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  • RemotePC Introduces Web Viewer – RemotePC Viewer Lite

    RemotePC has introduced RemotePC Viewer Lite, a web viewer that allows you to access your remote computers from anywhere via web browser.

    RemotePC Viewer Lite gives users the ability to forget downloads and installations, and access their remote computers from anywhere with no software requirements. All they need is an active internet connection and the RemotePC application installed on the host computer.

    What are the benefits of RemotePC Viewer Lite?

    • Always on Remote Access — configure your computers with Always on Remote Access so you can take complete control over the internet at any time
    • No Software Requirements — login and connect to your computers via web, without the need for any software installation
    • Connect to Multiple Computers — access more than once computer at a time from the web based interface
    • Security — RemotePC uses TLS v 1.2/AES-256 encryption for transferring user authentication data between remote computer and local computer. Personal Key, a unique password set for each computer, acts as an extra layer of protection.
    • More Options — view session logs and perform functions such as Blank Host Screen, Lock Screen, Scale to fit, etc.

    With RemotePC Viewer Lite, you now have even more flexibility in the way you access their remote computers.

  • RemotePC Wins another Award – Business.com’s Best Remote Access Solution

    A reliable remote access solution provides flexibility for any size business, allowing employees to access their work computer from wherever they are. Whether it’s providing support, or working from home, RemotePC goes along way to help businesses increase productivity.

    In a recent review of the top remote access solutions, Business.com points out that when it comes to selecting a service for your business, you’ll want something that’s easy to use and offers a long list of features and protocols to keep your remote sessions efficient, convenient, and secure.

    • RemotePC checks all those boxes according to business.com, providing an affordable remote access solution with features for businesses such as:
    • Works across all major operating systems and device types including PC, Mac, iOS, and Android
    • Always-on Remote Access – take control of your computer from anywhere at anytime
    • One-time Instant Access – use a unique access ID and key to enable associates to access your computer just once
    • Record keeping – create logs to record activity and web access. Record remote sessions and save them to activity log
    • File transfer – effortlessly transfer files and folders between your computers

    Business.com also emphasized the fact that RemotePC can be used as an IT solution, allowing technicians to work hands-on on your company’s computers. RemotePC lets your IT team deliver fast, effective service, no matter where your employees are.

    Sign up for RemotePC today to get started.

  • Another Case of Ransomware and Why you Need Backup

    Ransomware has been around long enough now that you surely know of the dangers it presents to your data, especially if you’re a business. However, just being aware doesn’t make you immune to an attack.

    According to Golfweek, for example, the PGA of America was recently hit with a ransomware attack, with hackers taking control of promotional materials and other important files pertaining to a large golf tournament over the weekend, as well as other upcoming events.

    The hackers gave them two options, either pay the ransom and trust the hackers to decrypt the files, or lose these files forever.

    In cases like this, it’s obviously difficult for the PGA, or any company, to continue conducting business as usual when they don’t have access to their important files. Alternatively, it’s also tough to trust that once you pay these criminals the ransom, that they will keep their word and unlock your files. So how to proceed?

    Along with having malware protection, the best defense against ransomware is to make sure your data is backed up with IDrive, which includes features such as Snapshots that make it easy to recover from a ransomware attack.

    IDrive Snapshots gives you the ability to perform point in time recovery of your data, meaning if your data is infected with encryption-based ransomware, all you need to do is select a time-line before the infection and restore it.

    As IDrive is cross-platform compatible you can ensure all your PCs and Macs are backed up and protected against these threats.

  • IGN Gives IDrive Another “Amazing” Review

    Cloud backup services vary when it comes to pricing and functionality. Typically, the more feature-packed a solution is, the more expensive it is. However, as IGN points out in their latest cloud backup review, “IDrive bucks that trend by offering a ton of features in a very affordable package.”

    IGN recently reviewed multiple backup solutions based on three factors: Pricing, features, and performance. IDrive is proud and grateful to have received the highest score of all backup solutions with a 9/10, good enough for an “Amazing” rating from the IGN team.

    Backup Flexibility

    When it comes to backup, IGN praised IDrive for having the flexibility to “do it all,” such as backing up an unlimited number of devices including laptops, desktops, mobile devices, external drives, network drives, tablets, and even social media accounts. This is where IDrive one-ups the competition as most other services are missing at least one of those options.

    Features including disk image backup, scheduling, continuous data protection, and remote management of backups makes IDrive the service of choice for users who need a flexible solution.

