Introducing RemotePC Team Plan for Businesses

Remote access for businesses increases productivity by enabling employees to get work done even when they are out of the office. Collaborating, training, troubleshooting, and more can all be done from a separate location, ultimately saving money on travel costs and office space. Another benefit is employees can have constant, up-to-date access to their company’s products, services, and inventory, improving efficiency and leading to increased revenue.

The new Team Plan by RemotePC is the perfect plan for business remote access. Users can now sign up as an admin, which will provide them with plenty of features to help manage and organize their network of remote computers. With this plan, admins can now do the following, all within their browser:

  • Using the Dashboard, organize users into teams, manage remote access rights for connected computers, and view session/activity logs.
  • Create teams for easy user management and to manage their remote access rights.
  • Add an unlimited number of users by inviting them to create an account within the main account.
  • Take advantage of easy set-up, with the user-friendly interface ensuring no additional training for users.

RemotePC is already a highly business friendly service, including features that help users to stay connected to their faraway computers remotely such as:

  • Always-on Remote Access — configure your business computers for remote access so that users can take complete control of remote computers of the internet anytime.
  • One-time Instant Access — enable associates to access a remote computer one-time by sharing a unique access ID and key
  • Web Viewer — a web-based interface to access remote computers from your web browser, without any software requirements.
  • Mobile Access — with mobile apps for iOS and Android, connecting to your computers when on the go is just a click away.

RemotePC Team plan starts at $249.75 (reg. $499.50) for the first year for access to 100 computers. If access to more computers are needed, it is available upon request. Sign up today!