Introducing IDrive Vault, a Hybrid Backup Appliance for Businesses

What would be more beneficial for your business–local backup for faster backups and restores, or cloud backup for disaster recovery? Why not both?

IDrive is thrilled to announce our feature-packed new 4TB hybrid backup appliance, IDrive Vault, helping businesses to backup data locally for faster backups and restores, as well as to the IDrive cloud for recovery from any type of data disaster.

Some features of IDrive Vault that make it an extremely useful and effective solution for businesses are:

  • Hybrid Backup Solution — protect data locally using the Vault appliance, and choose which data to be backed up to the cloud for recovery in case of a disaster.
  • Real-time Backup — once an initial backup to the Vault appliance has been completed, it continues to recognize when files have been modified and backs those files up in real-time.
  • Server Backup —  perform backups of running databases and servers including MS SQL, and MS Exchange servers.
  • Time Machine Backup — backup all your data to the IDrive Vault appliance using Time Machine, which backs up your entire drive, including system files, applications, music, photos, movies, and documents.
  • Snapshots — the historical view of backed up data on the Vault appliance that helps to restore any older file or folder, helping users recover from crypto-like viruses. You can roll back to any previous snapshots of files or folders to a specific date.
  • User Management — with IDrive Vault Central, a web-based console for the Vault appliance, you can perform operations like configuring the appliance, using the IDrive plugin for cloud backups, creating users for local backup, handling snapshots, and more.
  • Security — data transferred from the appliance to the IDrive cloud is protected with 256-bit AES encryption with an optional private key known only to the user.

IDrive Vault retails for $1000 per year with 4TB of local storage and comes with 4TB of cloud backup space, with introductory pricing starting at $500 for year one (50% off).