    Bang for your Buck

    Compared to other backup services, IGN agrees that IDrive gives you a lot for your money. From storing 10 versions of your files, being a true archive service and not deleting your data, and having sync and share functionality, the normal price of $69.50 per year for 2TB of space is worth it, especially when you consider that you can backup ALL of your devices at no extra cost.

    The Verdict:

    “IDrive is pretty amazing, and offers a ton of useful features in a well laid out package, and at a very good price. “

    Thanks to IGN for the great review!

  • RemotePC receives another 5 Star Rating from IT Pro

    Remote Access for your small business is a useful tool to make sure you and your co-workers can access your computers from anywhere. From collaborating with associates, providing support, or simply accessing your system while you’re on vacation, a reliable remote access solution can go a long way in increasing productivity and efficiency.

    According to IT Pro, RemotePC is the perfect solution if you are looking for a simple, cloud-based remote access solution that is affordable and requires virtually no training to use.

    So what does IT Pro point to about RemotePC that makes us worthy of this 5 Star rating?

    • Access to Windows, Mac, and Android Devices
    • Send and receive chat messages between your computers
    • Effortlessly transfer files and folders, even from mapped drives, between your computers
    • Print documents and images that are on your remote computer from wherever you are
    • Record and save remote sessions for future use
    • Invite associates to connect to your computer to collaborate on a project or troubleshoot
    • General security is tight as all communications are TLS v1.2/AES-256 encrypted

    The overall verdict?

    “RemotePC is a great choice for small businesses that want a cloud-hosted remote support solution that’s exceedingly easy to use.”

    Thanks to IT Pro for the great review!

  • IDrive Earns Business.com’s Best Small Business Cloud Backup

    If you’re a small business owner, you’re probably aware that one of the single greatest threats to the continuity of your company is data loss. Natural disasters, simple accidents, or intentional attacks can all happen in the blink of an eye and wipe out everything, and the costs to recover could end up putting you in a financial hole that could be difficult to climb out of.

    This is why a cloud backup solution tailored to small businesses is a must-have. However, there’s a lot to consider when determining which service is the right one for you. You’ll want a solution with features that make it easy for you and your employees to be sure that data is being regularly backed up so you have peace of mind that your business is safe.

    According to business.com, IDrive Online Backup is that solution. So which features do the people at business.com like about IDrive that make it the perfect backup service to protect your  business?

    • Real-time Backup — IDrive detects the smallest changes to your system’s files and backs them up
    • Snapshots — Historical view of backed up user data which allows users to perform point-in-time recovery
    • Unlimited Device Backup — Backup all PCs, Macs, iOS and Android devices for no extra fee
    • File sharing — Simply select the option to create a share link and send it through email, Facebook, or Twitter
    • True Archiving — IDrive keeps all of your backed up files, including those which are no longer present on your computer, available in your IDrive account
    • Hybrid Backup — Supports cloud and local backups for that extra layer of protection
    • IDrive Express — Backup or retrieve several gigabytes of data, within a week, using physical shipment of temporary storage devices sent by IDrive.

    What’s the final verdict?

    “IDrive’s versatile and easy-to-use platform is packed with features and different ways to back up, store and recover your company’s data, which is why we named it our best pick for small businesses.”

    Sign up for an IDrive business account today to take advantage of these great features and protect your small business.

  • IDrive Updates Disk Image Backup with Cloud Support and Scheduling

    Business continuity is what keeps an organization ticking. When it comes to your data and systems, a lot can go wrong in a very short period of time, so it’s important to have a system in place to help you resume business as usual in case a disaster strikes and disrupts operations.

    Our Disk Image Backup keeps your business running during system failures by expediting the restoration process. IDrive already allows users to backup a disk image locally for quick restores, and now we’ve added disk image backups to the cloud to give users another option to keep their business critical data safe and ready.

    Disk Image Backup with IDrive creates a copy of the entire storage drive including programs, settings, files, folders, and even your operating system. If disaster does happen to strike, you can quickly restore your system and be up and running while keeping your business structure intact.

    After the initial backup of the entire disk, users can now schedule incremental backups so any changes made to files, settings, or applications will be automatically backed up without having to re-do the entire disk image backup.

    This feature is included in IDrive’s Unlimited Device Online Backup, meaning you can backup an unlimited number of devices into a single account for no extra cost.

    Need to backup your entire system? Sign up for IDrive today.

  • Tom’s Guide Chooses IDrive as the Best Overall Personal Cloud Backup

    When determining which backup solution is the right one for you, there are many variables that need to be considered so you can be sure you make the right choice. Obviously pricing is a huge point, but storage space, speed, mobile support, and feature set all could play a factor depending on your needs, and according to Tom’s Guide, IDrive is one of the top choices.

