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  • Private key encryption: The Ultimate Cloud Protection


    Privacy is in the headlines again, but this time it’s not spy agencies that have been snooping on phones, but opportunistic hackers. Over the last few days, a large number of celebrity photo leaks have resulted in one of the most public instances of privacy violation. Even when protecting your data by storing it off-site, there are risks – it can only not happen to famous celebrity, but also you!

    The best way to protect your data when it’s stored off site is with private key encryption. Private keys, as opposed to public/default keys, are unique identifiers that you select to encrypt your data. When the data is encrypted with private keys, no one but the keyholder has the ability to unlock the data.  Think of it like storing a safe in a bank vault. That way, even if the bank gets robbed, they can’t open up your safe.

    As a reminder to all of our IDrive users and new customers, IDrive offers private key encryption in addition to your password, with private key you will be the only one having the access to your data. Not even IDrive employees can access your files, this is the ultimate level of protection from prying eyes. You can learn more about our encryption process here.

    Even more important is mobile protection – and IDrive has that covered as well. IDrive is one of the only services that allows you to securely upload your photos, videos, contacts, and more – and have the same 256-bit AES private key encryption. With private key encryption, your data stays yours.

    Private key encryption is available for no extra cost and can be selected when accessing your IDrive account for the first time.

    Photo courtesy Vera Kratochvil

  • Could Backing Up Your Phone Be Good For Your Health?

    We hear a lot of different things these days about what’s good and bad for us. Sometimes eggs are bad for us, and other times they’re good. Same with salt, even. But the latest item in our daily lives that could be causing us harm might surprise you.

    It may sound a little strange, but this article from Quartz discusses the physiological effects we get from using our smartphones every day – checking e-mails and sending tweets send little jolts to the pleasure centers of our brain, and there’s a ‘withdrawal’ effect if we happen lose that device. Add that to the stress of losing potentially irreplaceable information, or those private items being in the wrong hands, and suddenly you’ve got a recipe for serious stress!  The The physical affects of anxiety are very real, and the researchers have an interesting solution to the problem: back up your phone!

    Knowing that your important photos, videos, contacts, and other data is secure can help reduce the stress you go through when you lose your smartphone, and make getting life back to normal much easier. IDrive has these capabilities more, all within a single account!

    So don’t stress the next time you can’t find your phone; just take a deep breath, and remember you’ve got everything that matters safe within IDrive.

  • IDrive has backed up a Billion Mobile Contacts!


    A million isn’t cool, you know what’s cool? A billion….

    Just like those famous words in the Facebook movie The Social Network, we here at IDrive have reached a big milestone, we have backed up a billion mobile contacts!

    With our award winning mobile backup apps for iOS, Android and Windows, users from all over the world have selected IDrive to backup their contacts. As staying in touch with family and friends is such an important part of our daily lives, protecting those contacts is vital.

    We want to thank all of our new and loyal IDrive users who have helped us achieve this! IDrive will continue to offer the best in online backup and mobile backup and will always be on the leading-edge of mobile backup technology.

  • Enterprise Level Protection with IDrive’s DataCenter Backup Service


    Our new backup service, IDrive DataCenter Edition, is the first of its kind for IDrive, providing enterprise level cloud backup for Linux-based Data Centers and hosting companies and eliminates the need for command line scripting, which is generally a difficult and time-consuming task utilized by other Linux backup services.

    In a marketplace dominated by command-line tools for backup, we’re excited to provide an alternative option for our users. Our DataCenter Backup solution brings secure data protection to the Linux platform in a user-friendly way, targeting data centers and hosting companies that manage multiple Linux systems or personal users who have several Linux servers to secure. DataCenter Backup has a web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI), which is also optimized for mobile, enabling offsite management and gives users the ability to perform backup/restore functions as well as administer or schedule tasks from a remote location.

    Key Features of IDrive DataCenter Edition:

    • Easy to install, maintain, and upgrade.

    • Web-based GUI.

    • Eliminates the need for scripting.

    • Remote management for multiple servers at once.

    • Interactive or automated backup using the scheduler.

    • Optimized for mobile.

    • User-based regulation of the amount of bandwidth backups can take up.

    • Use of 256-bit AES encryption with an optional private key as an extra layer of protection.


    We understand the importance of securing mass amounts of data efficiently while staying within a budget. Our IDrive DataCenter solution is currently available for personal or business use with various pricing plan options. Custom storage accounts can also be discussed by contacting our support team.

  • Keep data safe in the face of new Virus Threats – Check out IDrive Rewind

    We recently featured our IDrive Rewind service, which provides up to 30 previous versions of secure data backups, ideal for users who want to protect their data from Crypto Virus attacks and other harmful ransomware threats. Rewind is back in the spotlight due to the recent outbreak of new, more complex Crypto Viruses.

