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  • They are all different – they all use it differently – they all use IDrive

    Students, dentists, photographers, construction companies, musicians, sales people, programmers, gamers, moms and dads, whole families – they are all using IDrive to backup files that can’t be lost: dissertations, patient records, pictures, blueprints, MP3s, invoices, project files, saved games, the video of baby’s first steps.

    Today we’d like to profile a few of our friends so you can see the kind of benefit they are getting from IDrive’s amazing service!


    Richard R. – Illustrator and Visual Artist

    Every day Richard creates stunning landscape and character illustrations. His artwork is done almost exclusively on his Mac and he uses IDrive for Mac to protect his art, music and all of his other important files. The feature Richard likes most about IDrive is the ability to backup his USB and Firewire hard drives:

    “Most of my large art files are on my external drives. IDrive backs them up easily and because IDrive truly archives data my work will always be safe and sound no matter what happens to my computer or drives.”

    Richard, thanks for using IDrive and for your amazing work!


    Candice K. – Box Office Manager

    Candice is the Box Office Manager for a small community playhouse, she is in charge of all the money that comes in as well as insuring her customers get their correct tickets. Her computer is the primary machine used for financial data, customer information and ticket database.

    IDrive Online Backup is installed on the playhouse PC with Continuous Data Protection (CDP) activated. CDP is IDrive’s intelligent and real-time data protection tool that continually monitors the Backup Set for new changes.

    As Candice works IDrive is backing up data quietly in the background. In the event of a disaster, Candice’s work will be minutes old – if not seconds – rather than hours. This is the power of IDrive.


    Bill D. – Architect

    Bill has owned his own architectural firm for over 15 years now and the amount of data him and his crew have developed over the years has become too big for the backup systems of yesteryear.

    “We decided to start digitizing all of the work we had done on paper over the years so we could back them up as well. All those scanned images added to hundreds and hundreds of new GBs. IDrive backs up everything we’ve ever created for less than $1.40 per day, that’s a fifth of what we were paying per day for physical tape backups, and restoring from IDrive is easy as pie in comparison.”

    Bill’s firm is advancing with the times. Physical backup takes too much time, costs too much money and takes too much effort. With IDrive, small businesses don’t just recover from disaster: they avoid it.

  • IDrive saves Kevin’s ‘bacon’ with Continuous Data Protection

    “IDrive saved my bacon.” – Kevin K., Los Angeles

    Kevin has been using IDrive for a few months now, he’s currently a full-time student at a California Community College. As a film studies major he spends a lot of his time reviewing movies and clips he views in class. Last week he sat down at his PC to begin a 4-6 page paper on Casablanca.

    A few hours rolled by and he had gotten almost three pages out of the way when the power went out. Simple as that. Minutes later the power returned but when Kevin attempted to boot his computer back up, to his dismay, things had gone sour.

    Kevin’s paper, up to the last few sentences he had just typed in were completely safe in his IDrive Online Backup account since he had activated IDrive’s real-time backup feature, Continuous Data Protection.

    What is Continuous Data Protection?

    Continuous Data Protection, or CDP, is a feature built-in to IDrive Online Backup for Windows that enables real-time protection of your files without bogging down your computer. CDP works on files less than 500MB in size that are within your Backup Set within seconds of a change. Handy feature, eh?

    Remember, CDP is not a replacement for your regular daily schedule but is an additional level of protection for your most commonly-used files.

    How do I use Continuous Data Protection?

    Simply click the Enable Continuous Backup button found in the lower right corner of IDrive for Windows:

    24 hour data protection from IDrive

    Recover old versions of your files, even from the same day!

    Not only will you be able to rest easy knowing IDrive is always protecting your files but you will be able to use IDrive to recover old versions of files as well! We store the last 30 versions of each of your protected files forever and for free.

    For more information: IDrive Online BackupContinuous Data Protection; IDrive’s other features and benefits

  • IDrive offers the best price/performance Online Backup service!


