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  • RemotePC Host Application now for Mac!

    Hot on the heels of our iPad release for RemotePC Viewer, today we have released the RemotePC Host application for the Mac.

    This completes the broad platform capabilities of RemotePC product line. With hosts available for PC and Mac, and native viewers available for the PC, Mac and the iPad, RemotePC now provides a very compelling remote access solution for consumers and businesses. Added to this is the free RemotePC Lite app for the iPad that remotes to any PC and Mac on your Wifi/LAN for free.

    Way to go RemotePC Team!

  • IDriveSync for Mac released!


    The fastest online sync application in the world, IDriveSync is now even better with its Mac release. The Windows and Macs versions are inter-operable and can sync to each other.

    The Mac version has the same features as its windows counter-part.

    – Fastest Sync performance compared to any other provider

    – Private Key encryption option for enhanced security

    – Option to sync data automatically on change from outside the ‘sync’ area ( For ex: your camera uploads can be configured to sync automatically every time without lifting a finger )

    – Offer the best Price in the segment – 2 GB free and $4.95/month for Unlimited, yes true unlimited with no bandwidth throttling

  • RemotePC remote access iPad App released

    And it is free!

    RemotePC‘s new iPad App is called RemotePC Remote Access and is now available via the iTunes store. You can connect to your PCs from anywhere on the internet via an iPad, and the app is free.

    This is hot on the heels of an earlier release of RemotePC Lite , an iPad App for accessing PCs and Macs on the LAN/WiFi network.

  • IDrive Lite for Android is now Location enabled


    Hot on the heels of the iPhone IDrive Lite update to add Location tracking for opted in contacts, we have now updated the Android version of IDrive Lite to enable Location viewing for opted in contacts.

    Just as the iPhone, the functionality is very simple. You register for location tracking, and add the contacts who can see your location. That is it. You can see yourself and your contacts who have enabled to be seen by you on a map which is updated as and when there is a location change. We have optimized resource utilization, so enabling this will not be a big drain on your phone batteries.

    The web access at has been enhanced to provide the map view of contacts location as well.

  • IDrive Lite – now Location Enabled

    IDrive Lite has been a popular choice, and possibly the most popular contact backup application for the iPhones, Blackberries and Android phones.

    We have just released an update to the iPhone App that enables it to do Location.  It is not a Facebook  or a FourSquare type of  location where one checks-in. What it does is this:  With a strict permission based process, it allows one to view the location of their contacts. It is really easy to use. Give it a spin.

    Now why is Location added to a backup application?

    We backup digital data. We offer a safety-net for digital data. Providing opt-in location information of loved ones and friends is sort of a way of safety-net in the real world. We don’t think it is too far fetched.

    For details, view the demo on the IDrive Lite page.

  • Calling all Developers – IDrive EVS – Encrypted and Versioned Cloud Storage

    IDrive EVS is a new Cloud Storage System with Encryption on Storage, Versioning and Block level incremental transfers built-in for a highly efficient, secure and comes with easy to use APIs/Utilities.

    While it competes with S3, EVS is more of a specialized cloud storage as outlined above that S3 can not provide.

    Who can use this?

    Anyone who wants to develop a custom online backup, sync, sharing or transfer application for almost any platform including mobile devices can use IDrive EVS.

    For example, let us say you have a Scanner or a Medical Imaging device, and you want to push these highly confidential scanned documents immediately to the cloud for backup, you could write a custom app using IDrive EVS.

    We already have some demo applications listed on the site, for multiple platforms. Some of these include real time Quickbooks backup application for Macs , Pcs and a photo backup application for the iPhone.

    Initial 5GB of storage is free. We will shortly announce pricing plans for tiered storage and bandwidth.

    So developers, join, embrace and develop!

  • RemotePC Lite enhanced to view full desktops on WiFi

    RemotePC Lite , the iPad free application to remotely access files on your PCs and Macs on your WiFi network has just been enhanced to allow full desktop view of your PCs and Macs. In addition, you can now create playlists of your music and video files on your PC and Mac and store for future use as well.

    You can download and install this app as usual via App store.

  • IDriveSync can now do automatic sync of new camera uploads

    IDriveSync, our recently launched Sync application for the Windows platform, is possibly the fastest online sync application available today.

    This is how it works: When you install, it opens up a Sync area. You drag-n-drop files/folders into it and it gets synced online, and onto any PC you install.

    We just added a new functionality – automatic sync to sync area from anywhere else on your PC. This means, let us say you define your Pictures folder for automatic sync to sync area from your PC pictures folder, every time you upload pictures from your camera, it automatically gets synced to sync area and from there  online and onto any PC you installed IDriveSync.

    So, point-n-shoot, upload to your PC, it syncs automatically everywhere.

  • IDrive Lite Web Access now integrated into IDrive

    IDrive Lite, our popular online backup of contacts for the iPhone /Blackberry/Android phones is now integrated into IDrive. Users can add the authentication information related to IDrive Lite and start managing their contacts directly from within IDrive.

  • Introducing RemotePC Lite – an iPad Application to access PCs and Macs on your Wi-Fi

    We just introduced what we believe is an useful App on the iPad platform called RemotePC Lite. It lets you access data on your PC and Macs on your Wi-Fi network from your iPad.

    iPad does not sport its own file system; or at least does not provide something that is visible to the users. So the line of thought – to present remote file systems that reside on your Wi-Fi network on to your iPad. It is a simple straight-forward application.

    This is our first in our line of iPad specific Apps. Remote Access and Online Backup are our specialties and we will bring more relevant Apps in these areas.