    Crypto Viruses are extremely serious threats in which data is encrypted by a third party and held for ransom, making it impossible for users to access their data. Critroni, a new virus, more powerful than the very resilient and well known CryptoLocker, is an advanced program that encrypts data faster and makes data recovery even more impossible. Another threat, Simplocker, is a program that encrypts data on Android phones as well as their SD card archives, so even data backups stored on the SD card will be inaccessible.

    Rewind offers an improved method for accessing and restoring data so, in the event your data is compromised by a virus threat, you can restore a clean version of your data. And, even if the latest file in your backup is corrupt, you can revert back to previous unaffected file/folder versions. This enables users to restore files to their computers and avoid paying the ransom that many virus creators demand in exchange for the key that they claim will unlock the encrypted data. (In many instances, even when the ransom is paid, the encrypted data is never restored and is still permanently lost.)

    Rewind Features:

    • File Versioning for up to 30 previous files.

    • Folder Versioning for up to 10 previous folder versions.

    • Previous files/folders do not take up storage quota space.

    • Users can go into their backup history and restore earlier versions of files or folders in bulk rather than restoring files one by one, which is very time consuming.

    Proactively protecting data with online backup is key for ensuring that a copy of all data is secure in an offsite location, and unreachable to Crypto Viruses. If you already have an IDrive account, you can utilize Rewind for no additional charge at any time!

  • Faster Database Backup & Restore with IDrive’s Express Database Plug-In

    IDrive Express Plugin

    Backing up a server database is a lengthy process, especially for the initial backup. Uploading mass amounts of data to an online account via the internet can take days or even weeks depending on the bandwidth speed; but there’s no way around it – data backup is essential.

    That’s where IDrive’s Express Database Plug-In comes to the rescue, making data backup and restore for databases faster and easier.

    The plug-in works in association with our IDrive Express service, which uses a physical drive to ship large amounts of data to a user’s online account, eliminating bandwidth usage and speeds the process up. The plug-in is ideal for businesses that utilize database servers and are looking for faster backup or restore.

    The IDrive Express Plug-In is available free of charge and works with MS SQL, MS Exchange, and MS SharePoint Server databases.

    How does it work?
    • Simply download the plug-in for free.

    • Request an IDrive Express drive (up to 3TB).

    • Once you receive the drive, select the data from your database and add it to the physical drive.

    • Ship the drive with your data back to IDrive.

    • We will then transfer your data from the device to our secure servers.

    • Within 3-5 business days, your data will be accessible from your IDrive online account and incremental backups can commence via the plug-in thereafter.

    We recognize that business continuity often depends on speed and uninterrupted workflow, so we’ve created a plug-in for our Express Service to provide a faster backup and restore process that encourages productivity while simultaneously promoting data protection.

    *The IDrive Express service is free three times a year for Pro Business users, $59.95 after that, shipping included. IDrive Express can be utilized for up to 3 TB of data backup or retrieval, and is available in the US, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Australia and the UK. The Express Database Plug-In is always free of charge to download and use.

  • IDrive’s Review Roundup


    In case you missed them when they were originally released, we’re recapping some of the flattering reviews we’ve received recently. We truly appreciate the kind words from such reputable sources.

    Here are some of the highlights:

    PCWorld – 5/23/14

    “If there’s online backup that could be called ‘full-service’ it’s venerable IDrive. Not only does IDrive provide traditional backup, real-time backup, file sharing, and syncing files across multiple PCs and devices (Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android), it’s one of the few services that still offers a free 5GB account.” – Jon L. Jacobi

    Lifehacker – 3/27/14:

    “IDrive offers some compelling features you don’t typically find elsewhere. You can set your own encryption key for your data, which means extra protection for both your backups and your synced folder. Also, the free IDrive Express service makes it faster to backup and retrieve your data: Upon request, IDrive will send you an external drive you can transfer up to 3 TB of data to; send it back and they’ll upload the data for you. You can similarly request a storage device to retrieve your data off of. I played with the service a bit this week and found backups to be quick and simple.” – Melanie Pinola

    Wired – 11/25/13:

    “Having tried my share of cloud-based backup services, I see the IDrive Express service as something that’s certainly worth the price. It’s convenient and easy, and it provides peace of mind. That you can backup multiple computers and devices adds to its appeal. It’s a common-sense solution to time-consuming online backups.” – Michael S. Lasky

    Notebook Review – 11/8/13:

    “IDrive is packed with useful features such as continuous backup, incremental backup, archiving, 256-bit encryption, and IDrive Express. It is a fully featured and easy-to-use online backup solution. We found it simple to set up IDrive on a PC and start a backup. The user interface in both the desktop application and the web browser are straightforward and concise. One of IDrive’s strongest features is incremental backups. IDrive checks all of the right boxes for a solid, fully featured online backup solution, and we’re happy to recommend it.” – Charles P. Jefferies

    PCMagazine – 9/6/13:

    “IDrive’s app, working together with its Web interface and apps for PCs, Macs, and Android devices, really does put you in control over what you want to back up and where and how you want to access and share it. All the interfaces are clear and pleasant, and the service offers definite advantages over iCloud and Gdrive. There’s a heck of a lot to like about IDrive: Since it does some things that none of the alternatives do, it earns a 4 out of 5 star rating and a PCM Editors’ Choice.” – Michael Muchmore

    We’re always excited to share such positive feedback, as it fuels us to continue to consistently improve our service offering.

