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  • IDrive Online Backup now in French!


    As a part of our push to create as many multi-lingual versions of the application as possible, we have just introduced a French version of IDrive. This is now in addition to Spanish, German and Japanese versions.

    As the IDrive’s customers span the globe, it is getting more important for us to address our international customers needs. One thing we have tried to make sure for all these releases is that the performance remains optimal from most parts of the globe and we beat competition in performance, based on our internal tests as well as some third party professional reviews.

  • IDriveSync – A new Sync and Share kid on the block!



    We have made a Beta release of IDriveSync,  a new Sync and Share solution based on the IDrive Online Backup technology. We believe this is a great product with great functionalities at a great price.

    First the basics. Its primary function is to Sync and Share. It can sync the data you define on your PC across multiple PCs faster than most competing services, especially when you try to sync large folders and files.  You would just need to install the application on multiple PCs and login. To Share, you can just right click on any file or folder and enter the EMail address of the person you wish to share it with. You can Sync up to 5 PCs and Share up to 10 email addresses.

    Second the security. Data is encrypted on storage and during transmission. If you choose, you can even have a private encryption key.

    Third the pricing. We have the best pricing in the Sync/Share world. 2 GB free, and only $4.95 a month for Unlimited Storage!

    We believe we have created a simple, easy to use , affordable and secure Sync and Share solution for Windows PCs.

    We expect to add capabilities to Sync and Share Macs and Linux devices as well in union with Windows.

    We use our own back-end technology and do not use third party systems. We manage our own infrastructure and we have experience in managing multiple petabytes of storage for our IBackup and IDrive services. There is plenty of experience and expertise behind this; and since we control most aspects of this technology, we can offer a better integrated Sync and Share experience that is faster, secure and cheaper compared to most.

    Give it a spin and let us know your feedback.

    Raghu Kulkarni, CEO

    Pro Softnet Corp

  • New and Improved daily iPad Giveway!


    Based on the feedback we received, we have redesigned the daily iPad Giveway contest to include existing and new IDrive users as well.

    Update: IDrive Lite for iPhone, Blackberry and Android users are included as well!

    For details on this, please follow iPad Giveaway.

    IDrive Team.

  • IDrive Online Backup – iPad Giveaway!

    Update: Due to limited interest from participants, this promotion is canceled as of 03/17/2010 mid-night.

    IDrive Online Backup is giving away a brand new Apple iPad each day as a pre-order (from March 15th – 31st) with an approximate shipment date around April 3rd, totaling 17 new iPads! These are valued at USD 499 each (16 GB Wi-Fi version).

    To be eligible to win, you need to sign up for an IDrive Online Backup account (either a 5GB free account or a paid account), download the IDrive Online Backup software and Login. This will automatically schedule backup of your critical data, which you can customize. You must be 21 years of age and above to be eligible. Proof of age will be required before receiving prizes. ONE ENTRY PER PERSON. US RESIDENTS ONLY.Winners will be selected daily at random and notified the following business day (i.e. Monday’s winner will be notified on Tuesday, while Friday and weekend winners will be notified on Monday). This contest is for real people only – again, only one entry per person – so any signups found to have come from automated scripts or bots will be disqualified.IDrive Online Backup shall in no way be held liable for (a) any technical failures of any kind, (b) any technical or human errors which may occur during the administration of the contest, (c) any malfunction of or damage to the prizes, (d) any shipping delays from the manufacturer, or (e) any restrictions or any delays imposed by any customs authorities or any import or other taxes imposed by any taxation authorities in respect of the prizes.
  • Graphical Interface for Linux Online Backup

    IBackup, our sister service has been a leading online backup service for SMBs, especially with its multi-platform support including linux.

    Recently IBackup launched IBackup for Linux with a Web based Graphical Interface that makes the whole process of setting up backups, schedules and monitoring so easy. IBackup is now one of the very few online backup services that offer a GUI for linux backups.

    IBackup for Linux is a great way to manage online backup for your linux data, mysql databases and more.

  • Apple’s move into Search and Advertisement?


