Onsite Image Backup with IDrive Vault (Bare Metal Recovery with File-level Restore)

Disasters can strike in the blink of an eye, and for businesses this could mean big trouble. From natural disasters, to intentional cyber threats, or even simple accidents by employees, data loss happens all too often and can be crippling to small businesses. Combining the costs associated with recovering the data with the money lost during downtime, a data disaster could end up closing the business for good. So it’s important to invest in a reliable backup solution.

IDrive recently launched the IDrive Vault (BMR with File-level Restore) solution for businesses who want  to keep an onsite copy of their entire hard drive, including the operating system along with the system state and application settings. The backup data is saved in the form of an image, meaning that you can maintain a ready-to-use bare metal restore capability with each file-based backup.

Vault (BMR) allows users to backup and recover their entire system after a disaster, with features including:

  • Advanced block-level de-duplication and compression for maximized storage capabilities
  • Backup multiple partitions or whole hard drives, creating recovery points for your entire system
  • Bare-metal restore uses snapshot based image restore for point-in-time recovery
  • Machines are auto-detected by the server once the agent is installed, with no other configuration necessary on the client side
  • Monitor backup status and activities remotely through a centralized web console
  • Restore data from the server to your machine using nothing more than a pre-configured boot CD or USB drive
  • Allows users to restore backed up data to multiple computers simultaneously

Orders are coming in fast and steady for IDrive Vault (BMR)! Get yours today and rest easy knowing you can avoid business-threatening downtime with a comprehensive onsite backup solution. IDrive Vault (BMR) starts at 6TB, and comes with 6 TB of cloud backup included.