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  • IDrive is Bringing Backup to Apple Watch

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    IDrive’s mission has always been to meet our users’ evolving needs for backup as new technologies emerge. We continue to pioneer Hybrid Backup, for instance, and we  were one of the first cloud players to offer backup for mobile devices. Now with the launch of Apple’s latest innovation, IDrive is pleased to announce an upcoming smartwatch application, IDrive for Apple Watch.

    IDrive’s Apple Watch app will protect any data stored on what Tim Cook has called “the first smartwatch that matters.” We will also make accessing backed up files more convenient than ever by bringing cloud data right to the wrists of Apple Watch’s many adopters.

    Apple Watch is an iOS 8.2-friendly device which works in conjunction with iPhone 5 and later, and stores up to 8GB of data, including music and photos. IDrive for Apple Watch will allow you to backup the critical files you keep on your smartwatch, but it will also give you easy access to your IDrive cloud data.

    IDrive allows you to backup an unlimited number of devices, whether it’s iOS, Android, PC or Mac. That means you can access any data from any device from your Apple Watch using IDrive. You’ll be able to swipe through your backed up photos, or read your important documents, as easily as checking the time.


    The Apple Watch is a whole new type of device, but just like your smartphone, tablet or computer, it carries critical files that can include sensitive personal information. To ensure that Apple Watch owners have peace of mind about the security of their data, IDrive for Apple Watch will protect files stored on the watch with military grade 256-bit AES encryption. IDrive also offers a private key option, which allows Apple Watch users to choose a unique encryption code to which no one else, not even IDrive, has access.

    IDrive’s latest innovation in mobile backup will be available just in time for Apple Watch’s full-scale June release in physical stores.


  • Love is in the Air! Backup your Wedding Photos with IDrive Online Backup


    It’s wedding season, and one of our very own staff members has been struck by Cupid’s arrow. Last weekend our Communications Manager Matthew asked his girlfriend to be his lawfully wedded wife, through sickness and in health, until death do they part. Of course, she answered, “Of course”. The occasion was documented in a touching video, shot on an iPhone 6, which has been warming hearts around the office all week. But the clip cuts off just after the newly engaged couple embraced as future husband and wife for the first time. Everyone was wondering, what happened next? We asked Matthew what the first thing he did was after she accepted his proposal, and, ever the romantic, he said, “I backed up the video using IDrive.”

    With IDrive online backup, your proposal video will be secure in the cloud. If the device you took the video with ever breaks or gets lost, you can easily restore the precious moment to another device. IDrive is also mobile-optimized, which will come in handy since so many wedding videos are taken on phones these days. You’ll be able to send your pictures and videos to all your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter and email using our sharing tool, which you can access from any device using our mobile, desktop or web-browser application–even if the video isn’t stored on said device. And your files will be secured with military grade 256-bit AES encryption, or you can lock them up with a private encryption key that only you have access to, so your file stays protected and personal. Nothing says, “I love you” like backing up your family’s priceless moments so they’re with you forever!

    Between picking out an engagement ring, planning the bridal shower, organizing the wedding, and hosting visiting in-laws, a lot of preparation goes into getting hitched. One of the things that makes it all worth it is being able to look back and smile on your videos and pictures of this momentous occasion. With online backup, you have the security of knowing you’ll never lose those memories. We wish all you newlyweds a big congratulations–remember to backup your memories with IDrive!

  • Spring Cleaning is here! Get Organized with IDrive


    They say a clean room makes for a peaceful mind. The same goes for your computer! Backing up your files to the Cloud makes room for new data, and also eases your mind in that if your computer or device crashes, you can easily restore your files. In the spirit of Spring cleaning, here are a few tips for getting your files in order with IDrive.

    Out with the old photos, in with the new

    A picture’s worth a thousand words–and a few gigabytes, too. As pictures and videos accumulate into albums, your hard drive can become congested with TBs of images on it. Storing these files in the Cloud makes room on your computers and devices for all the incoming photos you’ll be taking during Spring and Summer vacation. This also ensures your data is safe in the Cloud in the event that your device is destroyed. IDrive’s True Archive nature means that even if you decide to clear photos off your hard drive, they’ll stay in the Cloud until you decide you no longer need them.

