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  • IDrive Website with a new look

    It is the same IDrive, with the new look and feel. Most of the content is unchanged.

  • IDrive for Mac Finder Plugin

    When the IDrive for Mac product was released a a couple of months ago, users loved it for providing an alternative to very limited choices on the Mac platform. When we asked them on what they thought about the product, they suggested us that we need to have a drag-n-drop finder plugin to view, backup or restore in addition to the classic two pane scheduling application.

    We listened, and hence the product, IDrive for Mac Finder Plugin.

    IDrive for Mac Finder Plug-in integrates with Mac OS X, making access to your IDrive account on Mac as easy as opening a Finder window. Just drag-n-drop the files/folders that you need to backup or restore. While IDrive for Mac application is optimized for best performance, for a quick look and easy drag-n-drop, the Finder Plug-in is a useful tool. Enjoy!

  • IDrive for Mac launched!

    We are excited to announce beta release of IDrive Online Backup for Mac.

    This is a major feat for us and for Mac users. There are few choices for online backup in the Mac world, and we are excited to offer one. We differentiate from others in this space in performance and ease of use. Our internal tests have shown that IDrive for Mac client outperforms other online backup offerings on Mac by a factor of at least 30%, for both backups and restores.

    In addition, IDrive for Mac is the only application that performs block level incremental transfers for both backups as well as restores. Every other application on Mac platform does only incremental transfers for backups. This innovation allows greater efficiency in transfers both ways.

    Pricing for the Mac accounts is same as Windows, at $4.95/month for consumers for 150GB, and $9.95/Month for 50GB for business users.

    Here are some screenshots:

    IDrive for Mac Main Screen

    Scheduler date and time settings

    Scheduler manage screen