Fall in Love with your Data this Valentine’s Day


Love is in the air… and, if you use the cloud, so is your data. This Valentine’s Day, show your files and documents just how important they are to you with some extra special TLC.

At IDrive, data is always our number one amor (besides our wonderful customers, of course). Here are some suave tips to help you keep your relationship with your data fresh, exciting, and secure.

  • Woo your data with your organizational skills. Show it how reliable you are by maintaining a simple, clear, and consistent system for saving and storing files. That way you know where it is at all times and it never feels neglected.

  • Protect your data with a secure online backup plan. You want your data to feel special and safe, so pacify it with a trusted backup strategy and reassure it that it’s protected from physical harm, natural disasters, software/hardware malfunctions, and any other threat that it may worry about on a day to day basis.

  • Schedule some private backup time. Setting aside time specifically for your data’s well-being shows that you truly care about it.

  • Be extra smooth and treat your data to a luxury getaway. Take a trip up to the cloud and pamper it with backups, sharing, and true archiving.

  • And, always, compliment your data on how good it looks when it’s backed up.

Secure data is happy data. And when your data is happy, you can relax. Like any relationship, you have to put some time and money in to really nurture a healthy balance. Communicate with your data and find out what it needs from you and, in return, when it’s securely backed up and cared for, it can provide you with what you need when the time comes.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

ILove Data!