    Sure you backed up everything?

    You want to dig deep into your files to make sure you’ve backed up every single one that matters. Even if you’re regularly backing up your data every month or so, your precious files can slip through the cracks. With IDrive, you can run a full backup to catch every missed file. You can also schedule automated backups by day and time to back up any new files automatically. That way no files will go unprotected if you forget to manually back them up.

    Keep those tax documents organized!

    In the midst of tax season, it’s important to keep your digital bills, statements and forms secure in the Cloud where they can be accessed from any device, and where they’re safe from data disasters such as  viruses or hard drive failures. Any files backed up using IDrive are protected with military-grade 256-bit encryption. We also offer private key encryption, meaning you choose the key that unlocks your files. Your tax documents will be locked away in your own private safe in the Cloud, and no one else on the planet will know the passcode. That means all your private information stays private.

    IDrive makes it easy to backup all your data from all your devices, including iOS, Android, PC, and Mac platforms. Just download our award-winning application, and get secure and accessible this Spring.

  • This World Backup Day, Take Action with IDrive!


    Did you know 113 phones are lost or stolen every minute? Likewise 1 in 10 computers are infected by viruses each month. As World Backup Day’s site explains, data loss is an everyday occurrence that can be distressing for people and disastrous for businesses. And yet 30% of people have never backed up their data. That’s over two billion worldwide! In light of this fact, IDrive is supporting World Backup Day, spreading awareness about the importance of keeping files safe and accessible with the most secure, cost-effective solution out there: Online backup.

    Data Loss: It Could Happen to You

    World Backup Day poses a simple but important question: What if you lost everything? Believe it or not, data loss can happen to you, and in a variety of unexpected ways.

    You might think the likelihood of your computer being destroyed by your own doing, for instance, is slim. In reality, 29% of data disasters are accidental. That means if your computer, tablet or phone is destroyed, the cause can easily be spilled coffee or slippery hands in the bathroom; little things that can happen anytime to anybody. Other common accidents include virus infection, file corruption and accidental erases. And that’s not to mention natural disasters and deliberate threats. In any case, if you didn’t backup, that means whatever you had on your device is gone for good.

    Considering the average household owns at least 5 devices, it’s clear that backing up is a necessity today. But what’s the best solution?

    How Online Backup Saves Your Data

    There’s more than one way to backup, including backing up to external drives like hard disks or even tapes. However, the most secure, affordable, and convenient solution is online backup.

    While maintenance and replacement fees for external storage devices can get pricey, online backup users aren’t subject to these extra costs. Users simply pay an annual or monthly service fee. With plans as low as $44.62/year for 2TB (1TB of storage + 1TB of sync), and the capability to backup an unlimited number of devices at no additional fee, IDrive is the most cost-effective online backup solution available. With IDrive, you can backup your entire network of devices without emptying your wallet.

    So this week, when you take the World Backup Day pledge to keep your files backed up, make sure to choose the best backup solution out there: IDrive.
    Note: This page is not officially supported or endorsed by World Backup Day.

  • Backup Your Synology NAS Device with IDrive


    Synology network-attached storage allows you to store and serve files across your entire network, but having locally stored data also means all your files can be lost if your NAS device is compromised by a crash, virus or other forms of data loss. That’s why IDrive developed a way to protect your NAS device with our Synology backup application, seamlessly managing backups and restores of your network data and ensuring business-continuity through disasters.

    IDrive’s Synology app provides a safety net from which you can quickly restore your network after a crash or other disaster. But our intuitive interface also enables you to easily schedule automated or manual backups and restores of your NAS device, receive email notifications when these tasks are complete, and view logs of all your activity. You can also create multiple backup and restore sets for different elements of your network. With IDrive’s Synology backup, managing data across your entire network is just as simple as it is secure.

    All the data you back up using IDrive is also encrypted with military grade 256-bit AES encryption, with the option of choosing a unique private key to which only the user has access.