    We’re thrilled to announce yet another award, bringing home Tom’s Guide Best Overall Personal Cloud Backup. With all the great personal backup products on the market, what made IDrive stand above the rest? Let’s take a look at what Tom’s Guide had loved about the service:

      • IDrive Express – quick backups and restores of large amounts of data through hard drive delivery service
      • Fast upload speeds – IDrive had fastest upload speed of all services tested
      • Backs up mobile devices – one of the few services that supports full backups of smartphones and tablets, as well as access to backed up computer data from these devices.
      • Keeps old file versions forever – saves up to 10 versions of your files, making it easy to recover an older version or recover from a ransomware attack
      • Generous syncing option – IDrive has “one of the better, and definitely one of the most generous, implementations of this function,” allowing users to sync data across all their devices at no extra cost.
      • Unlimited device support – sets IDrive apart from its competitors who limit the number of devices users can backup

    Overall, it looks like Tom’s Guide has plenty of reasons why IDrive is the top choice for personal online backup.

    The final verdict: “IDrive Personal has virtually every “nice to have” feature that is on our list, save for unlimited storage, making it an easy recommendation for anyone who can stay within the reasonably priced 2TB storage tier. IDrive Personal backs up phones, offers a syncing option, has unlimited versioning and lets you quickly “seed” your account by sending in a hard drive with your data.”

    Thanks to Tom’s Guide for the recognition!

  • IDrive adds Single Sign On

    At IDrive we’re all about making our user’s lives easier so their valuable data can be conveniently backed up without a hassle.

    Our newest addition, Single Sign On, adds to the convenience of IDrive by giving admins of Enterprise accounts the ability to allow their sub-accounts to access IDrive by signing in to a central identity provider. With Single Sign On, admins would put their trusted identity provider in charge of authentication, then sub-accounts can utilize the IDrive application without having to remember yet another password.

    What are the benefits of utilizing Single Sign On?

    • Decreased Human Error – SSO eliminates the need for users to remember multiple passwords, ensuring they are signed in and capable of backing up data whenever needed.
    • Reduced Admin Workload – Since users are rarely prompted for username or password, this means fewer requests to reset forgotten passwords.
    • Faster log-in time – Leads to increased productivity by eliminating login efforts.
    • Improved Security – Since users aren’t required to remember a number of different basic passwords, SSO encourages the use of a single, more complex password.

    If you have signed up for IDrive as an admin of an Enterprise account, you can now enable your users to sign in to your central identity provider to utilize SSO with IDrive.

    IDrive is compatible with all Identity Providers which support SAML 2.0 Standard, including:

    • Okta
    • Auth0
    • Onelogin
    • Centrify
    • ADFS
    • Ping Fedarate

    If your identity provider is configured and SSO is configured in IDrive, you can now enable single sign on upon creation of sub-accounts and take advantage of this great new feature.

  • RemotePC gets an “Excellent” Rating from PC Magazine

    Having reliable, fast access to your remote computers can really help make your life easier. Whether you need to access your work computer because you can’t get to the office, or need to provide support for a colleague, RemotePC provides you with the tools necessary to make sure you can conveniently connect to your remote computers from anywhere. We’re proud to announce that we have received an “Excellent” four-star rating from PC Magazine, acknowledging our efforts to give users an affordable and reliable remote access solution.

    “Effortless, simple interface with a flat learning curve. Fast performance. Easy file transfers between local and remote desktops. Inexpensive. ” Edward Mendelson- PCMag

    So what makes us deserving of this excellent rating?

    First off, the ability to connect to your remote computers from mobile devices without sacrificing speed or functionality gives users ultimate flexibility with where/how they access their computers. Support for access from iOS and Android comes at no extra cost to the user, making RemotePC a very affordable option for people looking to access their computers from any location.

    The next point PC Mag emphasizes is the simplicity of the user interface, stating that “compared with rival remote-access products, RemotePC costs less and keeps things simpler than most.” It’s easy to copy files back and forth, write notes, set the resolution, open chat windows, and record videos for later use, making RemotePC one of the easier remote access solutions to use.

    Machine learning adds to the simplicity of RemotePC by allowing the application to improve performance by recognizing how you are using the service (whether you’re editing documents and looking at images for example), then automatically adjusting the settings to give the smoothest possible performance.

    Remote Printing is another helpful feature PC Mag points out, where we make it easy to print documents and images from the remote machine to the host computer’s default printer.

    Thanks to PC Mag for the great review!