    Apple’s iPad is now out. Everyone knows that. But if you have seen Steve Job’s keynote, you would have noticed his initial talk on the world of Mobile Business and how Apple is the biggest mobile company in the world, ahead of Sony, Samsung and others. By many accounts, iPhone/iPod Touch’s web access accounts for majority of mobile web access. Also, most pundits agree that most growth in this decade will be in mobile space.

    What does this mean? Apple has a chance to dominate and rule the mobile space in many different ways. It can try the advertisement piece for sure, at least on its ecosystem, and possibly even search, again, possibly within its ecosystem. It could still be a significant business even if it can never reach the scale and size of Google.  This is simply because of the size of its ecosystem. Add iPad to the mix, and if it becomes a blockbuster (and there is no reason why it can not, as there is no compelling alternative from any other major player yet; the only competition to the iPad is itself, its limited functionality in someways which it is sure to overcome in coming iterations), it will have a huge ecosystem to build search and advertisement businesses on.

    Apple has already bought a mobile ad company in the recent past. It has bought a company in Maps space recently. Look for it to buy a company in the Search business in 2010 or develop something of its own.

    Apple will make a move into search in 2010.

    Steve Job’s townhall ranting about Google is a definite call for a bloody fight into enemy territory.

  • Steve Job’s best creation – Coffee Table Gadget?

    This is one extra-ordinary person. He has been behind the PC Revolution before Microsoft stole the thunder. He is the man behind Pixar that revolutionized animated films. He is of course the man behind iPod and the iPhone. But will the iTablet/iSlate be his best creation?

    Some seem to suggest so.

    We think that the product is almost bordering on over-hype. But not too far off. This device could be the swiss-army-knife of gadgets. It might be able to do everything from a video conference to watching TV to play games to reading news papers. It could be the coffee table computer that has been missing for the last two decades.

    If the iTablet/iSlate as a platform takes off with its already built-in set of 100,000+ applications including games, there is no stopping this.

  • The beauty of Apple and Google – a Tablet and Google Voice


    It is fantastic time for the tech geeks. An Apple Tablet offering is likely to be announced next week, which according to many Pundits is likely to be a combination of a touch screen computer without a physical keyboard, an  iTunes media consumption device to play music, videos, TV and an e-reader for news papers and magazines with possibly a facial recognition function to automatically login to respective accounts.

    Google added a chrome extension for Google Voice (invitation only at this time) that does some voice functions right within the browser tool bar. You can now read transcripts of calls, SMS to someone or place a call right from within the browser through your choice of phone.

    These are absolutely great innovations. Even if you dislike some of their products or services, these two companies present the best of innovations in the tech world.

  • IDrive Lite now does Droid

    IDrive Lite, the multi-device contacts backup and restore application for the mobile platforms, now supports Android 2.0 and higher devices, in addition to iPhones and Blackberries.

    While there are possibly other contact backup applications, the key differentiating factor is its ability to do cross platform backups and restores. You can backup contacts from your Blackberry and restore it onto your iPhone, a handy feature if you are switching devices, and you can do this wireless.

    The Android IDrive Lite application is available via the Android Marketplace  and is  free.  A demo is available here.

  • Apple’s Revolutionary Move into Advertising


    While everyone is talking about the Tablet and E-Reader by Apple,  there is big news about a move by Apple that is nearly revolutionary, straight into the Google turf.  As reported by Techcrunch and others, Apple is buying Quattro Wireless, a mobile ad platform. A MOBILE AD PLATFORM! Apple is an integrated device+software+services company. Every product it sells has this baked in.

    This move means many things. This possibly means Apple wants a piece of the Ad pie, at least in the mobile space.

    This is a welcome move. There is little stopping Google power in the ad world, and with all its self proclaimed openness, it still keeps the split a secret in its hugely successful Adsense business that forms the second major leg of Google’s business after Search.  Apple, with its apparent closed culture is far more open with its 70-30% split rule for the Apps and Music/Entertainment business where it works with 1000’s of third parties.

    Apple might enforce a more open system in the ‘adsense’ world, at least for the mobile platform, and from there, hopefully the desktop world.