This Father’s Day, Give the Gift of Online Backup

Father’s day 2016 is upon us and this most likely means you will be scrambling at the last second to come up with an original gift idea that Dad will have some use for. Instead of getting him another tie or some more of his favorite socks, why not give him some online backup so he can make sure all his photos, videos, and critical documents are safe and secure?

Lasting Memories

There’s no better time than Father’s Day to reminisce and go through old family photos and home videos that are saved on your phone or computer. It’s something to look forward to now, and something that will last for years to come… as long as those files are still accessible. So what happens if the computer crashes? Or you fall in the pool with your phone in your pocket? Or you accidentally deleted an important file? Backup all those precious files with IDrive and rest easy knowing all those photos and videos are safe and sound in the cloud.

Need more reasons Dad will love IDrive? How about it’s simplicity? With our software, simply schedule automatic backups and your important files will literally be backed up while you sleep. Doesn’t get more convenient than that! 

Still need more reasons? It’s affordable. If Dad wants to back up his phone along with his computer, our competitors will charge him an extra fee. Not IDrive. He can back up his phone at no extra cost, and for peace of mind he can back up his tablet and as many other devices as he wants, all for no extra fee.

So what are you waiting for? It’s a great time for Dad to get started with IDrive so he can make sure all those photos and videos are protected for years to come. Sign up today!