    For more information on how IDrive’s Synology backup app can help your business, check out Dave Mitchell’s 4-star review on IT Pro.

  • IDrive Earns Top Spot in PC Magazine’s “Best Online Backup Services for 2015”


    Today we’re thrilled to be recognized by PC Magazine as not only, “one of the most aggressive online backup services in recent years,” but also the overall best online backup solution in 2015. In a comparison between the top online backup  players on the market, PC Mag singled out IDrive as the most reasonably priced, secure and feature-rich service out there. The criteria by which PC Mag rated each online backup service included affordability, encryption, performance, mobile and web application usability, and extras. We’re proud to say it was our excellence in these categories which earned our service the top ranking in this review, as well as PC Mag’s Editors’ Choice award earlier this year. Here’s the rundown of why IDrive stands above all the rest.

    More Storage, Less Money As PC Mag points out, we give users ample storage space (1TB) with Universal Backup for an unlimited number of devices at an unbeatable price ($59.50/per year). “IDrive offers one of the best value propositions among the many online backup providers I’ve encountered,” writes PC Mag’s Michael Muchmore in his Editors’ Choice review of IDrive. “None of its plans limit the number of devices you can back up or restrict you from including external or network drives.”

    We’re one of the only solutions with which users can backup all of their data from all their computers, phones and tablets at an affordable price, without being charged extra per device.

    IDrive is compatible with iOS and Android, PC and Mac, and a variety of servers, so you can make data secure and accessible across your entire network of devices.

    Singularly Secure PC Mag also recognized IDrive’s encryption as some of the securest on the market. We offer military-grade 256-bit AES encryption by default, which the US government has approved for use in protecting classified documents. PC Mag emphasized that IDrive is one of the only services to offer private key encryption, which means, “you alone will be able to access your backed-up files.” Your user-defined key is not stored on our servers, so only you can unlock your data. This is simply the highest level of security available today.

    A Full-featured, Clear and Versatile Solution PC Mag describes the installation of IDrive’s software as, “clear, quick, and standard.”  They refer to our solution as “full-featured”, noting how IDrive has, “no shortage of goodies,” including syncing, sharing, media-playing, Facebook and Instagram backup, and our upload seeding service, IDrive Express, which allows you to backup large amounts of data via shipment of a temporary drive without clogging up your bandwidth. What’s more, PC Mag thinks our interface is “really good-looking,” and sums up our solution as, “one online backup service that we just can’t find any holes in.” It doesn’t get much more flattering than that!

    “We strive to offer a complete cloud backup service which meets every user’s needs at a price everyone can afford,” says IDrive CEO Raghu Kulkarni. “From pioneering online backup to offering private key encryption, and now a wireless Wifi backup device, IDrive has always met people’s evolving needs with the latest innovations in cloud backup technology. It’s an honor to have our efforts recognized.”

    See why we’re PC Magazine’s top-ranked online backup service in 2015. Click here to sign up for IDrive today!

  • IDrive Study: Which Email Platform’s Users Care More about Protecting Their Data?

    IDrive ran a study looking at 50,000 users who joined us recently in the month of Jan. 2015. Specifically, we took note of which email providers they use, in order to figure out which platform’s users were more likely to go the extra mile to secure their data with a backup solution, and why. Here’s what we found:


    The above chart shows email platform preferences of the 50K IDrive users accounted for in our study. As you can see, Gmail users made up the bulk of our new signups. More than half of the people who signed up for IDrive within the timeframe we researched were Gmail users, while the other half was split variously between other providers.

    This comes as no surprise, as Gmail became the most popular email service worldwide in 2012. But something occurred to us when we compared the most recent market share report for the three most dominant email providers with the signup shares from our study:


    It turns out Gmail has 42.5% of the overall market share. But when we compared that to the percentage of IDrive’s Gmail signups (31.9K users out of 50K), we arrived at a 58% share. Interestingly, the other two major email providers saw no such increase. The share of Hotmail users who signed up for IDrive is 27.4%, almost identical to their market share, and Yahoo’s signup share is 9.1%, well below their 2012 market share of 28%. This means that more Gmail users are going with IDrive than your average internet user. It would appear that they’re not only more actively looking for a secure cloud backup solution, but inclined to choose a solution outside of Google’s ecosystem.

