Need Backup? IDrive could be your best option

Ransomware, physical threats to your devices, and more have long been threatening to compromise the integrity of your data. In order to combat these threats, here at IDrive our goal is to give customers the most feature-packed backup service, at the most affordable price.

When choosing a backup service, however, there’s a lot more to look into besides the price. Determining which service has the exact features to fit your needs could be the difference between having the ability to affordably recover from data loss, and losing that precious data forever.

IDrive Online Backup gives you plenty of reasons why it should be your solution of choice when it comes to protecting your data.

Here’s a quick look at some of those reasons:

  • Backup an unlimited number of devices into a single account for one low fee
  • Free IDrive Express service to seed your initial backup in a week or less
  • Snapshots to restore data from a point-in-time to easily recover from a ransomware attack
  • Includes Sync and Share functionality in addition to backup
  • Block-level incremental backups and restores to optimize transfer speed
  • Robust security, with encryption on transfer and storage and the option of a private key
  • Supports backup of mapped/USB/external hard drives
  • MS Exchange/MS SQL and other advanced backup functions for small businesses (business plans only)
  • 24/7 support through phone, live chat, or email

Keep in mind that we are constantly updating the IDrive service to give you the most user friendly experience possible. IDrive is PC Magazine’s Editors Choice for online backup three years in a row!

Give IDrive a try today with a free 5GB account and see how it works for you!