  • IDrive’s QNAP Backup App for NAS Devices


    Ensuring critical company data is securely backed up is essential for the continuity of every business. The use of an onsite storage device, such as QNAP Network Attached Storage (NAS), is a highly utilized method for protecting business data as it provides on location data backup and centralized storage. However, a fully comprehensive disaster recovery strategy must also include an offsite backup of critical data as well.

    We realize many NAS users need a more complex backup strategy, so we created the IDrive QNAP Online Backup App for NAS devices. The QNAP Backup App is fast, affordable, and extremely secure, providing the protection every business needs to ensure continuity, even in the face of a data disaster.


    Key Features for the IDrive QNAP backup app:


    • Interactive backup and restore for data present in QNAP NAS devices.

    • Option for scheduling automatic backups and restores, as per convenience.

    • Email notifications on completion of scheduled backup operations.

    • Availability of elaborate log reports detailing account activities.

    • Files are protected during transfer and storage using 256-bit AES encryption with an optional private key for heightened security.

    • Create multiple backup sets and restore sets for customized backup and restore.

    • Customization of backup location.

    • Real time quota calculation and log status updates for scheduled and manual jobs.


    The IDrive QNAP backup app is available, free of charge, for all personal and business IDrive accounts. It’s never worth the risk, make it a priority to protect critical data with a trusted and reliable online backup strategy.

  • IDrive Feature of the Week: True Archiving

    online backup true archive

    As the saying goes, everything old is new again. So, this week, we’re highlighting an older feature that is just as useful now as it was when we first introduced it: True Archiving.

    If you’re unfamiliar with True Archiving, it’s a feature that allows you to restore old versions of your files, even if they are no longer present on your computer. Once you’ve backed up a file to your IDrive account (even just once), it remains there forever (unless you manually delete it or use our Archive Cleanup tool).

    IDrive also retains up to 30 versions of files that have been backed up to your account, so whenever you make a change, you can roll-back if you need to. And, those earlier versions do NOT count toward the space in your storage quota.

    How can True Archiving be of use to you?

    • You can restore your files, even if the version you want (or the file itself) is no longer present on your computer. It is still in your IDrive cloud account and available for retrieval whenever you need it.

    • You can restore earlier versions of files in the event of a data disaster. (i.e. If your computer is affected by a virus some of the most recent backups may contain files that are infected. True Archiving allows you to restore earlier, clean versions.)

    • Salvage an older version of a file you’ve made changes to. If you edit or update a file and forget to save the original changes, the older version will still be in your IDrive account, provided it was backed up previously.


    With True Archiving, there is no need to worry about losing files from the past. The old can be made new, simple restore any version you want to.

  • IDrive Is Now Offering Server Backup – The Complete Package For Your Data Security!


    Let’s face it – data loss can be really expensive, especially for businesses, where the difference between survival and shutting down can rest on the capability to recover from a disaster. To say the least, critical data loss inflicts a financial shock on companies of any size.

    Fortunately, We Are Here To Help!

    We are now introducing our server backup feature, with which you can backup and restore:

    MS SQL Server        

    • Backup MS SQL Server databases without interrupting running MS SQL Server services.
    • Give you reliable backups using Microsoft SQL Server API technology.
    • Provide wire compression of data for optimal backup and restore time.

    MS Exchange Server

    • Backup / restore the Mailbox / Public Folder Stores (Storage Groups/Databases) of MS Exchange Server.
    • Email and Desktop notifications on completion of backup.
    • Restore individual emails or mailboxes with MS Exchange Brick-Level Mailbox Backup.

    MS SharePoint Server

    • Backup an entire site collection / Web application.
    • Backup a specific site inside a site collection including or excluding content in sub sites.
    • Backup a list or document libraries or even a folder inside a document library.

    Oracle Server Backup

    • Achieve convenient offsite backup of your company’s Oracle database server.
    • The application allows you to backup Oracle server databases (Oracle 9i/10g/11g) to your IDrive account in a secure and reliable manner.
    • Using the application, you can back up the database without interrupting the running Oracle server database services.

    We help you achieve maximum efficiency without interrupting your work, while continuously backing up your data. That’s right; we are talking about NO DOWNTIME!  We also use 256-bit AES Encryption with an optional private key that is known only to you. Even we can’t access your files!

    So, don’t wait until it’s too late. Secure your business critical data today.