IDrive is called “Painless, reliable and fast.”

We got a letter from one of our IDrive Basic customers, Art, and just had to share it:

“I have been using ***** for a long while. It has been OK, but the backups seem to stall out inexplicably, requiring a reboot to get things going again. Time to check out a new service. Tried ***** a couple nights ago. Backed up about 130 MBs in 10 hours and wouldn’t go any further. This was a step backwards. Uninstalled it right away! Glad it was a free trial.

Installed IDrive last night, set it to backup about 5 GBs. File and folder selection mechanism was straightforward and fast (*****’s was infuriatingly slow). Next morning, IDrive was still happily crunching away and about 55% completed. That’s about the best I can expect from a 600 kbit/sec uplink and 10 hours. Painless, reliable and fast. Exactly what I wanted. Will upgrade my account shortly. Thanks!” – Art M.

Thanks, Art, for choosing IDrive!

IDrive Basic is our forever-free, full-featured 5 GB plan – open your own here and start protecting your digital life.

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