    IDrive is possibly the fastest online backup service. It is not an empty statement. We have done many internal tests, and there have been some third party studies (although only a few) that clearly shows IDrive’s advantages in performance.

    How do we do it?

    For starters, we do not impose artificial bandwidth limits. Whatever your network allows and whatever the connectivity from your point to our data center allows. Second, we have several optimizations, our secret sauce that extends from the client application all the way up to the way we store data that makes our product faster and more efficient than most others.

    We offer the best combination of price and performance. Run a test backup of 100GB of data and compare performance of IDrive vs leading competitors. We guarantee that IDrive will beat all. We throw this challenge to every reviewer from PC Magazine to PC World to the new media including gigaoms and techcrunches, and we offer this industry leading performance at a price of $4.95/month for 150GB!

    It is not just performance and price. IDrive excels in functionality as well. Most of these unlimited services do not archive your data. If you remove your data from your desktop, it will vanish from your online backup account in a few days, typically 30 or 60. With IDrive, you control your data. It is NOT deleted until you remove it or you configure a sync.

    IDrive now offers Web Based backup management. You can manage multiple computer backups (if your account supports it) from anywhere. You can modify your backup-set, or your schedule, or your notification options for all your computers from a remote location.

    IDrive offers the best restore performance as well, via a desktop client or directly from a browser with a java plugin.

    It is a no-brainer that if you are considering adding online backup to your data protection plan for you as a consumer or a small business, IDrive is a great choice.

  • No fine print Backup? We have an App for that!


    One of our leading competitors, Mozy, a division of EMC posted on their website a set of new plans, and closure of their unlimited plans. Here is their reason, picked from their website.

    We’ve seen other backup service providers respond to this industry storage trend in different ways. Some, like AOL’s Xdrive, HP Upline, and Mediamax, closed down their service. Others continue to offer “unlimited” backup, but restrict bandwidth as a customer’s data grows, effectively choking them off. Others exclude files over a certain size or exclude certain file types.

    Rather than claim to offer an “unlimited” backup while imposing bandwidth or file limitations behind the scenes, we want you, our users, to decide what you want backed up and in return Mozy will provide you the best possible service level, regardless of file types or size. We call that “No Fine Print Backup”.

    In addition, their pricing now starts at $5.99 for 50GB.

    We saw the downside of offering unlimited long time back, and we restricted our cheapest offer to $4.95/month for 150GB and we have stayed the course. With this, we could offer the best performance with no limits including industry leading features of time-line restore and true archiving.  Many others force a sync operation that results in removing data from your account that is removed from your desktop in x number of days which varies between 30 to 90 days. With IDrive, you control the data that is backed up. It is a true archival service.

    We had the ‘No fine print Backup’ with IDrive since 2007!.

    This is sort of an affirmation of our strategy of offering the best value to our customers without breaking the bank. With over 12 Petabytes of storage, IDrive  continues to be a leading player in the online backup segment, and we continue to be profitable.

    Raghu Kulkarni


    We’ve seen other backup service providers respond to this industry storage trend in different ways. Some, like AOL’s Xdrive, HP Upline, and Mediamax, closed down their service. Others continue to offer “unlimited” backup, but restrict bandwidth as a customer’s data grows, effectively choking them off. Others exclude files over a certain size or exclude certain file types.
    Rather than claim to offer an “unlimited” backup while imposing bandwidth or file limitations behind the scenes, we want you, our users, to decide what you want backed up and in return Mozy will provide you the best possible service level, regardless of file types or size. We call that “No Fine Print Backup”.
  • Backup your iPhone Photos with IDrive Photo Backup App

    We have just launched an iPhone App called IDrive Photo Backup that does wireless backup of your pictures on your iPhones, in addition to your contacts.

    The backed up pictures are accessible via web as well, and best of all, the app is FREE!

    IDrive Photo Backup along with IDrive Lite are possibly the most popular contacts and photo online backup applications for the iPhones today.

  • IDrive introduces Web based Backup Management

    IDrive Online Backup today has launched Web Based Backup Management.

