We Appreciate the Feedback!


We love to see our customers happy. It makes us happy. Whether you recovered from a computer disaster and saved your critical data, or you’re just relaxed knowing your data is protected in the face of all threats, we love to hear stories from loyal IDrive users. Here’s a few that really put us on cloud nine (get it?)!

That sense of relief is what we strive for here at IDrive. That and saving money. We want you to be relaxed knowing your photos, videos, critical documents and more are safely protected in the cloud without having to splash the cash.

Always great to hear from folks who have recovered their lost data with IDrive! Remember to check out the IDrive Express service to save time on your larger backups and restores.

Great to hear, but don’t wait until your PC starts acting up to make sure it’s protected. Disasters happen in the blink of an eye, so it’s important to take preemptive precautions to protect your critical data. And remember to backup the rest of your devices as well. We won’t charge an extra fee like our competitors.

Thanks to Naomi for pointing out one of our most popular features! With IDrive, users can backup and access data from all their devices including desktops, laptops, phones, and tablets – at no additional cost. Hard drives crash and mobile devices can break or be stolen. So it’s important to have a solution that can protect all of your devices without breaking the bank, just like Naomi found out.

Thanks for using IDrive!