Your Company is Running a 50% Risk of Serious Data Loss

The truth is, there’s nothing you can do to accurately predict whether a disaster, natural or not, will affect your business. It’s a good bet that you’ve already dealt with some form of data loss from hardware failure, employees’ negligence or theft. These three reasons alone account for 83% of enterprise data loss last year! (source) Or maybe you already have an IDrive account and are ready for the unexpected?

It’s likely your own business is at risk:

  • Over 50% of businesses surveyed lost data in the last 12 months alone – 20% of them said it would take more than a week to recover.
  • While 47% of IT managers implement a policy of instructing employees to backup their computers to a drive or server, 34% of businesses reported that employees not following this policy was their biggest obstacle in getting everyone backed up. Very risky.
  • About 50% of employees use a laptop as their work computer and devices like the iPhone, iPad and Android-based tablets are becoming more important in the workplace. Mobile devices carry an increased risk, of course.

Preparation for an event where a backup is necessary to continue operating is critical. History shows around 70% of small businesses fail within one year of major data loss (Strategic Research Corp/Price Waterhouse Coopers). It’s in your best interests to have a reliable backup strategy in case of seemingly inevitable data loss.

From FEMA’s Emergency Management Guide for Business & Industry:

Every year emergencies take their toll on business and industry […] But something can be done. Business and industry can limit injuries and damages and return more quickly to normal operations if they plan ahead.

59% of businesses are looking into an automatic, off-site, online backup solution and IDrive is an excellent choice providing universal Windows/Mac/iOS/Android backup for an unlimited number of computers and mobiles with built-in private encryption options and 24-hour live customer support.

IDrive is available for home and server editions of Windows and Mac OS X and for mobile devices in the Apple App Store and Android Market.

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Hoping you and your computer have a great day!
Stephen Gold, Business Development Manager |