    This means one can configure the data for backup, and the schedules remotely, without being in-front of your PC.  This even supports multiple PCs.

    This is a fantastic tool for managing multiple PCs backup for a Family, Business or a single PC or Server, from anywhere.

    Enabling this is simple. Right click the ‘Tray Icon’ for IDrive on your PC and check the ‘Web Management’ option. For details, see Web Management.

    IDrive is possibly the only service of its kind that supports online backup for PCs, Macs, smart-phones like iphones, blackberries and Android based.

  • RemotePC now works on iPhones!


    RemotePC , a sister service of our company has just announced the availability of an iPhone App called RemotePC Remote Desktop for the iPhones. The App essentially allows full remote access to a PC or Mac from anywhere. And it is free.

    As a company, our focus is on building the world’s best Online Backup, Storage and Remote Access solutions for all major platforms, and this is an exciting step in this direction.

  • IDriveSync now offers 5GB free!

    Hot on the heels of IDrive‘s free offer for 5GB, IDriveSync now offers 5GB of free storage.

    To provide a true feel for the functionality of sync and sync across multiple PCs and Macs, it was important to up the limit to 5GB. You can now store more pictures and data and sync across multiple computers for free.

    IDriveSync is possibly the fastest sync and share application, and Downloadsquad recently called it to be ‘more powerful and cheaper than dropbox’, a leading player in this segment.

    IDriveSync also offers unlimited sync storage at $4.95/month.

    Other recent improvements include better web based view of pictures and data, and fast search.

  • IDrive Online Backup now offers 5GB for free!


    We have just upped the limit for the free option to 5GB from 2GB.

    We believe that to offer a better flavor of what IDrive Online Backup can do, it was necessary to up the limit. 2GB was too limiting.

    It is not just a numbers play. We believe in offering the best of class service and support, for our paid users as well as free.  This is why our email/chat/phone support is not just limited to paid users, but for our free users as well.

    We believe that when we achieve certain optimization in our operations, it is our responsibility to pass the benefit to our customers.

    We thank our users for all their support, and we wish you the best holidays this year.

    IDrive Team

  • Cloud storage and backup and the future


    These days, unless you are living in a cave, almost everyone has heard of and is using cloud in some capacity. While the initial uses of the cloud, even before the term cloud became popular were for the basic purposes like email, it has now evolved and serves many functions.

    The usage of cloud, with broadband adoption moved to higher capacity and utilization for videos, documents, pictures and other types of data. Now even movies and TV shows are living essentially in the cloud as seen with the popularity of Netflix streaming, Apple TV/iTunes, Hulu among others.

    Pretty soon, there would be dedicated news publications that live only in the cloud (‘Daily‘ publication for the iPad by News Corp).

    Social Networks and the social graphs live in the cloud.

    Online Storage and Backup, an almost hobby service through the early part of this decade is now a main-stay service with large corporations including Symantec, EMC and others are now key players in this cloud segment.  Amazon S3 with its API based approach is another large player in this segment. While they certainly enjoy scale benefits that come naturally with being a large player, pure-play  online backup services like our own IDrive and IBackup are holding their own with our best in the class customer service, breadth of features and reasonable pricing; then there is Carbonite with its huge pile of cash raised from VCs, and possibly the easiest online backup service that is out there is a high growth player. EMC’s Mozy has a huge footprint in the industry as well with its EMC backing and innovative service.

    There is also the talk of online backup being directly integrated into Windows platform, starting with Windows 8. But this may be another 1-2 years away.

    It will be interested to see how the cloud storage shapes up in this decade, and especially the backup segment. Could Microsoft be the dark horse with its integrated backup with its Azure cloud platform? Or will it be the vision of David Friend of Carbonite  of making backup as ubiquitous as anti-virus services who will win the show, or would it be a fragmented play with everyone having a piece of a larger pie ?

    As Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook said recently, Web is mostly an unchartered territory if you look at the next decade.  We are just excited to be a player in one of the hottest segments of the web.