Lock up data in the IDrive Safe: Secure, long-term, cloud-based storage


As the year new begins, we’re making a fresh start! Let’s get rid of the clutter! Clean up those accounts stuffed with that data we barely ever use… Wouldn’t it be nice to have those rarely used files stored safely, but out of the way? Somewhere you don’t have to worry about it… Well, now you can store it away in our IDrive Safe!

IDrive Safe is a secure, long-term, cloud-based data archival service that ships drives directly to you in order to simplify the storage process. The drive delivery service encourages users to archive their data regularly and creates an easy-to-use experience through scheduled backups.  It was created to meet the needs of personal and business users alike who have data they wish to archive, but also need the insurance that it is securely stored so files can be retrieved quickly and easily when necessary. The service is ideal for data that is not frequently accessed or for companies that need to retain bulk data in order to meet government or legal compliances.

IDrive Safe Key Features:

  • Archive large amounts of data in IDrive’s secure data centers via physical shipment (hard drive) to avoid bandwidth usage and store data faster.

  • Flexible plans to meet your data and pricing needs.

  • Data is encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption.

  • Drives are shipped directly to you so you won’t forget to backup data, making archival even more convenient.

  • Archived data can be made available online within 24 hours of the request.

  • For faster data retrieval, data can be returned via physical shipment.

The IDrive Safe keeps your data protected and provides a simple, secure way to schedule backups at a frequency that fits your needs. Plans include monthly, yearly, and one time storage options. Ensuring your data is safe is our priority and making that process convenient is our pleasure.

Your valuables are worth protecting and what’s more valuable than your critical data? Lock it up in the IDrive Safe.