    One would imagine users of Gmail would naturally turn to its sister-application, Google Drive, to meet their cloud backup needs. So why are so many Gmail users going with another cloud storage solution (us) instead? Moreover, what do people want today that Google Drive isn’t currently offering?

    Google users crave better Cloud Backup functionality & security

    Other solutions in the marketplace are utilizing 256-bit AES encryption from end-to-end, giving users true peace of mind about their data being 100% secure. There’s an even higher level of protection called private key encryption, which ensures only the user can access their data with a unique key phrase.

    So why are so many Gmail users looking for more than what Google Drive offers? Is it our 256-bit AES encryption with private key protection? Our Editors’ Choice award-winning applications? Whatever the reason, when it comes to backup, clearly Gmail users want more.

  • Introducing Disk Image Backup for IDrive!


    This one goes out to all our partners and customers who have asked for a full system backup feature. IDrive’s Disk Image Backup is an all-encompassing solution that backs up your entire system image, including programs, settings, files, folders, and even your operating system. If disaster strikes, you can quickly restore all your data while retaining your system’s structure.

    Business as usual is a good thing

    Business continuity is the heartbeat of an organization. Our Disk Image Backup keeps your business running during system failures by expediting the restoration process. All of your data  is replicated to a secondary location from which it can be quickly recovered. You can close the gap between crashes and restores, as well as perform seamless data transfers between different platforms; a rare and nifty functionality.

    This feature supports backup from Windows operating systems, including servers, and can restore to Mac or Linux.

    Disk Image Backup comes with Universal Backup. That means you can backup any number of devices at no extra charge. Some services ask for more money per additional device. IDrive doesn’t. That puts a little more money in your pocket to invest in bigger, better things like your business.

    We’ve made Disk Image Backup easy to implement through the IDrive application. Need to backup your entire system? Sign up for IDrive today.


  • IDrive at CES 2015


    IDrive went big last week at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, one of the largest tech conventions in the world. We shared a lot of advice on the latest solutions for securing data with many techies and industry leaders alike, and we were pleasantly surprised to meet those of our users who stopped by for some face-to-face time with IDrive. For those who couldn’t be there, here’s a recap of IDrive’s experience at CES.

    Introducing IDrive Wi-Fi at the Big Event

    We started the New Year with an exciting release, IDrive Wi-Fi, and thought there was no better place to unveil it than CES. When we showcased our new 1 to 2 TB wireless drive at the Sands Expo hall, which featured Smart home products and wearables, we were pleased by the enthusiasm folks showed while holding this sleek, smartphone-sized drive in their hands.

    IDrive Wi-Fi is a personal cloud in your pocket, enabling you to quickly backup and restore data over a local connection, while keeping it safely encrypted in the cloud. All data stored on IDrive-Wifi is protected with military-grade 256-bit AES encryption along with an optional private key. We also allow you to backup an unlimited amount of computers, smartphones and tablets into one IDrive Wi-Fi device, which is compatible on a variety of devices such as PC, Mac, Android and iOS.

    To meet everyone’s needs, we offer IDrive Wi-Fi in two convenient plans:

    • 1TB IDrive Wi-Fi includes 1-year of 1TB IDrive Pro Personal for $99.99
    • 2TB IDrive Wi-Fi includes 1-year of 1TB IDrive Pro Personal for $149.99

    Click here to read more about how this amazing little device can make backups faster and easier than ever.

    In the News

    Our release of IDrive Wi-Fi at CES earned us a lot of attention from the press, which, of course, we humbly accepted. We owe a special thanks to TechCrunch for a great review of IDrive Wi-Fi that we feel captures its value well. We work hard to put out the best products and appreciate it when folks like TC give us positive feedback.

