Fitness: Active calories, cycling distance, flights climbed, NikeFuel, resting calories, steps, walking+running distance, and workouts
    • Me: Birthdate, sex, and blood type
    • Nutrition: Everything from caffeine to cholesterol
    • Results: Blood alcohol content, inhaler usage, blood glucose, and more
    • Sleep: Hours slept
    • Vitals: Blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate


    When you backup your Health data to the IDrive cloud, it’s encrypted upon transfer and at rest with military grade 256-bit AES. You can also choose a unique private key of which only you have knowledge, so no one but you can unlock your sensitive Health data.
    Keep your body, mind, and data secure with IDrive today!

  • IDrive Races Toward A Solar-Powered Future at the 2015 Formula Sun Grand Prix


    IDrive shifted into high gear last month, sponsoring and supporting UC Berkeley’s CalSol racing team at one of the biggest solar-powered races on the planet, the 2015 Formula Sun Grand Prix.

    CalSol’s car, the bullet-like Zephyr, zipped around on the scorching hot Circuit of the Americas, where some of the world’s most heated races take place. This rollercoaster of a track, spread out on 1,500 hilly acres just outside downtown Austin, Texas, posed a challenge for our driver–or shall we say IDriver–who whirred through 20 winding turns and an intimidating 133-foot hill. Zephyr managed to place 7th after completing an impressive 110 laps on the power of the blazing Texas sunshine.


    There’s nothing like the smell of burning rubber in the morning. But it’s more than the thrill of the race driving us to invest in solar-powered technology. We think solar is the energy of the future.

    It’s just a matter of time before solar becomes widely available to the average consumer. Just take solar transportation, for instance. The first ever family-sized solar car hit the road back in 2014, traveling up to 500 miles on a single charge. (Compare that to the 2015 Tesla Model S, which runs for about 208 – 270 miles battery only). One day solar cars might be the norm, saving us money on fuel, and ensuring that zero emissions vehicles become the standard. And that’s just one aspect of our daily lives that solar power can improve.


    CalSol is pushing toward that brighter future with a team comprised of some of UC Berkeley’s most industrious students. They use engineering, project management, and business development skills to innovate fully solar-powered technology. Thanks to teams like CalSol, solar will one day be a powerful alternative energy source, fueling our future. We’re behind them all the way. In fact, we’ll be back to sponsor CalSol at the 2016 FSGP.

  • Have You Backed Up Your NAS Device? The IDrive App Is Now Available In Synology’s Package Center!


    So you’ve got Synology’s network-attached storage. Good, that means you’ve got local data protection. Now it’s time to take the next step, and backup that critical data to the cloud with IDrive! IDrive’s Synology backup app is now officially listed as an add-on package in the Synology Package Center.

    With IDrive, users can backup and restore their important NAS data and keep their files secured from any virus, theft or disaster with our tough military-grade encryption. This is the real deal for Synology users.

    Our Synology app was given a 4-star review by IT Pro. Why? Because IDrive makes NAS backups and restores easy with:


    • A sophisticated Scheduler tool

    • Backup and restore logs

    • Multiple backup sets

    • Email notifications when tasks are complete


    Want to secure your data with NAS backup? Download the app directly from Synology’s Package Center!