Access your PC or Mac from Anywhere! The New and Improved RemotePC is here!

Managing your backups and accessing family photos or critical business info from a distance can be difficult. As a matter of fact, long distance management in general can be a real challenge, whether you’re managing a computer, a person, or a business. It can be frustrating to explain complicated processes over the phone or through email, so what if you could just remote into an associate’s mind and control their actions so you could get work done exactly how you want it when you are away from the office?

Well, as nice as it may sound, the human race may not be quite ready for that just yet, but with RemotePC you can connect directly to a far-away computer and manage it as if you were there!

Long Distance Made Simple

IDrive is excited to announce that we have re-launched a new and improved RemotePC, one of the most affordable and feature-packed remote access solutions available, enabling users to access and manage their PCs or Macs remotely from desktops, laptops, smartphones or tablets, at anytime.


  • Invite Associates to Collaborate — allows users to connect to an associate’s computer to either work on a project or for troubleshooting purposes. It includes a useful chat feature that enables users to communicate back and forth, making working with clients or coworkers from a distance simpler. They can even record remote sessions, so they can hold on to tutorials for future reference.
  • File Transfer — users have the ability to effortlessly move files and folders between the local and remote computers.
  • Security — secured with TLS v 1.2 / 256-bit AES encryption for securing data transfers between local and remote computers. Key, a unique password set for each computer, acts as an extra layer of protection for RemotePC.
  • Scalable — users can add remote computers to their plan based on their needs. There are no additional hardware or software requirements.

Getting Started

RemotePC is very affordable, even allowing users remote access to one computer completely free of charge. We also offer a few different pricing plans to meet the needs of all types of users:

  • For users with multiple computers to access, there is a “basic” plan for 3 computers and a “plus” plan for 10, starting at $49.50 and $99.50 respectively for the year.
  • For businesses with many devices, RemotePC offers two small business plans, starting at $499.50 for 50 computers and $999.50 for 100 computers per year.

Download now to start accessing and managing your remote computers today!