    IDrive Wi-Fi was also featured in VentureBeat, SlashGear, and Ubergizmo this week. Click through to any of these articles for more info on IDrive’s latest innovation.

    Quotes from CES

    Finally, we want to close off our recap of the 2015 CES with a few quotes to sum up the experiences of those team members in attendance this year.

    “All the smart home technology was really cool. I’m looking forward to controlling my A/C with my phone!” – Matthew Harvey, Communications Manager

    “That wearable selfie-snapping drone is something straight out of science fiction, and I can’t wait to get my hands … well wrist on one!” – Shane Bingham, Business Development Manager

    “Yeah, but the facial scanner for 3D Printers will make selfies a thing of the past!” – James, Support/QA team member

    “The most interesting product for me at CES this year had to be DNA Vault, even if the concept is completely fictional at this point–something like backing up your DNA for future use, if there will be any. Imagine being able to restore your cells to the state you were in at age 20, when you are actually 70! Straight out of science fiction.” -Raghu Kulkarni, CEO – Raghu Kulkarni, CEO

    “My favorite product was the solar-powered Luci lantern. It’s an inexpensive way to light up any area. No wires. No batteries. You just pick the color to match the surrounding.” – Maryam Mousavi, Property/Office Manager

    Until next year, CES!


  • Introducing IDrive Wi-Fi



    Today we’re launching IDrive Wi-Fi, a new storage device that packs the functionality of cloud backup with the added convenience of local connectivity, and up to 2TB of data. We’ve built in plenty of storage, the highest level of security, and wifi capability to give people faster, safer and easier data restores to any of their devices.

    We’ll be unveiling IDrive Wi-Fi at the 2015 International CES January 6 – 9 in Las Vegas, NV. Visit us at Booth 70870 at the Sands Expo Center to see it up close and learn more about protecting your digital life with IDrive.

    Your Own Personal Encrypted Cloud 

    IDrive Wi-Fi can hold thousands of videos, photos, and documents, while offering the ultimate in protection and privacy. Just backup your files from your computers or mobile devices to IDrive Wi-Fi over a speedy wireless connection, then quickly restore to any device linked to your IDrive account–all without plugging in.

    So how is restoring quicker with IDrive Wi-Fi? It’s a matter of proximity.

    Restoring data via a direct line from the cloud is convenient–you can do it from anywhere, anytime–but it’s not always the fastest route. Restoring from IDrive Wi-Fi is local, less of a moon jump. Any data you need to backup fast can be restored from a strong local connection in a matter of minutes.

    A Little Vault

    Every byte of data uploaded to IDrive Wi-Fi is shielded with the highest level of security available today.

    IDrive protects data with military-grade 256-bit AES encryption, which the United States government has approved for securing classified documents. We also offer a private key option, so the only person who holds the key to unlocking your data is you.

    Our multi-layered encryption comes built-in to IDrive Wi-Fi, making it your own encrypted locker where private files stay private.

    Backup Across the Universe

    IDrive Wi-Fi is compatible with all your smartphones (iOS and Android), tablets and computers (PC and Mac), making the potential for better data management great. For IDrive users, backup is universal. You can backup any number of any device at no extra charge.

    Mobile users who constantly run out of storage space can expediently backup photos or videos locally with IDrive Wi-Fi, easily freeing up space for them to continue snapping selfies, without deleting any of their files.

    The Deal

    IDrive Wi-Fi is available in two different options, which come with a year of IDrive:

    • 1TB IDrive Wi-Fi includes 1-year of 1TB IDrive Pro Personal for $99.99

    • 2TB IDrive Wi-Fi includes 1-year of 1TB IDrive Pro Personal for $149.99

    We’ve introduced the perfect complement to our backup solution, giving you a fast pass for backing up your most critical files from all your devices, in addition to the security and accessibility of cloud backup. Want privacy for your data, with the convenience of wifi? Get IDrive Wi-Fi today.

    Make sure to share some face to face with us about the latest innovations in cloud backup at the 2015 International CES January 6 – 9 in Las Vegas, NV, Booth 70870.